50 It's Showtime

The other hunters stopped their intense fight after being instructed by their team leader.

It was clear the Sabertooths did not continue the fight either. The beasts just circled the hunters, blocking the escape route.

The B-rank hunter nodded at Ji-woo.

"Magic of Fire, Inferno blast!"

The Sabertooths who were relaxed were immediately taken aback upon seeing the sudden burst of fire. The entire battle area got engulfed in flames.

"Now! Follow my lead!"

Do-cheol didn't want to waste the opportunity and opened a path through a wall of fire with his Sacred Bull form.

The other hunters quickly followed their team leader. Most of the hunters only thought about their own safety at the moment. So, they didn't care about how and what happened, but only to run first. The rest, think about it later.

Even though the Sabertooths were being distracted, they still knew that the hunters were trying to escape.

Grrr, Rawr--

However, before the beasts gave a chase. The B-rank hunter launched another attack to make the Sabertooths keep staying behind and not going anywhere else.

"Magic of Fire, Inferno smash!"

The B-rank hunter jumped between the beasts and the hunters. Then he ended the move by slamming both hands on the ground, separating the two groups.

The area that previously got burned was shook and cracked. It was making it difficult for the beasts to stay still. On top of that, every rift got blasted with colossal flames.

With those two attacks, the hunters would have a few seconds to widen the distance with the Sabertooths before they regained their footing and then chased the hunters.

"Kim Ji-woo~si!"

Ji-woo showed up and knew it would be his turn now after hearing the call from the B-rank hunter.

"Keep running! And don't get caught by them. I wish you good luck!"

The B-rank hunter bid farewell while running away, leaving Ji-woo alone as a distraction. It would give the hunters a little bit of time to catch a break and come up with a plan to deal with the beasts.

It was not easy to convince Do-cheol about leaving Ji-woo alone with the Sabertooths. Fortunately, the circumstances forced the team leader to follow Ji-woo's idea.

Ji-woo also knew about their worries. In the eyes of Do-cheol and the rank B hunter, he was just a helpless low-rank hunter. A hunter with a crazy idea. Who wanted to hold the Sabertooths alone while running and kiting them around. That made them not quite sure if Ji-woo could survive by luring the beasts.

At the same time, Do-cheol felt guilty for letting Ji-woo do the job instead of himself as the leader. Do-cheol wouldn't have brought high-rank hunters with him to hide and escape if it weren't for worrying about the Dungeon owner who hadn't appeared yet.

Do-cheol respected and was glad that Ji-woo helped him. Even though they didn't know each other, he hoped Ji-woo would be fine and prayed for his safety.

"Good. There are no restrictions anymore, and I can do whatever I want now."

Ji-woo stretched his neck and shoulders. He didn't care about what other people thought. If it weren't for the trouble waiting for him, it was likely that Team 3 didn't survive. He wouldn't bother doing everything for these hunters.

When Ji-woo was involved in Team 7 Demigod's accident, he had already considered what troubles would come to him if a team of hunters got wiped out in the dungeon.

Ji-woo had confirmed again with Do-cheol at the start. How troublesome it would be if there a low-rank hunter became the only survivor from the dungeon. Especially in a team from a big guild like Demigod.

Using the excuse of being lucky that the team made sacrifices wouldn't work for the people in a Hunter's Association or a big Guild without further investigation.

It meant the person involved would get disturbed until both entities were satisfied.

Ji-woo didn't want that to happen. He lived on Earth now, not the Magical world anymore. Where he could do whatever he wanted. He couldn't just randomly kill or beat people when something happened. He preferred to avoid troubles as much as possible for his family.

"First, let's get rid of this big fire. So, it doesn't spoil my clothes."

Even though Ji-woo was wearing a kevlar vest from Dong-hyun, the shirt underneath was not an artifact item. It was only ordinary clothes that could tear easily with casual combat. Let alone hit by the magic spells.

Plak, Whoos!

Ji-woo clapped his hand once, and then the fire was immediately extinguished, leaving the ground scorched.

Sabertooths felt the wind pressure sweep away the flames. That caused the beast's attention to turn to Ji-woo. And they then attacked without wasting any time because they had to chase after the hunters immediately. Killing a single human-like Ji-woo wouldn't spoil their lord's plan.

