I Am The Game's Villain

Reincarnation in a game as the Main Antagonist. It could be a novel itself, but that was what I dragged myself into. In the famous and successful game [Princess And Dragon] As if my life wasn't shitty enough, a bastard brought me in that hardcore violent Dating Sim Game and in the body of the worst villain and [Major Antagonist Edward Falkrona] If I want to survive, I have to become strong. If I want to be strong, I have to join the Academy and by joining the Academy, I will meet these guys... Yeah, I'm obviously speaking about the Protagonist, the Main Heroines, the Villainess and all the villains. Am I destined to watch that protagonist build his harem in front of me?! =========== For the illustrations and questions: Discord: https://discord.gg/hJ3XPj2x *English is not my native language so please understand some of my mistakes. Don't hesitate to correct me, if you want!

NihilRuler · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
372 Chs

[Final Event] [Closing Ceremony] [9] Jealous


I looked up from my thoughts as my little girl, Tihana, tugged at my sleeve with her bluish-white hair and big round amber eyes.

"Why are you so sad?" she asked, her innocent concern making me smile.

"Well, you're quite the perceptive one, aren't you?" I chuckled, patting her hair gently.

"Ehehehe~" Tihana closed her eyes in delight, reveling in the attention.

"Papa, me too!" Annabelle appeared by my side and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Of course," I replied, giving Annabelle an affectionate pat on the head as well.

"Big sister! You're always with Dad!" Tihana pouted, feeling left out.

Annabelle playfully stuck her tongue out. "Well, the big sister gets all the perks."