53 One-Sided

Kim Ji-woo, who fought against 60 Sabertooths, had no trouble at all. Every hit he made always resulted in death for the Sabertooths' side.

Even so, the Sabertooths didn't budge one bit. The beasts continued to attack Ji-woo fiercely.

Until the last one left,

Ji-woo then held that last Sabertooth with one hand at his height.

Surprisingly, all of Sabertooth's corpses were still intact. Nothing like what had happened to the Hellhounds before.


Ji-woo grinned like a devil.

"Amusing. Not every single one of you got ruined."

Next, he got rid of the Armoire Sphere armor from the Sabertooth's body.

"Now. Let's see if you can still be intact after taking my hit."



Ji-woo heard the sound and didn't turn his head. Instead, he closed the distance with Dong-hyun in an instant.

As if it had teleported, Ji-woo appeared before Dong-hyun and immediately choked his mouth and then lifted him off the ground.

Dong-hyun was pale and scared. His hands frantically tried to remove the strangle. His legs were also swinging here and there indistinctly. He really wasn't in a state to thinking straight.

Even though he was in a dangerous situation before, that experience was different from the current one. Now, he was absolutely on the brink of death.

Ji-woo smirked, "Seeing what you shouldn't have seen."


Ji-woo released his grip, letting Dong-hyun fall to the ground, trembling.

Cough, Cough--

Dong-hyun choked and tried to run away in fear. But he realized that his body couldn't move when Ji-woo squatted down in front of him.

There was an aura emanating from Ji-woo that made Dong-hyun unable to move. A characteristic that was distinct from the Mana presence that the hunters usually showed.

The Mana presence usually got used in several ways. One of them was to oppress the other party with something like natural forces. A kind of aura that exerted pressure with something like an invisible hand. And it made it difficult for the opponent to breathe due to the difference one level higher in life gradation.

However, Ji-woo's aura didn't make Dong-hyun suffocate. On the contrary, it controlled his fear and caused his body not to move as he wished.

It was the same as when an ordinary person had a gun pointed at the head or a knife in the throat.

"It will be quick."

Ji-woo smiled as he swayed his hand.

Dong-hyun, scared shitless, closes his eyes. He felt that Ji-woo, who was usually bored and expressionless, couldn't possibly smile that wickedly.

The one in front of Dong-hyun was like a person who enjoyed a massacre. It was entirely disparate from the person that he had known.


Dong-hyun was startled by the sound and opened his eyes. He saw Ji-woo holding his right wrist with his left on the cracked ground.

Ji-woo's face gradually turned solemn. He stood up and then walked past Dong-hyun, who was still sitting on the ground.

At the same time, Dong-hyun realized the fear that had engulfed him earlier had gone. He immediately tried to get up, but his legs gave out.

"Take it easy for a second. You're just too tense."

Dong-hyun was surprised to hear Ji-woo's voice from behind. He thought Ji-woo had given him mercy. But, instead of being scared after finding out that Ji-woo didn't leave him. He felt Ji-woo had returned to being himself.

Someone who was easy and looked weak had almost no presence. It really gave off a different vibe than before.

'Screw it!'

Dong-hyun didn't know what was going on with Ji-woo. Whether it was dissociative identity disorder or so whatever, it didn't matter. All he needed to know was whether he could get away from Ji-woo safely or not next. There was no guarantee that he wouldn't die if the choking incident happened again.

After a while, Dong-hyun was able to stand up and face Ji-woo's back, who had been silent after his previous words.

Unable to stand the awkward silence, Dong-hyun almost blurted out his thoughts of wanting to leave. Unfortunately, the memory of Ji-woo smiling like a devil makes him wait obediently.

"Let's go. Lead the way."


Ji-woo didn't want to elaborate his words and turned his head to Dong-hyun at the back while holding his trembling right hand.

Dong-hyun flinched and spoke subconsciously. "Roger!"

There's only one reason why Dong-hyun was running alone in this dangerous dungeon without the other hunters.

Demigod Team 3 was in deep trouble and possibly on the verge of collapse!

Ji-woo couldn't allow that to happen. He had to prevent Team 3 from being wiped out. Although for him, it was not necessary to save everyone.