"Better than the dogs of that Spirit creature."

A devilish grin split Ji-woo's face, showing the teeth that gleamed in the flickering lamplight. Naturally, the Nullifier was starting to control his emotions as he would be fighting without restraints at this time around.

Grrr, Rawr--

A Sabertooth charged from behind. Ji-woo easily dodged it while jumping backward by putting one hand on the beast's head.

The Sabertooths in front of Ji-woo then increased their speed and attacked vigorously. However, he avoided the claws, the bites, and the jump by the beasts with zigzagging backward nonchalantly, kiting them around.

Suddenly, Ji-woo noticed several dozen Sabertooths not coming to him. They looked like they were changing direction towards the hunters.


Ji-woo jumped to the side. And in the blink of an eye, closed the gap with the beasts that wanted to chase the hunters.

"If you guys leave here, then the hunters will think I'm dead or something. That shouldn't happen, right?"


Ji-woo threw a fast punch at Sabertooth's body which then fell and hit several other beasts. The loud sound of crashing onto the ground stopped the momentum of the remaining Sabertooths from pursuing the hunters.

However, the Sabertooths weren't scared at all because of that. The beasts swiftly attacked Ji-woo fiercely.

"That's it!"

Ji-woo was impressed to see the beasts were still charging after seeing his strength.

When Ji-woo was within striking distance with Sabertooth, he jumped into the air, rotated until he was facing away from the opponent, and then kicked back with his left foot.

Duag, Bam--

Not done yet, another two Sabertooths came from the right and the left sides.

Ji-woo spun 180 degrees and quickly used his right elbow and left knee to hit the two Sabertooths simultaneously.

Duag, Ttak--


In no time, Ji-woo had already defeated three Sabertooths conveniently.

Grrr, Rawr--

Another Sabertooth jumped at Ji-woo without letting him rest. But he didn't need that kind of rest with his physical vitality.

Ji-woo quickly followed up by jumping slightly higher than the beast, dodging the attack. Then he fell with a crushing blow to that Sabertooth's head.



Even the ground crumbled at the same time the beast fell. Shortly, a small cloud of dust covered the area a little. Ji-woo stood with the blood of the Sabertooth in his right hand while the beast lay beneath his feet.

The rest of the Sabertooths didn't feel scared even after seeing their kin dead, utterly lifeless on the broken ground. The beasts even got more vicious and wild in attacking.

Ji-woo's eyes lit up, seeing the fierce assaults of the beasts aimed at him.

Grrr, Rawr--


---- ----

Meanwhile, Do-cheol and the other hunters were already far away from the Sabertooths. They were currently taking a break after running with their remaining strength, trying to survive.

"Not a single Sabertooth is after us."

Do-cheol clenched his fists. The fact that none of the beasts followed could be because Ji-woo did his job flawlessly.

However, even though everything was going smoothly according to the plan. Doubts about Ji-woo's ability to survive were becoming increasingly apparent.

Do-cheol fully knew the strength of the Sabertooths ever since he had fought with them before. An E-rank hunter like Ji-woo should be unable to survive for a second against those beasts.

Sabertooth's raw strength and agility surpassed the likes of C-rank hunters and below. It got coupled with an Artifact item such as armor that could strengthen the wearer's endurance. The beast was already on par with an A-rank hunter.


Do-cheol noticed an enormous Mana presence in the air, falling at an alarming speed toward the hunters.

"Move away!"


Do-cheol and several other B-rank hunters were able to avoid the crash. And the rest were thrown in all directions from the impact, causing a cloud of dust in the vicinity.

The other hunters were also aware of such an enormous Mana presence when it was about to fall. However, they couldn't react quickly to avoid that collision, resulting in heavy casualties among the hunters.

Do-cheol's expression turned ugly. He realized that the creature before him now was the Dungeon Owner of the tier-3 Portal Gate.

"Humans, you guys bring me trouble."

Hhss, Hruagh--

"I, Demon Ape, Az'kal. Shall bring death to you!"

Ugh! Akh!

As the creature's voice resounded, all the hunters felt a tremendous amount of pressure dawned upon them.

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