14 Changes: Man or Monster?

"Oh my god..." The scientist who was looking over the experiment gasped in horror as he saw Norman transform into a green, ugly monster in front of him. "Abort! I have to close this!"

He began taping at the keyboard at a mad pace. The gas stopped and he pulled out the plugs from the machines.

"Please be okay Mr Osborne." The scientist pleaded nervously under his breath as he slowly walked towards the pod. He began sweating as the monitor showed his vitals falling. "No no no... This can't be-"

The monster's yellow eye snapped open as he jumped out of the pod breaking the glass in the process. The scared scientist fell onto his butt as the evil-looking creatures examined themselves. The scared man tried to scramble to get back up to his feet but he couldn't muster up any strength to help him do so.

"Hehehe." The creature giggled menacingly as his visage shifted into a sick grin, revealing sharp jagged teeth that belonged to a monster from hell. He spread his arms as he relished in the euphoric bliss he was feeling. "This is power!"

His eyes slowly turned towards the petrified scientist who had been shaken up to the core. He approached the scared man who shook himself out of his shock-induced state and tried to run but the Goblin stabbed his claws in his back as he tried to run.

"There is no escaping me. Na-ah... You have seen this... You saw me transform. You know my secret. You know too much... I can't allow that kukuku." He giggled in a mad glee as he put his other hand on his throat.

"But I... I helped y-you!"

"No! There will only be one person who can have this power... and it is me, the Goblin!" Norman hissed as with a swipe of his hand he clawed the poor man's throat out and watched in sadistic glee as he saw the light from his eyes disappear. He tore the man's head off further brutalising the man as he poured blood on his body, feeling sadistic pleasure as he bathed in the blood of his victim. "This power... Spider-Man! Pierce! Just watch! I'll kill you both with my own two arms!"

Tossing the head aside the Goblin began transforming into a human but the sick grin on his face remained.

"The Goblin won't let anybody stand in his way. Ahahaha!" Norman laughed like a maniac as sat on the dead body of the man he just killed brutally.

Even without the transform, it was hard to tell if Norman was a man or a monster. Whether a monster or not, he was on a mission to wipe the people he hates with all his being.

Spider-Man who made him look like a fool and Alexander Pierce who made a fool out of him. They will have to pay the price for crossing him.

(AN: Doesn't change the fact that both were true and you are a fool... Just sayin...)


"Got a premonition, I feel the end is near. The beauty starts to fade, The joy has turned to pain." Peter sang as he walked through the hallway of the school. He had his headphones on and was bumping to music ignoring the looks he was getting from everyone. "I hear the symphony playin'. Ten thousand violins. Souls floating away like feathers in the wind."


"They said my last album I sounded bitter. No, I sound like a spitter-"


"Hmm?" Peter hummed as he removed his headphones and turned around and saw Mary Jane rushing towards him. "Oh no... not again."

"Peter! I called you out so many times." Mary said as she huffed a bit trying to catch her breath.

"Sorry MJ. I had these on." Peter said tugging in the headphones around his neck. "Anyways... what's up? You need something?"

"Ah, yes actually yes." MJ wanted to say something else but refrained as she made up her mind. "The final exams are approaching and my preparation isn't the greatest so I was hoping that maybe you could help me out a bit."

Peter raised an eyebrow as he saw the hopeful look on her face.

"I see." Peter replied intelligently as he tried to come up with some excuse.

"So... Are you available?"

'I really wish I wasn't.' Peter retorted in his head as he flashed her a strained smile. "Actually no, I'm-"

"Hey, Pete!" Gwen said energetically as she approached him with a grin. "So, what's the plan? Are you coming over to my house or should we head to yours? I won't take any excuses this time! You promised me you'll help me with my studies-Oh hey there MJ... Ah? Am I... Am I disturbing something?"

"...hah." Peter just sighed as he felt resisted the urge to face-palmed. "No, nothing-"

"Hey, Gwen. I was just asking for Peter's help with my studies as well." Mary Jane lit up like a Christmas tree as she realised that there was no way for Peter to weasel his way out without making himself like dickbag. "Should we group study? I think it might help us all a lot. Please?"

