Shocking! Cat-eared Lady!

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The sun shone brightly in the sky.

Chen Changan slept until late in the morning before waking up with sleepy eyes.

"Scanning the user's living environment. Survival point evaluation is in progress. You have received 25 survival points today."

'I was right! The planting ship and continuous access to food were included in the statistics.' From then on, Chen Changan obtained ten more survival points every day.

Rounding up, it would be a hundred million!

Chen Changan was slightly happy. The number of survival points he saved increased to 42, and he turned to look at the plantation boat connected to the raft.

After all, the plantation ship was modified from a large bathtub. It wasn't large and was only three square meters. The bottom of the ship was covered with a layer of dark soil; it should be the salt repellant mud described by the system.

[Rare Salt Island Mud]

Quality: White

Introduction: The soil obtained from the Salt Island will gradually condense into salt blocks and be hidden deep in the soil.

Evaluation: The sea is a little salty and sweet. Your chest is kissing my side profile~

Chen Changan grabbed the edge of the plantation ship and commented, "It's only three square meters. In Beijing, even with my savings… I still can't afford it!"

Although three square meters of soil wasn't much, Chen Changan didn't mind. At least, he could replenish the appropriate vitamins every day.

An adult needed to eat about 600 kilograms of food a year, and the intake of vitamins and proteins was indispensable to maintain a healthy body.

Chen Changan couldn't possibly eat fish for the rest of his life.

Although the sea cabbage planted on the ship was a local species, Chen Changan's blood carried the fragrance of soil. He easily found agricultural information on the forum and learned how to grow the cabbage from Earth.

Last night, Chen Changan had already buried 90 sea cabbage seeds into the soil. He had used his palm to press down on them, allowing the seeds and soil to absorb the moisture. Finally, he added the fertilizer.

Do not ask. If you do, it was fertilizer.

The planting ship had the ability to accelerate the growth of plants. Chen Changan estimated that the seeds would sprout and break through the soil the day after tomorrow.

At sea, there was no need to worry about the threat of pests or pesticides.

Pure and natural! One could wash away the traces of urine and eat it raw.

The normal growth time of sea cabbage was one month, but after the ship's acceleration, Chen Changan could make a bowl of fish head soup with cabbage after two weeks.

The future was promising!

Although vegetables couldn't be stored for long, the market still had the ability to maintain a constant state of goods. As long as Chen Changan marked an extraordinarily high price, the market could be used as a fresh-food refrigerator.

This was a skill he had learned from the Shark Hunter warriors.

As the saying went, "A diamond lasts forever; this was an intelligent tax."

But once Chen Changan's sea cabbage was put up on the market, it would truly be a long-lasting cabbage that would be passed down forever!

After checking the soil humidity one last time, Chen Changan began his day's work. He began distilling seawater and barbecuing shark meat skewers.

Being in the Ocean Doomsday, Chen Changan felt that it was already a great blessing to have something to do every day. Most importantly, these tasks were work for himself.

There was no middleman to earn the difference!

Chen Changan sighed. "Fortunately, there's another forum. If eight billion humans around the world live on various rafts without any connection, perhaps humans will quickly become extinct, or, like the Enidetians, preserve part of their genes in some species other than humans."

"Stop!" Chen Changan's eyes were filled with excitement as he whispered, "If I can give my ancestral chromosome to an outsider, my life would be worth it."

Perhaps it was because he hadn't received an X picture in the group chat for a few days, but Chen Changan became more and more excited. He opened the forum at an unprecedented speed and began to search for traces of an outsider.

Reproduction was indeed the source of human progress! Normally, a human's concentration could only last for about 40 minutes, but Chen Changan focused all his attention on searching for an entire hour. He would rather kill the wrong person than let them off.

In the end, he really found it!

A netizen with the username 'Meow Sauce of the Kuang San Family' said that her background was rather special. She actually had a description of the Cat Human race and had three backgrounds to choose from.

