The five youngsters did not have any particular reaction to the doctrines he had set, given that they couldn't understand the references to games from his past life, neither could they understand the deeper meaning held in his doctrines.

Xi Wei didn't rush to the next step in his plan, but instead lead the youngsters to bury the villagers' dead bodies.

From a certain aspect, Dragonfangs had the same instincts and mannerisms as felines—they hunted not only because they want to fill their bellies, but also because they enjoyed the feeling of the hunt. Therefore, the villagers who had been eaten by the Dragonfang were just a minority. A majority of them were just killed for no reason.

If they left the dead bodies here, the rotting flesh would probably attract the attention of carnivorous beasts nearby to feast on the corpses. In fact, Xi Wei could see a few raven-like birds circling the air above, ready to swoop for food at a moment's notice.

Putting aside Xi Wei who had been educated as a Chinese to respect the dead and to give them proper burials and even just thinking from the perspective of the surviving youngsters, leaving the corpses out to the brazen wilderness was not a nice feeling.

With Xi Wei around, the steps which would have consumed the most time—the digging and burial of the corpses—did not take much time to do at all.

Before the sun set, they finished a simple burial ritual. A wooden cross stood at the center of what was the center of the village—and now their grave. 

They had not really realized it when they were occupied by the strange systems which were gifted to them, but as their families and loved ones who seemed like they were asleep were covered by dirt and completely buried, the reality finally hit them. They would never be able to see their family ever again.

Eleena and Jessica both broke down into tears, while Joe and Gou Dan were sobbing quietly at the side. Even though Edward seemed to be in extreme sorrow too, he somehow held it together and did not shed a single tear.

"Mister Xi Wei, what should we do now?" Eleena asked tentatively, having only just stopped her tears.

"There would be no meaning in staying here anymore. At daybreak, travel east, through Erasia and towards the county called Jonias at the boundary of the empire. There, outside the Amaranthine Gate known as the Valley of the Tragic Dead is a small town," Xi Wei instructed after seeing all their gazes on him, "That will be your destination and the home base from which our church will grow— our Starter Village..."

"But we've never been so far from Kennington before…"Eleena said as she held her hands to her chest, her expression similar to a pigeon that was going on its first flight.

"There will always be a first time for everything, child. Go forth with pride, for you are blessed by the great God of Games," Xi Wei said comfortingly, petting her head.


She was still unsure.

It was at this point that she realized that the gentle hand that had been petting her head disappeared.

"Mister Xi Wei?" Eleena looked around, but she could not find him anymore.

The other youngsters shook their heads as though they had just woken up from a dream.

"Where did the great one go?" Joe asked in confusion, furrowing his brow.

"I have no idea. Didn't you guys see?" Gou Dan scratched his head.

"I blanked out for a second and he was gone…" Jessica said in frustration.

"If I remember correctly…" Edward, who was the eldest spoke suddenly.

And so their gazes all fell on him, wanting to hear what he had to say.

"My father and I heard this when we went to the city, but even the great archbishop did not have the qualification to appoint a Saintess," he explained slowly.

"Was Uncle Xi Wei a pope?!" Gou Dan asked in shock.

"No, a pope would not wander too far from their church unless it's absolutely necessary," Edward refuted, shaking his head. "If I had a say in it, there would be a higher probability that he was a Chosen One… but I don't feel that he was a Chosen One…"

"What are you trying to say, Edward?" Joe, who was not a quick thinker, asked impatiently.

Jessica seemed to have thought of something, her eyes widening in shock. "Do you mean..?!"

"Yes, I believe that Xi Wei might have been the incarnation of deities like legends say!" Edward revealed his guess, not wanting to keep up the suspense.

"That's not possible!" Joe shook his head in disbelief.

"I-I think so too!" Jessica said in agreement.

"Putting aside Eleena who had the qualifications to become a Saintess, the four of us are just ordinary villagers! Under normal circumstances, we would never be noticed by a deity, let alone be blessed with such a precious gift! If he wasn't a deity, what merits do the four of us have for him to request systems for us?" Edward exclaimed passionately, fire burning in his eyes.

"Just think of it! Leaving behind guidance for us before disappearing the next moment—isn't that exactly how deities send down oracles?"

Having heard Edward's deductions, the others were more or less convinced.

"So… I was named by a deity!" Gou Dan gasped, trembling with excitement. "You guys can't call me Gou Dan anymore, call me Doug!"

"Alright Gou Dan,""Roger that Gou Dan,""No problem Gou Dan!" the other three immediately answered, while Eleena smiled wryly at the side.

Gou Dan was speechless.

"In conclusion, I believe our path is clear." Edward coughed softly and continued seriously, "Everyone, prepare and rest well. We'll head east at dawn!"

The other four had no objections and quickly returned to their own homes, preparing themselves to leave the village they had grown up in…

Xi Wei who had returned to his Divine Kingdom was looking in using his Divine Eye, and he was pleasantly surprised.

He completely didn't expect Edward to be able to deduce his actual identity. Even though the deduction process was a mess, he somehow managed to come to the correct answer…

Seeing the five youngsters get back on their feet, he smiled in relief (even though he didn't have a face in this form).

As expected, choosing young people as his first believers was a good choice.

Not only do they accept things better, they also could learn about new things easier. They would be able to get back on their feet more easily than people who were older than them.

"If that's so, then I can't lag behind. I must complete all preparations before they arrive at the town."

His worries of dissipating were now gone with the wind due to his four true believers and one devout believer—he could use more divine energy to prepare for their arrival.