I Am The Game's Villain

Reincarnation in a game as the Main Antagonist. It could be a novel itself, but that was what I dragged myself into. In the famous and successful game [Princess And Dragon] As if my life wasn't shitty enough, a bastard brought me in that hardcore violent Dating Sim Game and in the body of the worst villain and [Major Antagonist Edward Falkrona] If I want to survive, I have to become strong. If I want to be strong, I have to join the Academy and by joining the Academy, I will meet these guys... Yeah, I'm obviously speaking about the Protagonist, the Main Heroines, the Villainess and all the villains. Am I destined to watch that protagonist build his harem in front of me?! =========== For the illustrations and questions: Discord: https://discord.gg/hJ3XPj2x *English is not my native language so please understand some of my mistakes. Don't hesitate to correct me, if you want!

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[Event] [Activity Clubs] Prologue

Two weeks have passed since the start of the academy.

During the two weeks, nothing worth mentioning happened.

In the game, there were time skips from event to event, but this was the real world. Time was flowing slowly…or so I wanted to say but no. During the last two weeks, I trained like a madman just like before in the temple.

I thought at first that it'd become boring soon, but I was wrong. The feeling of becoming strong day by day was extremely addicting. Each time I found myself stronger than on the last day, it gave me the desire to become even stronger. So I continued to train thanks to all the facilities the academy offered to the students freely.

Now, another important thing. I didn't only work on myself. There was another thing I had to work hard on.

You know well what I am talking about guys.

I won't say it because it's really downgrading m-

[<You evolved from a simple wingman to an expert wingman. You should be proud of it.>]

If there were a few things that didn't change in two weeks, unfortunately, that was the annoying Goddess renting freely in my body. She was still there to retort at my thoughts.

Anyway, my relation with Jayden and Milleia improved a lot. Let's say that I held back a lot on several occasions to shout at them or beat up a random mob from my class. I can now proudly say that in case Ante-Eden brainwash me, Milleia and Jayden would do everything in their power to save me without killing me!


That's amazing.

I became really close to them so that I was even surprised.

I still felt a gap in our relation since a part of me was from another world and I saw a future where I would kill their loved ones and millions of innocents, but they were still those friends I could hang around sometimes.

On Earth, only Ephera and Emric knew about me and my past. I also had a few other friends but Ephera died. I snapped and I…

I shook my head.

The fact that my relation with them has improved wasn't the most important thing anyway. The most important thing was the fact that Milleia and Jayden became really close as well. There was still a wall that Jayden could still not pierce to reach Milleia's heart but he will have the occasion soon when a peculiar event will happen.

Then about Lyra.

She is still wary of me, but less than before. I hoped so.

It seems that these last two weeks made her understand that I wasn't really after Milleia's body, what she probably, no, what she certainly thought. She was still confused about my goal, but knowing that I wasn't doing anything against Jayden and Milleia, lowered her guard a little.

Her relation with Milleia also evolved into a closer one. Milleia was without doubt the only girl Lyra was at ease with, since she didn't need to put her guard with her. Milleia was too innocent to even think about something bad.

A big surprise was the progress in the relation between her and Jayden. This time I didn't have to do anything. It happened like in the game. Jayden had that protagonist aura that drew even tough girls around him. I, who witnessed that for two weeks, was agreeably surprised. I chose not to involve myself between her and Jayden because it could make Lyra suspicious and spoil everything.

For the moment, I just helped Jayden to get in relation with Milleia, but it was difficult. Though Jayden was interested in Milleia, it wasn't like he was in love. In this aspect, it was different from the game where the choices were there to secure the Heroines from the start.

A week ago, Jayden spilled everything on me. How he felt annoyed by my constant nagging about how to seduce Milleia. He wanted to act like his heart told him to do. For the first time, I saw a glimpse of the endgame Jayden. He was slowly but surely progressing mentally.

I told him that I regretted my forceful actions towards him and promised not to do anything involving Milleia and him…

Like hell!

