2 My Soon-to-be Girlfriend Is Dead [2] (Edited)

"Ah... it's freezing in here."

I slumped onto my sofa, feeling utterly drained.

With a sigh, I opened the box I had fetched from the shelf. It contained a medical kit that Ephera had left here just in case. Without delay, I began tending to my injury.

"He didn't hold back at all, that jerk."

I muttered under my breath.

Emric had a robust physique while I was on the skinnier side. I expected him to show a bit more restraint.

"Well, whatever. He's my friend, so I'll forgive him like a good friend."

After attending to my injury, I picked up the PlayStation controller and started the console. The game I intended to play was already loaded. In fact, it was a game I had consistently played with Ephera, so I never bothered to take out the disc.

Ever since Ephera's passing, I found solace in playing this game every day without interruption, hence my morning hunger. The apartment I currently occupied was rented. My friends who also lived here had all moved out after Ephera's death. I was the sole holdout who refused to leave.

As the TV screen illuminated with the introductory video of the game, I recognized the title: [Princess and Dragon].

It was a dating simulation game, I think?

Regardless, it was the kind of game that garnered great popularity in Japan. Interestingly, one of the creators of the game was Japanese. Logically, the game shouldn't have found significant success in Europe, given its unremarkable premise. Yet, to everyone's surprise, it enjoyed tremendous popularity.

In this game, you assumed the role of the Main Character, a student. The goal was to win the affections of the game's various "Heroines." By making the right choices and taking the right actions during each "Event," you would ultimately court the girl and achieve a happy ending.

Yes, it might sound cliché, but that's precisely what led to its success – and why Ephera and I played it.

"Here we go."

I smiled as the dialogue appeared on the screen.

["Jayden, u-um, do you like Layla…?"]

A blue-haired girl asked, her eyes brimming with hope.

The image transitioned to a black-haired, handsome character. Four dialogue options materialized on the screen.

[A] [Yes, I like her…]

[B] [No, I don't like her!]

[C] [I love you!]

[D] [I'll only answer that in my bed.]

Four choices were presented before me.

I winced, particularly at the last two choices. The last one was especially bold...

I was currently interacting with one of the main targets or Heroines of the game. Logically, I should pick the third option, but I chose the second one instead.


Because it was the most neutral response. Opting for this choice was a strategic move to avoid ruffling feathers, especially with Layla, who was the game's "villainess."


The blue-haired girl inquired with an adorable, hopeful gaze.


She was stunningly beautiful, but this was almost too easy. Maybe I should have chosen the more challenging option. Hmmm...

With that, I immersed myself in the game for a few hours. I might have continued longer if it weren't for a sudden phone call.

"Who is it?"

I answered wearily.

["Ephera, she might still be alive."]


My breath caught for a moment.

My heart began pounding fiercely in my chest.


The words took a few moments to register in my overwhelmed mind.

["Nyr, if you want to regain your happiness, come to Tokyo."]

I stared at the white wall blankly as the voice on the other end of the call abruptly ended.



It had been two days since that call. I had swiftly departed for Tokyo, and as soon as I stepped out of the airport, I was accosted by individuals dressed in black suits.

And now, here I was, facing a middle-aged man who was clearly not Japanese.


"You seem unusually composed," the man commented, his surprise evident.

"Ephera," I stated plainly. I wasn't here for small talk.

"You're quite impatient," he chuckled, gesturing for his guards to leave the room.

"I cannot bring Ephera back," he continued.


I struggled to restrain my urge to punch that wretch. Did he think I was in the mood to entertain such preposterous notions? Of course, he couldn't bring her back!

She was dead!

"At least, not in this world," he added.


I rose from my seat, intending to leave. It appeared that my journey here had been in vain.



My body froze. I couldn't even budge a muscle.

"What the hell?!"

I couldn't fathom what was happening.

"What have you done?!"

My glare bore into the man.

Had he somehow immobilized my limbs? But how?

"Calm down, Nyr," he urged, advancing towards me before snapping his fingers.

Out of thin air, something materialized.


I was left speechless by this spectacle. Was he some sort of magician?

The notion was the only explanation that came to mind.

"Do you wish to see Ephera again?" he inquired.

Did I want to see her again?


What a ridiculous question.

I stared at him, my veneer of composure slowly fading.

"Oh, are you revealing your menacing side now? Is that really you?" he laughed again.

"Look closely."

The man presented me with something that left me once again at a loss for words.

It was the game – [Princess And Dragon].

What the hell?!

Doubt began to seep into my sanity.

Had I truly received that call?

Had I genuinely traveled to Tokyo?

Why on earth was he showing me this damned game?!

"I will kill you," I warned, my tone chilling.

"Kill me, or I will kill you," I retorted, my expression unmistakably conveying my intent to end his life.

I didn't care about living anymore. I was just yearning to release my pent-up fury on someone, and he seemed as good a target as any. I had become indifferent to that damned world!

"I will fulfill your wish."

"What wish?! Just leave me alone!"

He was getting on my nerves.

And why the hell couldn't I move my body?!

Refusing to acknowledge what I was witnessing, I opted to act the fool.

That man...

Why was he looking at me with pity?

Screw you!

"One day, you will understand. Now, perish."

He spoke those words while placing his hand on my head.

"What the...?"

A brilliant light engulfed the room, blinding me. Instinctively, I closed my eyes.

Perhaps this was a dream.


A prolonged dream.

I wished it were so, but soon enough, I realized I was terribly mistaken.

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