Dong-hyun wasn't sure where Ji-woo wanted to go. He only thought about the battlefield, where the Team 3 leader fought the Demon Ape. Whether it was true or not, he could only resign himself to the fact that Ji-woo didn't explain much. The idea of complaining was very unwise.

'D*mn it! Why am I so unlucky!'

Meanwhile, the direction of the battle was predictable between the high-ranked hunters and the Demon Ape with his minions.

Even with Yu-jin's help, the results didn't change one bit.

When Yu-jin came, the hunters who were dealing with the Sabertooths had headaches. She could support the three B-rank hunters and give them a moment to breathe whenever a Sabertooth got out of crowd control. But, the three hunters needed extra work to protect her too.

A burden and dead weight!

On the other hand, Az'kal quickly obliterated the successive attacks of the seven hunters that were fighting him.

One hunter died, and two hunters lay on the ground, unable to fight anymore.

Another three hunters were on their last legs, leaving only Do-cheol fighting the Demon Ape.

Do-cheol was also lucky. If not for his transformation, it would be impossible to hold on against such a powerful creature.

The Demon Ape, Az'kal, was a dead-end for the hunters. Every time they attacked him, several swift punches would come to knock them back. Moreover, his physical resistance was something that was impenetrable. So, any exchange that took place would only hurt the hunters, not him.

"O, human. Only you are left with the strength to fight. The three of them are already on their knees and waiting for me to finish them off."


Az'kal jumped at full speed and grabbed Do-cheol's waist with his two upper hands. He rotated Do-cheol 90 degrees above his head and then slammed Do-cheol's back into the vicinity.


The ground shook, and the tremors reached the hunters who were fighting the Sabertooths.

The three B-rank hunters knew what had happened to their team leader despite the distance between them.

"Go there! Get the team leader out of here. That's all you can do."

Yu-jin nods while biting her own lip. She felt being weak was infuriating. There wasn't much she could do to help.

Grrr, Rawr--

A Sabertooth escaped the crowd control and attacked one of the B-rank hunters. Since Yu-jin wasn't around, the three hunters didn't have time to close the gap.


Sabertooth's attack was successful. That beast bit the hunter's right arm and tried to drag him away from other hunters.

However, that hunter wouldn't let the Sabertooth have its way.

"Magic of Fire, Ignite!"

A burst of fire shot out from the left palm toward the hunter's right side. That magic spell not only made Sabertooth release its bite but also swept away the hunter's right arm.

A group of Sabertooths also attacked them because the hunters' teamwork to crowd control the beasts were no longer possible.

"Magic of Water, Gush!" A hunter released a big wave of water that swept away what was in front of it.

"Magic of Electricity, Arc lighting!" Hurls a bolt of lightning that leaps through the water, amplifying the damage of Gush.

Swoosh, Brzzt--

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. My arm isn't bleeding."

The wounded hunter's eyes were dim, and his stamina got drained because of that despite saying he was fine. Luckily he cut his arm with fire, so it didn't cause any bleeding, so he could stand up and remain conscious.

"Alright. If you're able to continue the fight, we'd better attack these beasts now."

"No. Both of you can go to help that girl to get our team leader out of here. I would give you all enough time for an escape."

"What are you talking about?!"

"Get your head on straight!"

The damage and paralysis effects on the beasts began to get neutralized. It wouldn't be long before the Sabertooths started chasing the hunters again.

Casting the same Magic spell with paralyzing effect on the beasts as before was no longer effective. It was because these beasts would have a self-created resistance increase when the ability hit them. So, the more often they get hit, they would become immune to it.

The wounded hunter grabbed the other hunter's collar.

"Stop wasting time! Just go!"

"Fine. You fu**er!!"

The two hunters gritted their teeth and left the wounded hunter alone.

The three of them had a tacit understanding with the intention of surviving in the dungeon longer. A big Guild like theirs would usually send one more team as reinforcements if the guild thought something was wrong.

The three hunters had held these creatures long enough for their Team 3 hunters to disperse and survive. Now, it was their team leader's turn to be saved.

"Son of a b**ch! Let's go to hell together!

"Magic of Fire, Gate... "


Seesh, Crit--

"Holy s**t!"

The wounded hunter was astounded by the arrival of a hunter in red crimson armor and a short sword, slashing through Sabertooth as smoothly as slicing tofu. Every cut he did behead those beasts mercilessly.

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