I Am Peter Parker (MARVEL AU)

I have no recollection of how I ceased to be. One minute I was walking back home and the next minute I was suddenly inside the body of a character from my childhood fantasy. I had become a lost soul. Wandering without a purpose late in my life, when I was alive. My death came and swept me away in a flash. Now that I have this second chance, I won't hold myself back. I am Peter Parker and, this is my story. ------ Note: Alternate Universe(s) Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of it's character. I own my own elements and my OC(s).

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Changes: Ever Evolving

Peter's eyes snapped open as he felt gained his consciousness. The pain was unlike anything he had felt before. It felt like his very own blood had begun boing in his body and he didn't want to feel that kind of pain ever again if he could help it.

"Good Morning, Peter." Eryl's melodious voice rang out as she greeted her master. "How are you feeling?"

"It's complicated." Peter groaned. He still felt the phantom pain as he struggled to move his body. As the haze cleared up Peter regained his motor skills and sat up as Eryl opened his restrains. "Thanks, Eryl. I feel much better now... Much, much better."

Peter was momentarily surprised as he looked around. He had never felt this good. It was obvious to him as he got up and stretched. Unlike Captain American he didn't get all buffed up, he had gained new muscles but still maintained the lean muscle structure he had. But he felt his muscle fibres were compact and denser than before.

Eryl created a holographic reflection of him and looking at it he was right. His muscles looked a lot stronger and we're even more defined.

"Impressive." Peter nodded. "Eryl. Report."

"The procedure was a success. You have retained 98.95% of the enhancement the serum had to offer which has increased your physical ability by twofold. I've run scans on your body and the results have been fascinating, to say the least. There are no abnormalities and your vitals are better than ever and that's remarkable considering just how much the spider-bite had enhanced you."

"That is true. Remarkable indeed."

"Your nervous system is in option condition. In fact, the transfer of data from your body to brain and back and forth has been faster than ever but the most fascinating thing to me was when I conducted a few harmless tests while you were passed out for a good six hours is that I noticed this..."

Eryl said as she showed Peter a clip as his eyes opened slightly in amazement.

"Your body responds to foreign elements at a frightening pace and the cells either eliminate or adapt to the foreign element make the best decision for your body. The process is constant without a delay." Eryl explained. "I need to conduct a few more tests to confirm my theory but if it is true then your body will respond and adapt according to the surroundings and the situations that are pressed against it. It will constantly evolve to make sure that it survives."

"A body that evolves without a limit..." Peter basically summed it up.

(AN : I'm not a biology student and I have no idea how just how true or garbage my theory is. It's fiction so please don't use logic against it. I'd lose without putting up a fight. lol.)

"Congratulations Peter. You have succeeded at creating the formula and even improving it." Eryl said happy for her master.

"No need for that. I used Connors research as an already established foundation and I had you do the rest of the construction. Fortifying the walls, filling holes, I only have some directions which you would have figured out on your own either way." Peter shrugged. "So, cheers to you, my AI assistant."

"Your words are wasted on me."

"I'm sure many would disagree, haha." Peter chuckled at Eryl who was acting like a well-behaved child. "Anyways, compile detailed data and statistics and transfer it to my phone. Also, now with the super serum done let's put more effort into the spiders and the nanobots."

"Yes, Peter. I've analysed all the data on the spiders, from how they were engineered, for what purpose and how it has affected them. It's safe to say that I can engineer a spider myself."

"I see. What are they engineered for, would I get any additional abilities if they were to bite me?"

"Yes, you will gain new abilities. I have compiled a list of possible abilities. Here it is." Eryl said as Peter looked at it.


1. Improved Physical Abilities

2. Perfect Spider-Sense

3. Accelerated Vision

4. Enhanced Healing Factor

5. Spider-Camouflage

6. Bio-Electricity

7. Poison Secretion/Poison Immunity

8. Talons

9. Low-Level Telepathy

10. Absolute Physical Resistance

11. Pheromone Creation/Hypnosis

12. Organic Webbing


"Tempting indeed. Will you be able to engineer all of these into a single spider?" Peter asked as began dressing up. "Because I don't want to get bitten twelve times. Once or twice is good enough."

"It will take time but I'll be able to do it with the data I have. If I manage to modify it I might even be able to add a few additional abilities." Eryl confirms making Peter ecstatic. "What kind of spider should I operate on?"

"Latrodectus hasselti." Peter grinned.

"The Red Back?" Eyrl asked in curiosity which widened his grin.

"The Red Back." Peter confirmed it. "Once we are done with the spider project we'll concentrate on the nanotech. We have a lot to work on over there.*

"Yes." Eryl confirmed.

