1 Chapter 1 - I'm a WHAT?!

Good morning and welcome, dear readers. My name is Daoist Slothful Cat. Well, my pen name that is.

As you already know, I am an author. I like to write fanfic even though the qualities are less to be desired due to mine inferior skill. However, I am very passionate about writing. It's literally an addiction for me.

Well, enough about me. Let's talk about why we are here.

So, on a day the same as any previous boring and uneventful day. I was forced to leave my house again. Yes, I am a Shut-in and a Neet. Nothing to be proud of since my situation is borne out of multiple misfortunes such as pandemic, job crisis, economy crisis, etc. My hobby in writing fanfic earns me just enough to survive each month. However, today I ran out of raw ingredients for cooking and the electricity bill urgently needs to be paid.

So, the once in a blue moon moment arrived where I must make the dreadful journey to the supermarket and the nearby 7 Eleven to pay my electricity bill.

Everything went smoothly actually. I even luckily managed to arrive during a sale and bought a bunch of meat for half price.

"Tonight I'm eating BBQ!" I hummed and whispered giddily as I made my way to the 7 Eleven down the street.

Suddenly, I heard a loud honk and turned to the side to see a semi truck skidding out of control and hurling toward me. My life flashes over my eyes as time slows into a crawl. I can literally hear my ancestors calling for my ass from heaven.

But against all odds, I manage to muster my strength and overcome the petrifying fear to jump to the side and make a few rolls on the ground before the semi truck slammed into the shop.

"Fuck! As if I will let myself be killed just like this!" I roared defiantly at heaven and gave it a middle finger while gasping and my heart beating like I just ran a whole marathon at record breaking speed.

I pick myself up with my legs shaking like twigs after surviving this assassination attempt above. I looked at my groceries that had been run over, I felt angry and enraged. My only foods for the next two weeks are ruined.

The pedestrians quickly gather to look at the scene and cause quite a ruckus as they swarm in to check on the truck driver but not him. They treated me as if I were invisible.

"The fuck is going on?" I couldn't help but curse out.

But then, an unknown man arrived on a superbike. Something quite rare in this area since it's a rural place where most people didn't have high income to afford something like this.

The unknown man dismounted from his bike and walked toward me while reaching for something behind his back.

I felt a dreadful feeling. Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it. But my body refused to move as if they were suddenly turned into stone as I could only stare at this unknown person flipping a white and golden pistol to my forehead.

"God sent his regards to you, human."


"Well, that's basically it." I explain my situation to the being in front of me which is floating in the void. Formless but I could sense it was there as it speak into my mind.

"No. No. You forgot the part about how you ended up here after your death." The being said, pointing out my mistake.

"Well, nothing surprising happened. Everything went dark after I was killed. Then when I open my eyes. I'm here."

"Hmn… I suspect you had fallen into a human trafficking situation. It's not uncommon for the Gods of Earth selling off humans to Gods of fantasy worlds to become unpaid slaves of their bidding."

"Well, in most cases the humans are lucky to stumble upon gods that are genuinely in need of heroes and treat them kindly. But some unlucky minority were forced into eternal servitude to either become slaves of the god's bidding or entertainment."

Then the being paused for a moment and I could feel its gaze searing onto me.

"Hmn. Regardless, what do you wanna do? I could send you back on track to where you are supposed to go." The unknown being said, offering me a help.

But, I didn't want any of that shit. Not even if I am treated kindly because I know the Isekai trope most of the time. They are still forced to do the bidding of the god to save the world or whatever kind of bullshit to wipe after humanity asses after the fucked up the wrong person and the ran back to their god begging for help. I want none of that.

"Hmn…" The being hummed for a long while, mulling about something. "In that case, what about I give you what you truly desire. A power to hop dimensions and visit fictional worlds that you like?"

"Really?!" I was ecstatic. This is way better than becoming a Walmart discounted Emiya Shirou in another world.

"Yes. I am a higher dimensional god according to your understanding. I can make you my kin and grant you a small portion of my power. However, there is, of course, a downside to my power. Would you still accept it?"

"Becoming a god and visiting all the anime worlds that I want? Hell yeah, sign me up baby!" I said excitedly. Which I will regret later.

"In that case, I will proceed now and since you need to mingle with the humans. I need to give you a vessel that will ease your integration and hide your true nature…" The being trailed off but I was too busy thinking about all the fun adventures I can do and didn't catch its words.

"It's done. I will now send you to a world of your liking and I hope we can meet again in the future, my first kindred. May your adventures be filled with excitement and joy." The being said with a kinder and almost parently tone as opposed to the previous neutral tone.

Then everything went dark for the second time.


Waking up, the second time in unfamiliar places. I find myself transported to a still familiar place in terms of architecture since I recognised them. It's a modern world, thankfully.

But when looking around. I felt like the world around me is much bigger… "I must be hallucinating or something." I mutter while using one hand to rub my forehead only to feel something furry. I quickly opened my eyes wide and saw my hand had become a paw!

"What the fuck!" I screamed in a panic. But the voice I heard coming out from my mouth was not uttering human speech. But I was… meowing.

Then I remember what the Being said.

"I am a higher dimensional god according to your understanding."

"I can make you my kin."

"However, there is, of course, a downside to my power."

"I need to give you a vessel that will ease your integration and hide your true nature…"

Those words echoed in my mind and everything makes sense now. I just accepted to become a kindred of an Eldritch Being and now I am given a cat-like vessel to ease my mingling with the people because who doesn't like cats?

I frantically looked around and identified my location to be in a park and there is a fountain nearby. I swiftly rush to the fountain to check my appearance and realized I can move this body very expertly as if it was natural.

I reach for the fountain and look at the water. My form was immediately revealed. I was turned into a fully black furred cat.

"Fuuuccckkkk!" I cried out in despair knowing that I lost my human form and now unable to gain any human partner. I can kiss my dream of collecting my anime girl harem goodbye.

"Fuuuccckkk! This is unfair! This is injustice! Gimme back my human body! Gimme back my lil' bro!" I roared and broke down in tears.

(Play Thank You by Dido)

The sky suddenly became dark when it was sunny just a second ago and immediately started raining with rolling thunder and lightning strikes in the background.

I felt my fur become wet and uncomfortable. But I was feeling so devastated that I didn't care and let the coldness of the rain soak on my body as I cried alone in the rain wallowing in my despair.


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