I Am The Only One Who Doesn't Know I Am The Master Book

novel - Fantasy

I Am The Only One Who Doesn't Know I Am The Master

Lurk Unmovingly

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Li Xiu transmigrated to a land of magic. However, he did not have talent and was fated to be a regular person. To survive, Li Xiu opened a book store and learned to draw as a hobby. He might not be able to become a mage, but at least he had seen one. What he didn't know was that a dog that he raised would turn into a monstrous beast after looking at his paintings and was able to fight the dragon tribe. The tree he planted behind the house became the tree of life because he watered it often. He saved a lizard and after a while, it became a sacred dragon, leading billions of monstrous beasts. And the customers who love reading who come to his bookstore... They were all secret cultivators and teachers of magic. And the customers he thought had caught a serious illness and died... they had all become immortals! The customers have never once thought that the mysterious and powerful man was actually an ordinary person who liked to behave mysteriously. They did not have any difficulty talking to each other, but these clients all made up their own explanations for what Li Xiu said. Everyone knows that I am an expert. Why don't I know?


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