775 Assistants

Joyka pulled out six Poké Balls from her pocket and lined them up neatly on the table.

"What's this?" Yuga asked, puzzled, as he looked at the six Poké Balls.

"It's a thank-you gift from our family to you," Joyka said with a grin.

After saying that, she opened each of the six Poké Balls, releasing six round and chubby Chansey.

"These are Mei Mei, Yuan Yuan, Qiu Qiu, Tuan Tuan, Ai Ai, and Pang Pang. They're assistant Pokémon who have officially graduated from our family's training facility, and they now belong to you," Joyka introduced each of the Chansey one by one, pointing at them.




With each introduction, the Chansey happily greeted Yuga.

Yuga was surprised by the names Joyka had given these Chansey – Mei Mei, Yuan Yuan, Qiu Qiu, Pang Pang... Really? Were those the names you came up with for Chansey?

He was even more astonished that the Joy family had given him six carefully trained Chansey. These Chansey were ready to start working at a Pokémon Center right away.

But when Yuga saw the six Chansey, the first thing he did was observe them closely with his Insight ability.

All six Chansey had green potential. It was worth noting that the Joy family had gone all out, gifting Yuga six Chansey with green potential. Chansey, as a species, were already rare, and it was unusual to encounter them in the wild. Those who could capture a Chansey in the wild were considered lucky.

These Chansey had potential that were neither too high nor too low, all at around level 40, which was just the right level for them to learn the Heal Pulse move and the Egg Move, in this case, Egg Bomb.

Chansey's eggs were a delicious and highly nutritious food item, far more precious and nutritious than the tail of a Slowpoke or the leek of a Farfetch'd.

Chansey's Egg Bomb move couldn't be learned by Chansey without the ability to pass down Egg Moves, so these Chansey were indeed qualified assistants.

It was worth noting that all of them had the Natural Cure ability.

Chansey had three possible abilities: Natural Cure, Serene Grace, and Healer. Natural Cure and Serene Grace were common abilities, while Healer was the hidden ability.

For assistant Pokémon like Chansey, the best ability was Healer, followed by Natural Cure, while Serene Grace was the least suitable.

However, Healer was a hidden ability and was not commonly found in Chansey. Therefore, most Chansey at Pokémon Centers had the Natural Cure ability.

Joyka explained, "Yes, they're all for you. Since you run a Pokémon Day Care, these six Chansey should be a great help to you."

Yuga asked, just to confirm, "All six of them?"

Typically, Pokémon with green potential were valued at around 300,000 Poké dollars each, and Chansey, being extremely rare, could sell for up to 500,000 Poké dollars for eggs and young Pokémon. These six Chansey were adults and had received professional training, making their value incalculable.

Joyka nodded and said, "Of course, they're all yours. You run a Pokémon Day Care, so these six Chansey should be a great help to you."

The batch of Pokémon eggs that Yuga had helped the Joy family protect was of great importance to them.

It was the result of their hard work and was intended to be sent to the family's headquarters in Kanto as part of the family's heritage.

Large families placed great importance on accumulating heritage because it was the key to their long-term prosperity.

For the Joy family, the value of that batch of Pokémon eggs far exceeded that of the six Chansey with green potential.

They had carefully considered and decided to give Yuga these six Chansey as a token of gratitude, as well as a way to strengthen their relationship with a potential asset. It was a win-win situation.

Looking at the six Chansey, Yuga's mouth almost watered.

With these six Chansey, he could continuously breed more Chansey, and these Chansey could also serve as teachers for the Miltank in his Ecopark, teaching them how to better care for other Pokémon.

Although Audino spent some time training at the Joy family, it was impossible for Audino to learn as much as these six specially trained Chansey in such a short period. Their experience undoubtedly surpassed her.

Seeing Yuga's starry-eyed expression, Joyka asked with a playful smile, "Are you satisfied with this gift?"

"Very satisfied, extremely satisfied," Yuga replied. He couldn't be happier. Given the rarity of Chansey, if the Joy family hadn't given them to him, he wouldn't have had a chance to obtain them, especially not ones that had received specialized training.

"But I have to remind you of one thing. Now that the Chansey are yours, besides taking good care of them, there's one more crucial point: you are not allowed to sell them or give them away to others without the Joy family's permission," Joyka added.

Yuga was initially taken aback by this rule but quickly understood its significance. Chansey was the signature Pokémon of the Joy family, and if he were to use them for business without their consent, it would tarnish their reputation.

Moreover, he had no intention of giving away such valuable Pokémon.

Assistant Pokémon in his Ecopark were already in short supply, and sending them away would mean he'd have to take care of a multitude of Pokémon in the park by himself, which would be a nightmare.

With these thoughts in mind, Yuga readily assured Joyka, "Don't worry, the Chansey will never leave my hands."

Hearing Yuga's assurance, Joyka smiled and said, "Alright then, I've delivered the gift. I'll take my leave now."

Afterward, she turned to the six Chansey and said, "From now on, this gentleman here will be your new owner. He's a good person and will take good care of you. Just follow him and relax."




The Chansey nodded in agreement. They had only spent a short time with Joyka and were not particularly attached to her.

Besides, they had known from the beginning that they would be assigned to different locations after graduating from the Joy family's training facility. Being with Yuga wasn't much different from being assigned to a Pokémon Center.

Besides, they had six companions here, which was better than being alone or with just one partner.

With the "good person" card issued by Joyka, Yuga addressed the six Chansey, saying, "Please teach me a lot in the future."




The Chansey nodded in response and extended their right hands toward Yuga, indicating a favorable first impression.

Yuga looked at the Chansey offering handshakes with surprise, wondering if he had been accepted. It was undeniable that Yuga, with his special ability, had a high affinity for regular Pokémon.

"Come on, I'll get you some Sweet Honey," Yuga said, collecting the Chansey back into their Poké Balls. He cheerfully gestured for Joyka to follow him to the Pokémon Day Care.

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