855 Hatchling

"Alright, now that all the green and blue potential Pokémon auctions have concluded, our grand finale is finally about to begin," said Joseph excitedly to the guests below, his two mustaches under his nose quivering with anticipation.

Joseph's voice seemed to stir the atmosphere in the room, as the attendees below appeared to be holding their breaths in anticipation.

"The main course is finally here," Nick said with a serious expression. Mr. Lysandre had set his sights on this indigo potential Pokémon, and there was no doubt about his determination.

Initially, Yuga felt quite relaxed, as he was just a spectator, and Indigo potential Pokémon had no direct relation to him. His job was simply to perform his duty as a bodyguard.

However, as the tension in the room continued to rise, Yuga couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Now, allow me to introduce this Pokémon to you all with great solemnity," Joseph announced, and as his words fell, a clear picture appeared on the large screen behind him. Next to the picture were the Pokémon's statistics.

"So, this is the Pokémon..."

"No wonder..."

"Oh my goodness..."


Seeing the image on the big screen, the attendees below erupted into a buzz of conversation, discussing and whispering among themselves.

The picture showed a small bipedal reptilian Pokémon with gray-green skin reminiscent of rock. It had a long, blunt horn on its head, red eyes, short arms, single-toed feet, a diamond-shaped red scale covering its belly, and four diamond-shaped black holes on its waist. Its tail had a conical shape with a ring of plate-like structures surrounding it.

Nick commented, "So, it's this Pokémon. No wonder they kept it hidden until now."


Upon seeing the picture of this Pokémon, Yuga finally understood why none of the Five Giants willing to let one of them claim this Pokémon as their own. He also grasped why a indigo potential Larvitar could steal the spotlight from a blue potential Growlithe.

A Pseudo-Legendary cub with blue potential, let alone blue potential Growlithe, even the blue potential Arcanine cannot steal its limelight.

"As you can see, this is a young Larvitar, standing at 0.4 meters tall, recently hatched, weighing 70 kilograms, and in good health..."

Joseph enthusiastically introduced the young Larvitar, stirring up the atmosphere in the venue.

"I won't waste any words. You all understand the preciousness of a Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. The bidding officially begins at a starting price of 5 million, with increments of no less than 100,000."

"5.5 million!"

"6 million!"

"6.5 million!"


As Joseph lightly tapped the gavel, the attendees below couldn't wait any longer and began to place their bids.

As the price continued to climb, Yuga finally realized just how valuable a indigo potential Pseudo-Legendary hatchling could be. He couldn't help but wonder about the worth of his own Dragonite.

Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar, these three Pokémon were known to inhabit only the Mt. Silver in Johto.

The Mt. Silver were a protected area for Pokémon by the League, where capturing Pokémon was strictly prohibited, let alone capturing a Pseudo-Legendary hatchling like Larvitar.

According to information obtained by Lysandre, this Larvitar had been brought to the Midnight Day Care by a Poacher, raising suspicions that it might have been poached from the Mt. Silver.

However, the Five Giants had maintained excellent secrecy, and even if this Larvitar did come from the Mt. Silver, there was no concrete evidence, so the matter would likely be left unresolved.

Bidding for Larvitar quickly surpassed 10 million, but the people with true confidence hadn't made their moves yet, as everyone knew it was still early!

"Everyone, what are you hesitating for? Take a look at this Larvitar; it has a rare hidden ability. With proper nurturing, it could become an Elite or even a Champion!."

Joseph continued to encourage the bidders with all his might, his lips smacking, making Yuga think that this old man had a natural talent for auctioneering, better than becoming a breeder!

"20 million!"

This time, it was Fuchsia Gym's Koga who spoke up. He might not have as much wealth as others, but he couldn't afford to wait any longer.

"25 million!"

Koga was followed by Bruno!

The big shots finally started to speak up one by one.

"30 million!" The Unova Elite Four's Marshal.

"35 million!" The Hoenn Elite Four's Drake.


None of the big shots dared to raise the price too high, fearing that they wouldn't be able to hold out in the end.


"50 million!"

The wealthy Dialva made an offer.

Yuga, Malva, and Nick watched silently as others placed their bids. Nick remained quiet, while Yuga and Malva sat still.


"500 million!"

The wealthy Dialva bid a staggering amount.

Yuga, Malva, and Nick continued to watch as others placed their bids. Nick stayed silent, while Yuga and Malva remained calm.


"60 million!"

A crisp voice rang out.

Yuga turned to see that it was Diantha, the Champion of Kalos, who had made the bid.

In addition to being the Champion of Kalos, Diantha was also a well-known actress and extremely wealthy.

"65 million!"

Following Diantha, Siebold, one of the Elite Four of Kalos, also joined in. Diantha, the famous star, had no shortage of funds, and the wealthy Siebold was no exception.

Yuga took the opportunity to glance at Wallace and Robert on the other side. Wallace seemed to have truly given up on bidding. Since winning the Finneon, Yuga hadn't seen him make any more bids.

On the other hand, Robert seemed to sense something, turned to Yuga, smiled, and then shook his head.

Yuga instantly understood Robert's meaning; it seemed that both he and Wallace had indeed given up.

"80 million!"

At this point, Cynthia finally joined the competition.

Cynthia came from the Temple Clan, and with a Master-level Trainer in her family, she naturally had confidence.

Yuga had seen her Garchomp before, which was also a indigo potential Pokémon. Compared to this young Larvitar that had yet to fully grow, Cynthia's Garchomp was a bona fide Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.

"85 million!" Dialva held on tightly.

The Temple Clan was formidable, and the Dialva's family was no pushover either.

Thinking about it, of the four Masters, the first three - one was from the Dialva's family, one was from the Temple Clan, and one was from the Village of Dragons. They were all wealthy, and only Mr. Kokoro, who was a solitary figure, was the poorest.

With the price reaching this point, there were only a few bidders left in the competition.

"90 million!" Nick finally spoke up.

With Nick suddenly entering the fray, the gazes of Dialva, Diantha, Cynthia, and others involuntarily turned towards him.

Diantha: "95 million!"

After some thought, Dialva announced, "100 million!"

The price finally soared to 100 million, but no one was surprised anymore, except for Yuga, who kept calculating in his mind how much his Dragonite might be worth.

It was true that as Pokémon went higher in terms of potential and species, their prices became increasingly exorbitant!

Cynthia: "101 million!"

Cynthia wasn't intimidated by Dialva's 100 million.

"101.5 million!"

Backed by the wealthy Lysandre, Nick showed no hesitation.

Diantha glanced back at Nick, bit her lip, and ultimately gave up on bidding. 100 million was already her limit.

Now, only three competitors remained: Cynthia, Dialva, and Nick.

Cynthia: "102 million!"

Dialva: "102.5 million!"

Nick: "103 million!"


The venue was now very quiet, with only the three bidders' voices echoing back and forth.

When bidding reached 150 million, Cynthia hesitated and withdrew from the competition. She was here on her own behalf, not representing the Temple Clan, and she couldn't go on any longer.

It wasn't until Nick's bid reached 200 million that Dialva cast a deep glance at Nick and chose not to bid further.


Joseph lightly tapped his small hammer.

"200 million once! 200 million twice! 200 million three times! Sold! Congratulations to Mr. Nick, this blue potential Larvitar is now yours!"

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