"Also make separate files for Rubble and Caesar and prepare adoption paper. I'm taking these two with me at home." Peter said as he opened Rubbles cage and smiled as Rubble pounced onto him and began licking his back. "There there, who's a good boy? Yes, you are."

"...I can understand Rubble, his azure eyes are beautiful but why Caesar? He is still in primative stage." Eryl asked and Caesar looked offended.

"For one. He's smart." Peter said as Caesar puffed his chest in pride. "And secondly. He's also a good boy."

Caesar grinned as Peter tossed him a banana.

"I see." Eryl said not really understanding Peter.

Peter smiled as he walked out of his lab. Walking out he was greeted by the sight of irritated Susan Storms.

"Mr Parker." She began in a stern tone as she looked approached Peter. "Just what have you been doing copped up in that lab for four straight days?!"

"Three days and 8 hours, not exactly four days-"

"Don't try to weasel your way out!"

"I was not going to." Peter lied as he scratched his cheek sheepishly.

"You are a horrible liar."

"Many would disagree."

"You can't lie to me-ugh! Don't change the topic!" Susan said as she poked Peter's chest. "What were you doing?"

"I was working." Peter said with a pocket face as Susan folded her arms. "Working... On a project."

"Oh really? And here I thought you were watching porn and playing video games." Susan retorted sarcastically.

"Hentai is superior." Peter nodded sagely as he rubbed his chin.

"I agree-Wait! That's not the point!"

"Haha. You are so fun to tease." Peter said as patted her head like a kid.

"Don't treat me like a kid." Susan huffed as she hit his arm lightly. "I'm older than you."


"You don't get to tease me." Susan folded her arms. "Only I can do that."

"Why not?" Peter asked as he suddenly leaned. Susan was startled as Peter's lips were only an inch from hers. She felt her heart speed up a little as Peter's handsome visage came closer and closer. She was almost disappointed when his lips didn't touch her as he leaned to the right. Her breath hitched as he whispered seductively into her ear. "The fact that you are older than me, make it even hotter for me."

"I..." She opened her mouth but no words came out. She stood there in a daze as Peter stepped away with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Alright, I'm gonna take a shower first and then head home." Peter patted her shoulder and walked past her. "You have a good day, boss lady."

Susan huffed as she turned around folding her hands.

"Peter you are a fucking tease."

"It's called payback in my books." Peter smiled as he waved at her. "See ya."

Susan sighed as she watched Peter leave.

"Dummy..." Susan grumbled but there was a slight flush on her cheeks.

After a good hot shower, Peter greeted the rest of the fantastic four as headed home for the first time in four days.

Getting into the taxi Peter ignore the odd look the driver gave him as he looked at Caesar who was sitting beside Peter playing with Rubble.

"Look straight and drive." Peter said without looking up from his phone. The driver grumbled something about 'rude teens' but complied nonetheless.

"Rubble, Caesar this is your new home." Rubble wagged his tail in happiness while Caesar... he did what apes do.

"May, I'm home." Peter said as he let new buddies, closing the door behind him.

"Peter you back-Oh my god!" May came rushing to greet him but stumbled back in shock as she saw the companion's he brought.

"May! Say hello to Rubble and Caesar! And staring today they are our family!"

"Peter... Is that a freaking giant wolf?! and... a monkey?"

Caesar folded his arms in annoyance.

Caesar was not amused.

"Well not technically, he's a Siberian husky and a wolf hybrid. He was quite skinny before, I gave him a cure and now look at him! He's so healthy and... huge. Now that you mention it, no wonder the ride back home was crammed up." Peter finally understood the reason the driver was looking at him like he was Insane. "Points to him for even letting this big guy in, in the first place. And Caesar is a chimpanzee, not a monkey. Please don't call him a monkey. He's really sensitive to those comments."

"I... I don't understand."

"You don't have to." Peter said as he kissed her cheek and walked past her. "I'm hungry as hell. I'll cook something up for the four of us and I can use some help."

"Oh okay..." May said as she just nodded nervously looking at Rubble and Caesar who was walking around inspecting their new home. She sighed as she grumbled. "I was looking forward to spending time with you... just the two of us."

"May! I need a hand!"

"Coming!" She shook her head and headed into the kitchen as well.


Alternative Titles:

-Changes: Spider-Chad

-Meet Rubble and Caesar: The Goodbois

So, there is the chapter that you've been patiently waiting for. Tried not to 'info-dump' on this one and keep it passive. Let me know if you liked it.

Mid-Sec of the chapter I listed the power-ups I'm going to give Peter. Let me know your thoughts. If you have any ideas for additional abilities then do let me know. Also, keep the ideas Spider related since... Spider-Man lol.

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