i am son of the red skull

Heinz woke up after his death in the body of a 7 year old, he was trapped in a laboratory, with new memories he learned he was the son of Johann Schmidt or known as the red skull (mcu) MC will only have a status screen and nothing else as a transmigration benefit, other powers will be gained through the experiments he will go through.

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creating DC Comics, make a fortune with the work of others

"Heinz, starting tomorrow it will be advanced content" Ane

Ane is the teacher that Adam hired

in just 3 months, Heinz, who had never been to a school, finished almost 80% of the curriculum of an average student.

Ane thought Heinz was a genius, but the truth is that he already knew almost everything about the past life, besides having an advanced intellect due to the super serum.

"okay teacher, see you tomorrow" Heinz

Ane left the house, Heinz went walking

3 months of physiotherapy was enough for Heinz to control his body, due to the super serum he has a very strong body.

Heinz, just 10 years old, is 1.72 tall and has a muscular body, although he still looks like a kid when he's dressed, without clothes it's clear he has muscles a kid shouldn't have.

"master, I bought everything you asked for plus 100% ownership of a bankrupt publisher" Adam

Heinz asked Adam to buy lots of pen and paper, as well as a book publisher

Heinz will create DC Comics, he will recreate stories of superman, batman and other heroes, obviously they don't exist in this universe, Heinz will use that to make money

"ok Adam, let's train now"

In the backyard, an experienced soldier was fighting a child

Adam is over 1.90 tall, but he used 100% of his strength

Heinz ran up to Adam and punched him forward.

Adam dodged, he didn't take the attack head-on, he used his legs and knocked Heinz to the ground

"Master, your strength and speed are greater than mine, but you attack blindly and you have obvious targets"

Heinz was just starting combat tests

To avoid attention, there is no firearm training, their house is in an area with lots of neighbors, so Heinz left that kind of training for the future when buying a mansion.


Heinz was trying to manipulate the space around him, he didn't know exactly how to start

His idea initially was to try meditation and feel its power, but he was not in an oriental fantasy world, in the end he gave up on meditation.

The second way was to use his will, in his mind he created the desire to use his power, it finally worked.

To avoid problems, Heinz was based on creating a space attack blade, not something complicated.

For the first few days he felt its power with his will, but only after 2 weeks did he create a 2cm space blade

[space manipulation]: level 1 = experience 1/100

"As I thought, I gain experience training my strength, but it's very little, apart from a basic space attack I feel like I can't do much."


1 year later

Heinz drew in his bedroom

his idea was a success, his company DC Comics started selling Batman and Superman comics

Heinz works on script and designer creation, but he hired writers, he didn't have much time

Despite having been successful, all the money earned is reinvested in the company again

His physical training is finished for now, Heinz manages to beat Adam easily, he focuses his training on two things, manipulating the space and studying the archives left by his father.

Heinz almost stopped hating his father, his heritage is very valuable, futuristic weapons designs, cars and even ships, unfortunately he doesn't have the technology for any of that, but he acquires a lot of knowledge of inventions.

Heinz has two space powers, 1 power is space blade attack and the second power is space shield, it creates a 30cm space shield to protect your body

[space manipulation]: level 1 = experience 57/100

"Adam, how's the acquisition going?" Heinz

"Master, I talked to Richard and Maurice McDonald, they agreed to sell part of their steakhouse, although I don't understand the reason for the attraction" Adam

Heinz didn't explain, he managed to acquire part of the rights to the future largest fasf food chain on the planet

in addition to McDonald's, Heinz will leverage his knowledge and buy shares in many companies, he intends to make a fortune from the work of others

Although he has no interest in becoming a strange villain, he wants to have his own laboratory and secret hiding places, but first he must have a lot of money.

"Don't worry Adam, we're going to have a lot of money soon, plus I want you to enroll in a school, I'll graduate ASAP and start college."

Heinz has already decided what his identity will be, an entrepreneur, but he wants more knowledge and needs to go to college.

"Yes Master"