Do I have to spell it to you, Jayden?!

I will freaking die if you don't save this kingdom with the awakened Heroines at your side!

[<He doesn't know that.>]

'Shut up!'

I might have slowed down my plans and softened my advice, but I was sure continuing to play the wingman. It was, of course, less apparent than before because I was pulling string from the shadows now. Since Jayden seemed reluctant, I chose to also influence Milleia. Creating problems for her, calling Jayden to help her. How many times have I done such things…

The one who robbed your notebook was me, Milleia.

Likewise for the one throwing your academy card away.

The one who asked a few girls to harass you in the class was also me!

I made sure to keep Lyra busy so she wouldn't intervene and solve her problems.

It was tiring and arduous but I did it for two weeks without getting caught or earning suspicion from Lyra.

But this wasn't the most tiring job I had to do.


The most tiring job was to keep that idiot prince away from Milleia!

Oh for Eden's sake!

How can he try to flirt with Milleia while having a ticking bomb as a soon-to-be fiancee?

Wanna die, Alfred?

I couldn't bear to look at Layla's scary expression directed at Alfred and Milleia.

It was really becoming urgent.

I could feel Layla slowly losing her patience with Milleia.

I tried my best to push Jayden to Milleia so he would speak confidently to Alfred, you know, like a man protecting his girlfriend, but it didn't work.

Without choice, I chose to prevent any encounter or discussion between Milleia and Jayden. I was sure that one of the reasons Milleia didn't open completely to Jayden was Alfred's presence. He must have had quite the effect on Milleia.

Was she perhaps conflicted between Jayden and Alfred?

As expected, I have to get rid of Alfred before he really 'robs' Milleia from Jayden like in the game. Milleia was one of the Main Heroine but she was also the Cover Heroine. You could also get a pseudo-happy ending without her, but it was nearly impossible. Because Milleai had Raphiel's bloodline. Once she awakens fully her bloodline, Milleia will become a cheat character. During the boss fight, she was the MVP for me.

I really have no choice anymore.

I will have to talk to the villainess.

I have never spoken to her nor has she spoken to me.

Usually, she'd have talked to me but her mind right now was filled with Alfred and Milleia, not in a good way, unfortunately. Though she seemed normal on the outside, there was clearly something different about her.

My plan was a difficult one.

If there was a difficulty with my plan, then even the 'hell' difficulty won't be enough to describe it.

I wanted to set Alfred and Layla up.

Yeah, yeah it's a crazy thought since Alfred is definitely into Milleia, but there was no other choice to prevent Layla from doing something to Milleia. Because of me, Alfred interacted sooner than expected with Milleia and Lyra, who felt a slight interest in Milleia toward Alfred was playing the matcher. I tried to stop her but she wasn't listening to me.

Too bad for her, she joined Layla's blacklist.

I warned her.

In the end, I had Milleia's and Lyra's lives in my hands.

I need to approach her without raising any suspicions.

Edward Falkrona and Layla Tarmias speaking can alone, make the top news of the academy. Moreover, if her overprotective brother saw me approaching his sister, he would not hesitate to break my legs to prevent anything. He probably heard rumors about me being a skirt chaser, so there was no way in hell he would let me approach his sister. Lady luck put the twins in the same, [Pegasus Class], so the difficulty reached the next level.


This problem will be for later.

I need to keep my concentration for today's event.

Two weeks passed and the clubs, or commonly called activities, officially opened.

The first years were invited to visit each club and chose one if they wanted. The third years and second years were there to present or animate to present their club. The more students they recruit, the more Eden points they will earn for their class. There were even bonus points if a club reached a quota.

In other words, it will be a hectic day. The first years wanted to join a club as entertainment but also as a way to get class points, while seniors wanted to earn points and recruit juniors for their clubs.

Of course, I was going to take part in that event and visit the clubs.

I will probably meet them…



…and the last [Main Heroine] of the First Game.

Next Chapter: Joining an Activity Club

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