"I see..." Gwen nodded her head in understanding as she looked at Peter and grinned. " I think it's a good idea."

'Of course, you'd think that.' Peter rolled his eyes as he began walking away.

"Peter?" Gwen called out as MJ felt bad about being turned down.

"Let me get my stuff from the lockers and then we'll head to my place." Peter said as Gwen and Mary both grinned in triumph.

"Come, let's go!" Gwen said as she rushed behind Peter with Mary following closely.

Taking a taxi to Peter's home the teens chatted about normal things but Peter let the females do most of the talking since they had a lot to talk about as it is. The ride home was nothing out of ordinary, Mary and Gwen had already informed their parents that they were heading to Peter's home.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Peter said as he opened the door for them.

"Oh my gosh." Mary said in amazement as she looked around the place. "You live here now?! How do you afford this place?!"

"I have a job at Baxter's now. Part-time whatever you may call it, after personally being recruited by Dr Susan Storms I obviously was going to be paid well. But even I didn't expect that I'd be able to live in a home-like this." Peter lied through his teeth as he led them to the living room. " Please take a seat. Make yourself at home. I'll go get refreshments. May?! Rubble?! Caesar?! I'm home!"

Three sets of different footsteps were heard as three different creatures came rushing downstairs as two of them reached Peter first and tackled him to the ground.

"Ahahaha! Quit it you two." Peter laughed as Rubble licked his cheeks while Caesar hugged him.

"Hah... hah..." May panted as she weakly pointed an accusing finger at Caesar. "T-That was dirty... Y-You cheated!"

Caesar being Caesar he just stuck out his tongue at May before turning and hugging Peter.

"Y-You little monkey." May's eyebrow twitched in irritation as she glared at Caesar who glared back at her for calling him a monkey.

"Calm down May." Peter smiled in amusement as he got up. "It has already been a week, you guys should get along already."

"I did want to at first. But now it's impossible." May said as she folded her arm across her generous bosom. "And it won't be possible if they keep hogging you to themselves."

"Haha. It's alright, they just want attention." Peter patted both of them.

"And so do I." May grumbled as she walked into the kitchen huffing in irritation.

"Awwww. Is my dear auntie jealous? How cute." Peter teased.

"Shut up!" May replied from the kitchen.

"P-Peter? Is that a freaking wolf?" Gwen asked shaking out of her shock.

"and a... monkey?"

Caesar just face-palmed as shaking his head. Caesar was not amused.

'Not at all.'


Peter, Mary and Gwen were in Peter's bedroom as they sat around a table as Peter helped them with parts they were having a hard time with.

Rubble was sleeping on Peter's bed and Caesar was grooming his fur. Mary looked from the corner of her eyes and frowned as she saw Gwen and Peter being all close and intimate with each other.

'Has their relationship progressed that far. Peter really moved on, huh?' She sighed to herself as she looked away from the pair.

(A/N: Well that's what people do. They move on. Especially if you treat one like dirt, you can bet your ass that they are going to leave you in it. Everybody is temporary...

Apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Mary shook her head as she looked up with determination in her eyes. Peter was at least willing to give her a chance, she just had to prove that she was worth it and that's what she was going to do.

"Are you guys official or something?" Mary asked in a teasing manner as Gwen and Peter pulled back a bit. Gwen seemed flustered while Peter just scratched his cheeks sheepishly.

"Well, not really." Peter answer carefully.

"Not yet." Gwen added as she looked away feeling shy all of a sudden. Peter was surprised as he looked at the flustered Gwen. "W-What? Is it that surprising that I like you?"

"No, it's nothing like that." Peter chucked with a grin as looked at Gwen. "I just didn't think that you would admit."


"I can be a bit dense but I'm not blind Gwen. I can understand certain things without them being said out loud." Peter said honestly with a grin. "And it's not like you were hiding it."

"Ugh. She was so obvious that even a blind could see it." Mary just joked which made Gwen cover her face with a book as Peter chuckled.

"It makes me happy that you think about me in that way." Peter kissed Gwen's cheek as he got up. "I'll go get some snacks."

