41 Elimination Round

Not long, all the hunters that wanted to join the Demigod guild gathered inside the Training Center.

The structure of the Training Center was somewhat unique from other similar buildings. Not far, when entering through the entrance, there was a staircase leading to the lower ground.

The lower ground looked like a place to hold the battle drills. Whereas the floor the hunters entered first was used to see that area below.

"Now, let's move on to the next round, where it will determine whether you qualify to join the Demigod guild or not."

Many of the hunters that chatter around shut their mouths hearing the words. For some of them, it was necessary to maintain their focus.

All eyes of the hunters turned to the Demigod guild members who appeared above them.

Seol In-ah took the lead, followed by several Demigod A-rank hunters not far behind her.

When Seol In-ah appeared, the newcomer hunters unknowingly raised their guard. Mostly, their expression, in particular, turned grave when they saw her.

It was because the pressure and presence Seol In-ah gave off were simply too powerful.

Although Seol In-ah did not exude any Mana presence, the newcomer hunters couldn't help feeling nervous for some reason when standing in front of her demeanor.

Faced with that feeling, ordinary people would most likely think nothing of it. However, like hunters who got Mana Blessing, they already honed their intuition beyond that of ordinary people. Anyone capable of making them feel nervous definitely wasn't an average person.

Only those who had experienced countless harsh battles and training would develop such a temperament and aura.

Of course, that was something that wasn't too surprising for Ji-woo. Who had been at that level a long time ago and was used to meeting strong people that even Seol In-ah had not been able to compare to them.

"I'm Demigod Vice Headmaster, Seol In-ah. Because of the new policy from Hunters Association, we don't have any choice except to resort to this kind of evaluation. It means all of you will have to fight each other and determine the winner as a candidate that will join the Guild.

"Also, in the future, the Demigod guild wouldn't accept any lowly rank hunters anymore. Since they only waste resources and take too much time before they are ready for the high-tier Portal Gate."

Seol In-ah spoke harshly with her hands clasped behind her back.

Many of the hunters paused for only two seconds before flaring up in anger, their veins throbbing. To think that they were get considered useless and a burden!

Utter humiliation!

However, when newcomer hunters want to voice out their dissatisfaction and want to make trouble.

Seol In-ah let out her Mana presence. She demonstrated dominance and taught the crowd that they were nothing for her simply because they were stronger than ordinary people.

The newcomer hunters present suffocated and suddenly felt a burst of pressure. They couldn't help feeling heart palpitations.

It only lasted for a moment, and Seol In-ah withdrew the high pressure of Mana Presence, which made several hunters sighed in relief, and the mood was very complicated. They thought they were the strongest creatures in the world. But reality silenced their daydreams and presented the truth that they only squeaked in front of high-ranking hunters.

Ji-woo didn't get flustered. Instead, he observed his surroundings and found a few hunters that were calm and didn't get agitated by the mocking. Luckily, since the Mana presence was short, those hunters were capable of enduring adversity.

"Why? Can't accept what I said? Then show us your talent and strength! What we need is the best of the best, not a bunch of losers that only chase for fame and wealth!

"Oh, no need to hold back. This Training Center is far better than a shabby cottage where kids can easily crush."

Seol In-ah words made those newcomer hunters come to realize what place they were standing right now.

Its Demigod guild, one of the strongest Guilds in South Korea.

The top three Guilds never set their eyes on average hunters. They were the representatives of South Korea's valor. That was not a place like a hotel where people could stay and go as they pleased.

On the other hand, that was also a motivation for some newcomer hunters to join the Demigod guild and pass the test. The top three guilds could be said to be a symbol of the countries strength. They also had and controlled many dungeon resources, whether Artifact weapons and items, Magic Stones, or Magic Crystals.

Seol In-ah then looked at Ji-woo amidst the crowd on the lower ground. She was still curious about him. Nevertheless, she also felt that it would be a waste if she continued to pursue the matter. The two then exchanged glances for a short time until she sauntered over while leaving the Training Center.

The information from Jung Hyun-don and Im Taek-won about Ji-woo was not helpful either. There was nothing worth mentioning about Ji-woo other than his missing accident that seemed strange for Seol In-ah. But it was also unclear and did not explain why she felt there was something on Ji-woo that made her wary when they first met before.

After their Vice headmaster left, several Demigod Hunters stepped forward in her stead. These hunters wore special suits that were similar to Seol In-ah attire. The unique uniform had the Demigod guild emblem on the back. When they appeared, they gave off an aura comparable to their Vice headmaster, although not as fierce and strong as her.

"We will begin the Single Elimination round now. You can see on the left side your seed in a bracket."

There was an LED screen appearing on the left side of the newcomer hunter. Similar to a sports stadium scoreboard in general.

Actually, the newcomer hunters feel not fair about the Elimination round. However, remembering the Demigod Vice headmaster's words, they gritted their teeth and resigned to their fate.

"All of you can prepare first before we start in a few minutes."

The Demigod hunters wearing suits with their Guild crests on the back went down the stairs and cleared the middle part of the lower ground.

The newcomer hunters move and prepare for the fight. A few of them wear their hunter's gears, artifact weapons, and items.

It drew envy from the other newcomer hunters.

After all, they were just newborn hunters. So, not all of them had the meant to own such hunter stuff like the others.

Ji-woo went to the upper floor since it was better to watch the battle from above the lower ground.

"Kim Ji-woo~si, you want to fight with that clothes?"

Dong-hyun walked closer and spoke to Ji-woo.

Ji-woo understood what Dong-hyun meant by his clothes. Of the hundreds of hunters who were going to take part in the Elimination round, only he was wearing something like someone going to college. While the others almost all looked like they were going to hunt.

Despite all of that, Ji-woo didn't feel bothered at all. Although, many of the hunters looked at him because of what he was wearing.


"How long have you been a hunter, Ji-woo~si?"

"A few days ago, I guess," Ji-woo answered nonchalantly.

Dong-hyun twitched his eyes.

"Look, I know you feel strong after receiving Mana Blessing. I have seen people like you many times. In the end, they couldn't do anything. Why? Because they were too full of themselves and didn't heed any advice from anyone.

"I tell you something, hunters of the same rank usually fight equally. So Artifact weapons and items are the things that determine whether to lose and win in the fight.


Ji-woo looked at Dong-hyun in confusion, then chuckled at the words. He was not an arrogant brat from yesterday afternoon who had just gained power. He knew his own capacity, not meant to underestimate the hunters. However, within the training center room there, no one could beat him.

And also, fighting between equally strong people was not determined only by such things. Quick-witted and experience were also decisive factors in determining victory. Focusing on tools too much will make someone become dull in the actual death and life fight.

Ji-woo shook his head then said to Dong-hyun.

"Thank you for the hassle Lee Dong-hyun~si, but not to worry. I can handle everything."

Dong-hyun sneered on the side and walked away.

'Huh! Ignorant fool! Act cool and mighty. Let's see if you can last this first round later!'

Soon, the first match of the first round of Single Elimination started.

Ji-woo was interested in that match because of one of the hunters. That hunter was capable of resisting the intimidation from the Demigod guild Vice headmaster.

Two hunters were standing in the battle arena.

"The battle!


Tep, Tep--

Both of the hunters jumped at the same time.


Their collision in the middle caused a small shock wave that blew away the wind. One of the hunters was thrown out of the cloud of dust and slammed against the wall.

The battle that lasted only a few seconds left the other hunters watching the match dumbfounded.

"What the f***!"

"Holy s***!!"

"Someone, Tell me what happened there!"

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