I am secretly a 12th Dimensional Eldritch God

Well, this is something I write on a whim. To relax from my main fic. If you have problems with that? Don't read and save me the trouble and stress from reading your hate comments about why low quality? why no effort? why lolis? why this why that. I just wanna relax and write what I want damnit. Is it that hard to ask for? There is no clear path where it go and a wish fulfilment type of fic? MC not human obviously. But super OP and can stomp anyone because he is after all secretly a 12th Dimensional Eldritch God. No clear release schedule because this is something I write when I'm burnt out or need some time away from my main fic. I write as I wish. If you enjoy my fic and wanted me to continue writing more or want to appreciate my work and effort, feel free to tip or support me here. https://ko-fi.com/lazy_kat_aoi or patreon.com/DaoistKittyKat

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Ray Appearance

To those who still curious or debating about Ray's apperance. I had compiled these. Not exactly but the closest to their appearance imo.





Will move to Aux later.