I am the God of Technology

Dante is a budding young man who has the dreams and hopes of entering society with his own skills, independent of the help of family and friends. As a small-time app developer, he eventually tries to jailbreak his new phone when a malfunction occurs, and his phone swallows him into a wormhole. On the other side, Dante appears in an alleyway of a bustling city... Avalon! This futuristic city leaves him dumbfounded until he is prompted by his phone which has now merged into his body that he can travel between two universes, Earth and the Eternal Universe. Can Dante achieve his dreams with the fortunate starting point granted to him? And how could the universe sit by and let him grow without challenging him at every step? ----------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/HU8GbjfTq2

Kotario · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
370 Chs

The Flaw In The Plan

"Alright, here's our catch for today," Dante stated as he emptied his quantum space into a barren grassland full of decaying grass.

Immediately, a loud quake erupted, and a huge Mount Everest worth of monster corpses appeared before them, blocking the horizon and startling all living beings within hundreds of kilometers in all directions.

Beatrice whistled in appreciation. "You know, when we were brutally beating them to death, I didn't really think there were that many."

Dante rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Neither did I, to be honest. I still don't know how big my quantum space is exactly, but given the power of the one hosting it, I'd say it could fit an entire universe within."

Dante then glanced at her with a perverted expression. "Which equates to about half of your ass in terms of total size."

Beatrice blushed but didn't know how to refute. She couldn't be bothered to anyway since Dante liked it as it was anyway.