54 Lee Dong-hyun??

Ji-woo and Dong-hyun arrived near the battlefield. It was a bit far, but enough to be able to see two different fights at the same time.

"What was w-we doing h-here?"

Dong-hyun couldn't understand Ji-woo's intentions. Even if Ji-woo was able to defeat the Sabertooths who were here, the Demon Ape was on a completely different level from the beasts.

It was a suicide mission to come against the Dungeon Owner.

Ji-woo turned around and looked at Dong-hyun.

"You don't have to do anything."


Relief was visible on Dong-hyun's face. "Then, may I ..." But before he could finish his sentence, Ji-woo chimed in.

"Take off your armor. And give me your sword too."


Dong-hyun widened his eyes at those words. He didn't know whether to cry or not from being robbed so blatantly and still didn't dare to retaliate.

'Why do I have such bad luck!'

Ji-woo took off the Kevlar vest that was soiled with the black liquid of the Sabertooths and placed it politely in front of Dong-hyun. It made Dong-hyun stare at him with a blank expression.

"Don't want to get out of here?"

"What do you mean?"

Ji-woo narrowed his eyes as he reached out.

Dong-hyun swallowed hard and immediately took off the armor and gave it to Ji-woo along with his sword.

Ji-woo unceremoniously put on the armor, starting with the cuirass, pauldrons, bracers, and greaves. Even though he and Dong-hyun were of different heights, the complete armor suits him well.

Next, Ji-woo checked the weapon. It was a short double-edged sword. The blade widened near the tip.

"Not bad. Throw me the helmet too."

Dong-hyun became speechless. He then threw the helmet that was on his waist.

Everything got extensively looted by Ji-woo, the Red Crimson armor plus a helmet with its pointed cheek guards and extended nose guard, like an M-shape.

"Th-These artifact items and weapon got bound to m-me. Y-You can't use it."

There was usually a binding contract that made a person the sole proprietor. So, only the owner could use the full power of these types of artifact items and weapons.

Ji-woo shrugged, "Doesn't matter." He was going for such a hassle, not because of the abilities of the items and weapons. But to cover up his identity and clean up the mess as soon as possible.

And what about Dong-hyun, who was witnessing the battle with the Sabertooths previously? That was not a big problem. The words of a low-ranking hunter would have no credibility with it.

Ji-woo had just taken a few steps toward the battlefield when he suddenly stopped and looked to his left. He looked at the ruins in the distance while frowning.

"You better not go anywhere and stay here, hiding. It's for your own good. But, it's up to you if you still insist on going."

Dong-hyun, who secretly wanted to leave, halted his steps. He still thought Jiwoo couldn't beat the Demon Ape and would meet his demise later on. So, he wanted to go from this burial ground immediately.



Ji-woo ignored Dong-hyun and quickly leaped forward.

"Darn it! He always says whatever he wants and leaves me clueless."

Even though Dong-hyun was irritated with Ji-woo, he still followed the advice and hid well in that place. In the end, his fear of Ji-woo couldn't topple his annoyance.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo emerged prominently between the wounded hunter and the Sabertooths. His powerful landing caused a cloud of dust and visibility to narrow. Thus, only the sound of swords getting swung and slashed could get heard for both parties apart from him.

However, the dust cloud slowly began to dissipate. And the surrounding area became clear, to the point that the wounded hunter could see the beasts getting slaughtered with ease.

"Holy s**t!"

Of course, the Sabertooths wouldn't like someone meddling in their business. They ferociously attack Ji-woo in an even more gruesome manner.

Yet, Ji-woo handled the beast's aggression without much trouble. When two or more Sabertooths charged, Ji-woo dodged with the slightest movement. He then pushed one beast aside and slashed the other in the neck. And if there were another one, he would use raw strength to hit or kill that Sabertooth.

Ji-woo slashed one at a time, not because he couldn't cut many at once. But due to consideration of the durability of the weapon used by him. The short double-edged sword was nothing more than a sharp object, which was slightly better in quality than an ordinary sword.

