404 Emergency Rescue

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It had been half an hour since Rangka volunteered to cover Laybit and the Curly Horns' princess retreat.

Even so, they were unable to free themselves, and were once again in danger.

"This isn't working. Those guys are catching up!"

Laybit's ears had straightened and swiveled around to pick up on the unusual noises.

Even if the horned gazelle was adept at running and was not slow, it was just an ordinary wild animal without magical powers, just as it was not a divinely-blessed species. It could not run at top speed over long periods, and needed rest for a moment before continuing to run.

Moreover, it was carrying two people—even if Laybit and Woolsprout were less than fifty kilos combined, they were still almost two hundred catties together, and it was already a sign of this particular horned gazelle's extraordinary nature for it to be able to run for so long. After all, a princess's mount should definitely possess a rather excellent bloodline.


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