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Feng Ling Tian Xia

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Long review, because it's that good. Divided it up for your convenience. SUMMARY: Yun Yang is Supreme Cloud: the youngest of a group called the Nine Supremes chosen to inherit a particular cultivation method. They use the abilities of earth, fire, water, wind, gold, wood, cloud, thunder and blood to protect their country and its people. However, they are ambushed and slaughtered- Yun Yang is the only survivor thanks to a mystical seed he has carried for years. After a year of healing, he begins to regain his lost abilities and uses them to seek revenge for his fallen brothers- a journey that will bring you both joy and tears as you follow his growth to the pinnacle. REASONS TO READ: -MC is awesome and when I say awesome I mean the guy is a brilliant, fast-tongued schemer who sometimes trips himself up because he is also clueless when it comes to some things. He isn't perfect, never claims to be, and I like him even more for that. - this will emotionally wreck you in the best ways possible. And yet, it isn't "touchy-feely". Striking that balance is well deserving of praise. -none of the characters are flat: even the popinjays have character growth! -romance is slow and well-written as far as I've gotten. His focus is on revenge, not googly-eyes, which is frustrating as hell for the girls who like him, but amusing for readers. -the cultivation system is a nice twist on the usual, especially since it features more than one system for the MC. The cheat system is also novel and doesn't take over the whole story. -ASSASSIN KITTENS REASONS TO AVOID: - If you detest an MC who wipes out the entire family of his enemies. He doesn't do it every time, but yeah. He has been guilty of eradicating an entire household to get to the one man he wants to kill a time or two. At the same time, he has also knowingly and deliberately spared the offspring and families of others, so. - If you detest LONG military chapters when you just want to get back to the MC and his story. They're interesting, I guess, if you're into military actions, but I tended to skim and skip most of the military chapters until the MC showed up. Thankfully in the 572 chapters I've read, I've only had to deal with about... what, 10 chapters of this type of content? So don't let that stop you if you're interested. As I said, skim and skip.

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I made this because the guy above decided to randomly put a review without even reading any chapters. I mean, it's called a review because you are going over what you read. He didn't read anything, so why the **** does he have to put 1 stars. Impatient people goddammit.


Wish the synopsis had more detail on the plot of the story and what the story is going to be about and detail of the character. I hate it when there is nothing useful on the synopsis.


Website : qidian china Views : 5.86 million Rating : 7.4(976) Chapters : 512 Status : ongoing rank : 19 Word count : 1.60 million author rank : platinum


The name and artwork looks promising, The translation quality is IMMORTAL LEVEL , as in INVISIBLE Story development and the very story is also INVISIBLE. This is by far the most "Heavenly" Novel in this website , Sadly the heavens don't exist and so this novel is also such a "UNFORESEEN" material


This novel must be a biography of Jack. Because Jack is Supreme. Mwahahahaha. Jack shall reach the Apex and Seal the Heaven while he's at it XD


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One of the best I ever read. Comparable to coiling dragons. Wish the quality would remain the same without fillers in the future. The translation is one of the best and the tone suits the story.


I am a fan of Feng Ling Tian Xia. All of his novels are my favorite novels. I do not know anything about this novel. But I hope this novel can be my favorite novel too. Hopefully, the novel can be updated quickly.


This is a story of MC like the Batman in public he is known as rich, famous ,handsome ******* who is carefree and popinjay but not from the begining and in private he is sad and brooding as the batman . This is tragicomedy of story with cool and cunning and smart as batman MC who tries to push away people and get revenge for his friends . I highly recommend this as it's not like the most of the other novels that are too much philosophical on cultivating ying yang and other bs .


Wonder if the chapters will be released on qidian international and qidian.com at the same time. I just found the same latest chapters released at 12:00am on qidian China. Can someone dispel my doubt...


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Some blockhead give 1* before reading it, what a suck man At least see who is the author It is Feng Ling Tian Xia dude, Some blockhead appear just to ruins the ratings Want some quick release novels??? Go translate by yourself


All I can see is a delusional author with his twisted logic writing a poor story.. this novel has a nice start but ****ed up in the middle.. I know the novel is a fantasy but.. a fantasy still has a rule to follow or a logic to follow.. I hate you author.. **** you and your forced plot.. how come you are a high ranking author with this ****ty style of writing..


Too generic and stupid way of MC getting blackmailed, it doesn't make sense at all =-= Never trust reviews in this website, most are just people spamming 5 stars. Best bet is to go to Novel updates to check for rating and it gives you a basic idea as to how well the novel is received. In this novels case: 1 star= 95 and 5 star = 141, that's pretty bad but sometimes it may be an exception, unlikely though. I usually tend to stick to at-least 1:5 ratio minimum to read a decent novel. :P


I cried. I cried SO MUCH. It is so sad, and beautiful. Why must the world torment the cloud so? Even just thinking about it has brought me to tears again


Err... Who here knows what this story is about? Ideas anyone... I only rated so I can find out what the story is about. Can't I just write what I have to say without having a headache over how many characters I typed?