43 Crazy Girl

Ahn Yu-jin, who was angry at Ji-woo for avoiding their fight, immediately burst out her Mana.

"Magic of Fire, Sun Ray!"

The flames covered Yu-jin's entire body and shone brightly. She then exploded and released flames in the surrounding circle.

The hunters that were close to Yu-jin had a hard time opening their eyes. They were dazzled by the sunlight and could only shout to warn the other hunters.

"Watch out!!"

Weeng, Boom!

Several hunters, who did not have time to react, were immediately blown away and collapsed from the small explosive wave. They even have some burn marks on their bodies.

The demigod hunters that were watching from the upper floor were surprised. The Battle Royale had just begun, but Yu-jin was already using an AoE spell right off the bat.

Even Ji-woo was shocked. He never expected someone to make such a flashy move at the start of the battle.

However, it went according to Ji-woo's plan, as all the attention that was originally still on him was now getting diverted. With that, he could relax without the hassle of stepping in to beat the hunters and getting one of the ten slots available.

The hunters who were far away from Yu-jin were silent and couldn't move. They still weren't used to these kinds of fighting atmosphere. Neither of them thought that one hunter could beat multiple hunters in one strike. They believed a battle like that had to be determined by numbers.

And that situation became an opportunity for hunters who could react quickly.

Suddenly, the hunters who had not gotten caught up in the chaos of Yu-jin AoE's spell released their Mana presence. Those hunters acted toward the one who still didn't wake up from the shock.

Meanwhile, the Demigod hunters on the top floor immediately took action to get rid of the hunters who had lost in the Battle Royale. So as not to hinder the continuation of the fight.

For A-rank hunters, the fought between low-rank hunters was easy to interfere with it. So that what they did hardly bothered the newcomer hunters' movements.

Those Demigod hunters acted like housekeepers doing their job clean and fast.

Soon, every hunter downstairs got into a fight, be it one by one or a team fight. And there was a team versus one hunter that occurred at the same time as the commotion too.

"It was like seeing a battlefield. Well, think of it as an exercise for the dungeon the newcomers will be hunting after this. Because we won't be going to tier-1 or tier-2 Portal Gates anymore."

"Yeah, high-tier Portal Gates is no joke."

"Agree with that. That's where the issues of death and life will influence their decisions in the dungeon."

Even though the Demigod Hunters didn't feel interested in the battle, they still hoped that whoever joined them later would be prepared for whatever lies ahead. Tier-3 Portal Gates and above was no laughing matter for lower-rank hunters.

Away from the crowd of fights, the one who was the source of the Battle Royale, Ji-woo, slowly and surely, had already started moving to avoid the spotlight.



Ji-woo felt the heat from behind his body, quickly turning around. He saw a small burst of fire heading his way. When the strike was about to hit him, he then brushed off the attack with his palm easily and dispelled the flames in the air.

Ji-woo was flabbergasted. He moved his hands out of habit. When he planned for the Battle Royale, he didn't want to block Hunter's Magic spells with his body. The elemental power created from Mana would get nullified by him, and it might make the Demigod Hunters interested in him.

Apart from that, Ji-woo was also annoyed. Ahn Yu-jin, a hunter who used a self-exploding spell to start the Battle Royale, was now in front of him as an opponent. It meant the attention that went away previously was back again to him. What's more, if he defeated her, he definitely wouldn't be able to get rid of the Demigod guild mark on him for quite a while.

Faced with uncertainty, Ji-woo breathed out lightly.

In the Magical world, it was easy to avoid the spotlight. Since Stormrage was the center of attention, Ji-woo had an easy time doing whatever he wanted.

Unlike Ji-woo, Yu-jin, who was in a rage, didn't think much of how Ji-woo could dispel her magic spell and continue her attack.

"Magic of Fire, Phoenix spirits!"

Yu-jin spread her arms, and three phoenix-shaped flames appeared above her head. She then threw it at Ji-woo carelessly.

Boom, Boom--

Ji-woo effortlessly evaded the impending assault.

Yu-jin squinted her eyes and got irritated by the result. All of her attacks were unsuccessful.

Ji-woo dodged past the other hunters who were busy with their fight. But only those hunters got hit by that three phoenix-shaped flames while he slipped away unscathed.