[The beloved human girl of the Cat Human race]

[A poor businessman heading to Catman Town]

[Hybrid Catwoman Arrested by Slave Merchant]

Out of curiosity, she chose the third option. Then… Her ears had become furry gray ears, and she had gained night vision.

Oh my goodness!

Due to the previous two days, the trending search rankings had always been dominated by survival-related keywords, and this post was drowned in the endless distress posts.

If Chen Changan hadn't been aroused, his brain wouldn't have been able to think straight, and he would've been searching for traces of his mistress.

"Let me marry a cat-eared girl!" Chen Changan shouted at the sky.

He roamed the sea alone. Although there was the possibility of a mental breakdown, he enjoyed a high degree of personal freedom. He could roar whenever he wanted, and he could roar especially loudly.

Normally, if he dared to claim that he liked the cat-eared girl more on Weibo, it was highly likely that he would be labeled as 'Two-pointed Ape' and 'Objective Female.' Even if he said that he liked harem literature, he might be heavily punched.

Chen Changan was merely an lsp.

After discovering that there was a cat-eared girl in this world, Chen Changan ate two kilograms of grilled fish for lunch.


The reason why he ate so much was mainly because of the saying 'eat well for breakfast, eat a full meal for lunch, and eat little for dinner.' It had nothing to do with him getting excited after reading news about the cat-eared girl.

This statement was to clarify any misunderstanding.

At noon, after Chen Changan had eaten fish and lunch, he leaned against the wooden bucket and stretched lazily, enjoying the warm sunlight.

"I really want to take a nap… Just a short nap." Chen Changan started to feel sleepy.

Just as Chen Changan was about to fall asleep, a sense of imminent danger suddenly welled up in his heart.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Tens of meters away from the sea surface, a shark's fin was faintly visible.

"F*ck! Sharks!" Chen Changan hugged the statue tightly and shouted, "Mazu bless us!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the Mazu statue unleashed its power, and the shark turned to leave.

It had come in high spirits but returned in disappointment.

Chen Changan had a solemn expression on his face. He realized the danger of sharks swimming in the sea nearby. Ling Ran said, "The plan to hunt sharks has to be put on the agenda."

How could he allow others to sleep peacefully beside him?

As long as sharks were around, they might launch a sneak attack at night. At the thought of this, Chen Changan found it difficult to fall asleep peacefully.

Chen Changan was no longer in the mood to take a nap; he could only continue working.

Whenever Chen Changan finished distilling and put up a batch of fresh water, he could immediately exchange it for a large amount of wood from the trading market. So far, he had enough round wooden barrels to circle the raft five times.

Although Chen Changan had fulfilled the wood requirement for upgrading the black-veined raft in just one day, this didn't mean that he could give up on wood resources.

A medium-sized ship. A large ship. Wasn't that good?

In addition, Chen Changan would purchase some unknown items while scouring through the market. For example, he would exchange 2.5 liters of water for a cracked piece of jade.

"Transaction agreed."

"Congratulations, you have obtained Cracked Jade!"

[Cracked Jade]

Quality: Light Blue

Introduction: A common gem in the Deep Sea World. It has certain magical waves and can be embedded.

Evaluation: I cracked.

Although he didn't know where it could be used, Chen Changan was willing to buy it because of the unprecedented light-blue quality and magical waves.

"Transaction agreed!"

"Congratulations, you have obtained Cracked Jade!"

Chen Changan had just bought the jade, but before he could appreciate it, he noticed that someone had put something good up for display in the market—a broken barbecue grill!

Chen Changan's eyes were fervent as he said with great joy, "Is today my lucky day?"

Chen Changan's previous barbecue was essentially using the fire to heat food with the flames of the distilled seawater. The bonus survival points were attributed to the New Aqua Bucket.

However, the grill was different. Once Chen Changan obtained the barbecue grill, it would essentially be the birth of a simple kitchen, which would definitely improve his living conditions.

Naturally, it was reasonable for it to increase his daily survival point gain.

Chen Changan calculated the supplies in his hands. He was valiant and full of vigor, and he was determined to take down the grill.