It didn't matter if it was tied to someone else or not. The Mana in the weapon, which gave the artifact an ability, could not get used by Ji-woo, who had his cursed soul, the Nullifier.

Grrr, Rawr--

There were five Sabertooths going to Ji-woo simultaneously.

First, Ji-woo dodged the attack of one beast by shifting to the side while placing his right side in front. At the same time, he swung the short sword in his right hand, slicing another beast's face from the chin.

Continuing on, Ji-woo caught another Sabertooth attacking with his left hand without turning his head. His grip was strong enough to hold Sabertooth's head. He then spun the beast around and slammed it into the other two Sabertooths that charged towards him.

In the blink of an eye, several Sabertooths died while others fell to the ground. The surviving beasts rose again and attacked Ji-woo relentlessly.

Ji-woo decided to change his fighting style. He was trying to preserve the short sword for another battle with the Dungeon owner.


Ji-woo roared and launched a straight cross punch with his left arm at Sabertooth's head. Then he moved to the back row and hit another one in the stomach with his knee. Not done yet, he stepped aside and dealt blows to the other beasts as well.

Next, Ji-woo made a duck-stepping motion into a back kick to another Sabertooth's body and hit the other's head with his right elbow. Lastly, he passed the other two Sabertooths, who leaped through the air and reluctantly made a single swing to slash at the two beast heads.


Seesh, Crit--

Twenty Sabertooths lay on the ground. Some of the beasts had no heads, and the rest were unbroken with black blood oozing out of their eyes and mouths.

Ji-woo flicked the short sword at the ground to wipe away the black liquid on the weapon.

The atmosphere became so calm as if there had never been a battle in that place.

"Y-You're one of u-us, aren't you?"

The wounded hunter couldn't believe his eyes seeing the powerful beasts killed within minutes by someone who looked like a hunter. But, he couldn't sense the Mana from that person during the fight just now.

Ji-woo didn't respond. And only waved to the back to say goodbye and walked away.

Elsewhere, Dong-hyun, who was hiding, was also astonished and scared. Previously, he had only seen Ji-woo standing among Sabertooth's corpses. But now, he witnessed how strong Ji-woo was and how he beat the beasts.

"He... wasn't an E-rank hunter?"

On another battlefield, the Demon Ape fought Do-cheol until his transformation didn't last long, and he returned to his human form. He got wrecked to the ground because of this one-sided battle.

Az'kal grabbed Do-cheol's right leg and lifted him off the ground upside down.

Yu-jin and the other two B-rank hunters, who were also there, felt that the opportunity to save their team leader had come.

Az'kal had already noticed that there were three hunters close to him. But, he acted the opposite. To him, some insects were not worthy of his attention.

"Troublesome. Now I have to search the entire dungeon to catch the remaining humans."

The helpless Do-cheol laughed sarcastically.

"Sooner or later, you will die, and I will haunt you from the world of the dead!"


Do-cheol spat and shouted at Az'kal, "Kill me!"

"Ungrateful!" Az'kal was furious and threw punches from his upper and lower arms.


Two B-rank hunters stepped forward and tried to block the attack while Yu-jin jumped in to save Do-cheol.

Az'kal stopped his attack midway and changed the trajectory of his punch by swinging his two left arms towards the two B-rank hunters. He also used his lower right hand to punch Yu-jin, stopping the rescue attempt on Do-cheol.

Fortunately, the three hunters were still alive with only a few wounds on their bodies and threw up some blood from their mouths. Nevertheless, they couldn't do anything more with such injuries. On top of that, all of their Mana got drained away now.


Az'kal's upper right hand changed from holding Do-cheol's right leg into squeezing the hunter's whole body.



There was a loud sound as the short sword slashed through the Armoire sphere bracer on Az'kal.

It was Ji-woo. The one that cut off the Demon Ape's hand, even though the cut was rough and not as smooth as on Sabertooths in previous fights.

"Lee Dong-hyun?!"

Yu-jin's unexpected call buzzed in Ji-woo's ears. His plan was only to get seen as Dong-hyun, not to converse with the others.

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