Yu-jin continued to chase Ji-woo, and he only avoided it while making the other hunters take a barrage of attacks for him.

Every time Yu-jin attacked Ji-woo, one or two hunters would fall wrongly because of being dragged down in her chase.

On the upper floor, the Demigod hunters talk about the battle.

"Hey, you didn't watch that Crazy girl fight?"

"Not interested. That girl opponent kept running away and took cover behind the other hunters. If it weren't for this Battle Royale, that kid would have been wiped out in a matter of time by her."

"Then, which fight did you watch now?"

"Over there, that kid has an interesting ability, the Darkness Element." The Demigod Hunter replied while pointing at the spot he was watching.

Light and Darkness were two rare Elemental powers in the world. These two elements were unique because they had many different types of magic spells compared to other Elements.

"It seems like our Guild will have a new Rising Star."

Many Demigod Hunters had watched that hunter with the Darkness Element fighting another hunter. He summoned a Shadow creature and fought without lifting his hands from his pants pocket, letting that thing fight in his stead.

The Shadow creature rendered the offensives of other hunters useless. Even when they struck with an artifact weapon that could pierce the Shadow's defenses, they were still unable to withstand the creature's counterblow.

At that rate, the hunter with Darkness Element was untouchable. He seemed to have confirmed one in ten available slots for joining the Demigod guild.

On another note, In terms of how many hunters had fallen into their hands. The Darkness Element hunter was second only to Crazy Girl.

Yu-jin had accidentally defeated more than 30 hunters on her way to catching Ji-woo. And the Darkness Element hunter only defeated more than 20 hunters.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo himself was at the bottom of the scoreboard as a hunter who had never beaten anyone.

Currently, the remaining newcomer hunters in the Battle Royale numbered around 70 people. The rest were Ji-woo, Yu-jin, Tae-han, the Dark Element hunter, some individual hunter, and team hunters.

The battle was nearing its end.

All of a sudden, Yu-jin stopped the chase. The other hunters realized she'd stopped, quickly moved away from her, afraid of getting hit by the Crazy girl's careless attacks.

It was also made Ji-woo get flustered.

After being chased for a long time, then it got done?

But, the reality was not over yet.

Ji-woo felt the Mana flow in Yu-jin's body, accelerating.

"Magic of Fire, Supernova!"

Yu-jin trembled, and her eyes turned to illuminate golden color. Her skin was like a stone burning by high-temperature flames, and she began to hover above the ground.

Zaapp, Hwossh--

Yu-jin's entire body turned into a searing sun that scorched the other hunters and radiated intense heat over a large area.

Several Demigod Hunters wondered if they needed to stop Yu-jin's actions or not.

"Should we stop that Crazy girl, Hyung~nim?"

The referee raised his hand, "No need. Be prepared when things get dangerous. Focus on the hunter who is close to the girl and do what you guys should do."

"Yes, Hyung~nim!"

On the lower ground, the hunters closest to Yu-jin were unable to endure the heat anymore. And because they couldn't get close to stop her, they cried out in agony.


"F**k, my whole body almost got burned! I give up!"

"I surrender!"


The Demigod hunters get tasked with handling the situation, immediately move to a lower place, and rescue them from there.

After the rescue, the referee ordered the B-rank hunters to make shields, blocking the heat from reaching the upper floors. Meanwhile, the hunters who were some distance away from Yu-jin had nothing to worry about it. Even though they were injured and passed out, it wouldn't endanger their lives.

The wind pressure from Yu-jin grew stronger and stronger, slowly pushing the remaining hunters away from her.

Yu-jin, who had been floating for a while, began to glow gradually until her body was too bright.

Twip, Kaboom!

Yu-jin exploded, and the shockwave reached the entire lower ground place, hitting all the hunters there.

Following the explosion, a thick cloud of smoke covered the whole area.

Nobody knew the outcome, except the Crazy girl, who might for sure be the only winner of the Battle Royale.

The referee used his claps to disperse the cloud of smoke.



But what the Demigod hunters saw after the area got cleared was something they didn't expect.

Even the newcomer hunters that out from the battle dumbfounded watched from the upper floor.

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