4 Qualification Evolution

The existence of places like the YoYo Day Care, where Pokémon eggs and young Pokémon can be sold, is a result of the League prohibition on the indiscriminate buying and selling of Pokémon.

Engaging in the buying and selling of Pokémon contradicts the League long-standing ideals of "harmonious coexistence between humans and Pokémon" and the notion that "Pokémon are humans' best companions."

The primary reason Pokémon Trainers engage in illegal activities is not solely due to capturing Pokémon recklessly; it's mainly because they capture Pokémon for the purpose of trading.

Trainers, on the other hand, capture Pokémon as well, but their actions are legal.

The YoYo Day Care is the only place permitted by the League to sell Pokémon, specifically young ones.

Any Pokémon or Pokémon egg sold at the Day Care must have its qualifications clearly marked before being sold.

This is a strict requirement that cannot be violated.

Otherwise, why would customers come to you to buy Pokémon when they could simply capture them in the wild?

Customers visit the Day Care to buy Pokémon or Pokémon eggs with guaranteed qualifications.

If a customer receives a Pokémon or Pokémon egg from the Day Care that does not match the qualifications indicated at the time of purchase, the customer has the right to demand compensation.

Of course, setting up intentional situations to demand compensation is not considered.

The qualifications of wild Pokémon in the wilderness are mostly categorized as red or orange.

Yellow ones are exceedingly rare, let alone those of higher quality.

Yuga Flabébé was carefully chosen by Yuga parents from a myriad of options, yet its qualification is only considered yellow.

From this, it's evident that the YoYo Day Care holds a significant role in the Pokémon world.

It selects Pokémon for Trainers.

Given the importance of the Day Care, establishing one is no easy task.

It requires League certification, various qualifications, and procedures.

The Yuga family Day Care has been passed down through generations; otherwise, considering their current situation, they would not have been qualified to operate it.

Even though their Day Care has been running for several generations, it remains small and unknown.

Fortunately, Yuga is now an adult and has the right to inherit the business.

All he needs to do is transfer the ownership from his parents to himself, and he can smoothly become a bona fide owner of the Day Care.

No further unnecessary procedures are needed.

Since he has to inherit the Day Care, Yuga decides to become a prominent and respected owner.

There are myriad professions, and each one has its own expert.

No one has stipulated that only Champions and Pokémon Masters can gain fame; Day Care owners can achieve it too.

When Hisako returns from work and visits Yuga, he shares his thoughts with her.

"Are you really determined to inherit the family Day Care?"

"Yes, my parents always wanted to expand the Day Care, and I want to fulfill their wish."

"However, running a Day Care is not as simple as you imagine."

"I know, but I'm already an adult. If my parents could do it, I can do it well too."

"Since you've made up your mind, I support you. I'm sure your older brother and sister-in-law will be happy about your decision too. After all, this Day Care is the result of generations of effort from your family."

"Thank you, Aunt Hisako."

Hisako gently pats Yuga head.

"Why be so formal with Aunt? You're my nephew, my only family besides your uncle and Luna."

As she says this, Hisako expression turns somber.

At this moment, Yuga realizes that just like him, Hisako must also be grieving the loss of her brother and sister-in-law.

Her only brother has passed away, meaning she has lost the closest blood relative she had.

Yuga doesn't know how to console Hisako in this situation.

Fortunately, Hisako dimmed expression only lasts for a short while before she regains her composure.

"Since you're planning to inherit the Day Care, you need to complete the ownership transfer process."

"When your uncle returns, have him take you to handle the paperwork."


Yuga has never dealt with these matters before and doesn't know where to start. Having his uncle help is exactly what he needs.

"If you encounter any difficulties, remember you can always come to me for help. Don't keep everything bottled up inside."

"Understood, Aunt Hisako. If I have any issues, I'll definitely come to you."

Yuga body had mostly recovered, so he told Aunt Hisako that she didn't need to visit him every day anymore.

He felt capable of taking care of himself.

Although Hisako was concerned, she agreed nonetheless.

After all, Yuga was now an adult, with his own thoughts, and even though she was his aunt, she didn't want to intervene too much.

After seeing off Aunt Hisako and Luna the Little Devil, Yuga finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Flabébé, having escaped from Luna the Little Devil clutches, was quite upset that her owner had left her to face hardships alone and was ignoring Yuga.

Seeing this, Yuga took out the Quality Evolution Elixir from his system backpack.

"Little darling, do you know what this is?"

Yuga shook the item in his hand. Upon opening it, an enticing fragrance wafted out, filling the air.

Flabébé, with Yuga back turned to her, twitched her nose, trying to find the source of the scent. Finally, she spotted the item in Yuga hand.

Although Flabébé didn't know what Yuga was holding, she was captivated by it and couldn't resist moving closer.

Watching Flabébé adorable reaction of wanting to approach but holding back, Yuga couldn't help but find it extremely cute.

"If you're not mad anymore, this is all yours."

Flabébé eyes lit up, and she quickly flew to Yuga side, indicating that she wasn't upset anymore.

With a chuckle, Yuga handed her the Quality Evolution Elixir.

As Flabébé received the elixir, her eyes narrowed in joy.

However, the elixir designed for fingers was a bit large for Flabébé, who was only palm-sized.

Watching Flabébé take tiny sips of the Quality Evolution Elixir, Yuga found her utterly adorable.

Truly, she was his own Pokémon, and undeniably cute.

After consuming the entire elixir, a green light began to emanate from Flabébé body.

However, the green glow was fleeting, lasting only a brief moment.

Flabébé looked left and right at herself, feeling that something about her had changed, but she couldn't quite pinpoint what it was.

Yuga thought to himself, "Flabébé must have completed her Quality Evolution by now."

He accessed the system and used his Insight skill for the first time.

[ Flabébé

Gender: Female

Ability: Flower Veil

Quality: Green

Level: 15

Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Fairy Wind, Safeguard ]


Indeed, her quality had evolved from yellow to green.

This Quality Evolution Elixir is quite a treasure.

However, this was also the first time Yuga learned Flabébé level, which was 15.

That was quite low, considering Flabébé had been his Pokémon for four years.

In other words, Yuga received his starter Pokémon when he was twelve.

But what was the deal with this level?

While his original self had never aspired to be a Trainer, this level was still quite low.

Yuga thought, "This won't do. This is no different from being a slacker."

Even if he was inheriting the family business and becoming a Day Care owner, he had to be a strong one.

Otherwise, how could he become renowned?

Yuga made up his mind to train Flabébé properly.

Meanwhile, lost in the joy of her Quality Evolution, Flabébé, who hadn't yet fully recovered, remained unaware that challenging times were just around the corner.

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