1 Chapter 1

Since this morning he has found himself in a different place. Surround by an environment he is not so familiar with.

"Aaah,"he felt a sudden pain gushed in his head. It was like lightning has just strike him.

The memories of this body consolidated and became like it was his own. At the same time it wasn't him. But with familiarity.

"I traveled to Naruto's World!" Piecing together the different fragments in his mind it altogether became familiar.

"This is the memory of Sasuke…Am I still me?" There were hints of doubt as his consciousness became that of Naruto's rival.

The flash of doubt in his eyes was suddenly gone. Replaced with conviction.

With a grin, he spoked in the quiet room: "Whether it is the former me or now. From this moment onwards I'm Sasuke!"

[Chat Group Unlocked]

There was a sound that could be heard inside his head. He felt as though there was an object that can be felt and commanded inside his mind.

There were also a new set of members that introduced to him the basics of how the System works. Much like a introductory manual.

The system looked surprisingly similar to the interface of some chatting apps. There were many new strange messages that suddenly appeared as he was trying to understand everything:

[Dear VIP: New members are being recruited]

[Sanji] Enters Chat Group

[Rock Lee] Enters Chat Group

[Jiraiya] Enters Chat Group

'Wait isn't Sanji from One Piece? Rock Lee and Jiraiya as well?' Before entering this world as Sasuke he always felt a strange pull towards these few characters.

Sanji's kindness. Rock Lee's perseverance. Jiraiya's foolishness. Without these characters his childhood would had been much more quieter and lonely.

It is because of these memories of anime and stories did his life became filled with meaning and fun.

[Dear VIP you don��t have too be surprised these characters are specifically picked based on your desires]

'What is the purpose of the system or should I say chat group?' Sasuke was slightly piqued by all the happenings.

In the past there were many Chinese stories about travelers with special abilities. Though he never thought he had win this lucky lottery.

[The main purpose of the Chat Group is to bring greater happiness]

'Bring happiness?' He had never read about such a strange system with the purpose of bringing happiness.

Opening up the chat group Sasuke discovered many new unread messages that appeared:

[Rock Lee]: What is this?

[Jiraiya]: Damn it how dare you intrude my training(`Д´)! When will I ever see my lovely Tsunade(╥_╥)

[Sanji]: Nooo my wonderful dream. Come back to me sexy ladies!!

[VIP]: …

'Looks like this is all real!' Surprised while reading the different texts.

Sasuke discovered the silencing the option on the corner of his screen. Clicking on it appeared a new text on the bottom of chat screen:

[All members are silenced for 1 minute]

[VIP]: You guys don't even know how luck you are to be selected to be in this chat group. The purpose for gathering you guys here is to bring happiness to your world and change your destiny.

[VIP]: If you click your personal name you will find a daily mission and a 100 community points issued to you.

[1 Minute Silence Ended]

In the Land of Toads a young Jiraiya with long white hair was closed eyed in concentration.

Jiraiya who was meditating on square piece of board training Sage Mode was a bit confused by the strange new happenings but decided to shut up for a moment and followed the instructs.

After clicking his name he found under the headings of "Daily Mission" his mission: [Eat A Week's Fill of Insects]-Reward: 10 Reward Points.

When he saw this freaky mission Jiraiya who was still sitting on the wooden plank immediately yelled at the top of his lungs: "What!! Eat insects! Like hell I will-"

Suddenly the plank wobbled he started to fall down towards the spiky molds below him. Luckily saved before getting killed in shock.

Moments later…

[Jiraiya]: 10 points?! You can't be serious. Why is my mission to eat insects?? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

[VIP]: …

[Sanji]: Pfff that some shitty luck.

[Rock Lee]: Sorry to hear that Jiraiya Sensei. My mission is quite easy. Only need to do 1000 pushups. Sadly only 1 reward point.

[VIP]: Lee don't look down on that 1 reward point. In a year it can be a lot. Plus you can buy some useful skills.

[Rock Lee]: ??

[VIP]: Do you see the buttons near the text box? Click on that 'Upload' Heading. Try uploading your Eight Gates Techniques. You should be at the 5th gate by now right?

[Rock Lee]: H-how did you know?

Lee stopped his training and scanned the forest surrounding for any presence nearby. But he couldn't sense anyone spying around him.

There was only the rustling of the leaves blowing its sound softly. A peaceful quietude as the sun shines down on him.

[VIP]: It's not hard when I know the future like the back of my hand. Haha. I also know that your greatest rival is Neji.

[Rock Lee]: Can you tell me if I will ever defeat Neji?

[Jiraiya]: Can you tell me if I will ever marry Tsunade?

[Sanji]: Please tell me where I can find my soul-mate!

[VIP]: …

[Members Jiraiya & Sanji are silenced for 1 minute]

When Rock Lee clicked the upload button he found there were many different cards.

[Member Rock Lee uploaded 1-5 of the Eight Gates please check Community Mall]

When Sasuke when out of the chat group to the Community Mall he saw that there was a new skills that can be bought. He set his eyes on the first one:

[Eight Gates-Gate of Opening]-Requires 100 Points

Without hesitation Sasuke used the 100 points from the New Members Gift to buy that skill.

New experiences reach inside his mind and becoming one with him. It was as though his every muscle has exercised this skill for a long time. As though it has always been a muscle-memory.

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