146 [Event] [Enigma Red Dungeon] [7] Layla Snaps

"Lightning Hammer!" Jayden swung his sword downward and thunder struck powerfully the tiger's head.


The tiger who was smashed on the ground tried to stand with its weak limbs but the dizziness made it difficult. 

"I'm summoning you! Sword of the protector!" Milleia's voice rang and a bluish sword made of mana appeared in her hand. The bluish sword had a tinge of pink in it that only few would notice. 

With a wave of her hand, Milleia slashed her sword and bluish line flew before cutting off the tiger's head with perfect precision.

"Urghhh…" Milleia covered her mouth seeing the fountain of red blood sputtering out like a fountain out of the tiger's neck.

"You shouldn't have aimed at his head if it's to throw up right after, Milleia," Elona complained but seemed amused.

"I-I won't throw up…!" Milleia said with a blush. 


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