Mary watched Peter leave as she tried to bury the jealousy bubbling in her heart.

"Aren't you a lucky girl?"

"Very." Gwen replied still in a daze.


Peter went down to get snacks, his mouth was left ajar at the sight before him. May was searching for something in the lower drawers under the kitchen counter which made her shapely butt sway from side to side as she shuffled the items in the drawer.

Her jeans short strained a bit giving a peek of the lacy panty she was wearing underneath the shorts.

"Damn." Peter muttered out loud unknowingly startling May who almost hit her head.

"Peter?!" May scrambled to her feet, looking away in embarrassment as she realised just what Peter meant. "H-How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know that black is sexy and mature is justice." Peter said honestly still in a daze.

"Peter?!" May was shocked at just how honest and shameless Peter was being. "I didn't raise you to such a pervert."

"Nah. You took me in when I was ten which I am eternally grateful for but Uncle Ben basically raised me from then on-Ah... Nevermind." Peter shook his head he walked towards the fridge. "It's not like we are blood-related."

He retrieved some sandwiched and put them in the oven to heat them while May was still trying to come up with a response.

"Still! It's still wrong... You are like a son to me-"

May didn't get to finish as Peter grabbed her by the waist and pinned her to the fridge. Peter placed his thigh between her legs as he pinned her hands over her head, against the fridge.

"Peter-" May gasped out but her breath hitched as Peter put his finger on her lips. "Don't say a word. I'm going to make some things clear and you are going to listen to me, okay?"

Peter leaned in really close to her and May could only nod.

"First of all, we are not blood-related. You are only related to me because you married my uncle." Peter said seriously as he caressed her cheeks. "After his unfortunate passing you are his widow but with him gone, the relationship between me and you as nephew-aunt is shaky and I don't consider you as my aunt."

May was shocked as she heard those words leave his mouth. Before she could overthink Peter decide to intervene.

"I see you more as a strong, beautiful woman than I see you as my aunt." Peter said as he leaned in and kissed her neck making her heave. "I don't like beating around the bush so I'll make it very clear. I am a really lustful person and you are hot as hell. I don't care what others think. Society could go fuck themselves for all I care. What I care about is what you think of me? And I am pretty damn sure I know what you do think... You thought you were being sneaky, huh?"

"W-What do you mean?"

"Don't act coy with me May, I'm not as oblivious as I pretend to be. I have seen how you look at me. Those brown eyes of yours, I've seen them cloud with the same amount of lust and desire as I have for you." Peter said and May felt ashamed that she had been caught.

"Not to mention the underwears that went missing."

"I can explain-"

"No, you can't." Peter said huskily as kissed her neck once again. His leg between her legs felt damp and Peter could smell her arousal. His chest pressed against her generous bosom and Peter showed no signs of backing down. "I am a degenerate and bad to bone when it comes to things like this. I practically have no morals. But I care for you deeply and I won't let anybody take you from me or even dare to hurt you. Do you understand me, May?"

"...Yes." May replied in a small voice.

"Good. Take your time to think about this. I won't force you to make any decisions. Even if you decline my advances it really won't change much. Things will be the same as they were. I'll provide and care for you but I won't make any advances on you if you decide to reject me." Peter said seriously. "So, take your time and think about it seriously because I'm damn serious about you."

"...O-Okay." May said shivering as Peter capitalised in their closeness and traced her curves as he let go of her hands. Grabbing her hip he pulled her in making his boner press against her belly letting her know just what kind of effect she had on him. They both breathed hotly as May tried not to grind against him. Peter kissed her cheek dangerously close to her lips before he finally pulled back.

Taking the sandwich out of the oven he headed up without a word as May slumped to the floor her legs giving out finally.

She felt the phantom tingling of pleasure wherever Peter had touched and kissed her. She wanted to feel that again and again.

But she had watched him grow up from a scrawny, introverted kid to a confident handsome man. Her morals were getting in the way of her needs.

She was conflicted and horny.


That was all she could say.


Alternative Titles:

-Norman Gets No Cheese

-Caesar Is Not Amused

-Operation B.O.N.E.R: May


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