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I have no recollection of how I ceased to be. One minute I was walking back home and the next minute I was suddenly inside the body of a character from my childhood fantasy. I had become a lost soul. Wandering without a purpose late in my life, when I was alive. My death came and swept me away in a flash. Now that I have this second chance, I won't hold myself back. I am Peter Parker and, this is my story. ------ Note: Alternate Universe(s) Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of it's character. I own my own elements and my OC(s).

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Assborn Gets Ass-Whopping

"Harry Osborn!" Mary Jane all but screamed as she approached Harry and his gang.

"Mary Jane!" Harry smiled in her direction as he turned to Flash and whispered. "Told you, she'd come back running to me."

(AN: Just she did... But just not the way you could have ever imagined.)

Harry walked towards her to greet her and was shocked when she grabbed him by the collar.

"Harry Osborn! You lying son of a bitch!" Mary Jane screamed in his face as she shook him. "You limped dick bastard! You almost robbed me of my virginity!"

'Oooo.' Peter whistled as he looked at the development. Once Mary Jane had laid out what happened to her, Peter was quick to devise a plan to get back at him. Now he didn't have to do that, but if he didn't Mary Jane would have still persistently pursued him creating problems for him later on and he wanted to deal with the problem as fast he could when he had control of the situation rather than later.

But he wasn't going to do it all for her. If Mary Jane wanted to stay in his circle then she would have to earn her stay. Setting up Osborn was the least she could do right now.

"What are you talking about?!" Harry asked as he shook himself out of his initial shock. "Look we can go to a quiet place and talk this out-"

"For what? So that you can try to rape me again?!" Mary Jane wasn't having any of it. The other people in the arcade were looking at them and Harry became more and more nervous as the number of onlookers increased. "Huh?! Why are you so quiet?! Oh? Are you afraid of losing your dignity?"

'Like he has any in the first place.' Peter snorted as he drank cola.

"Well guess what you fucking sissy you don't have any in the first place!" Mary Jane mocked him as if reading Peter's mind. "Listen everybody! This dirtbag here tried to bait me promising that I would become a supermodel in no time using his father's connections! Guess what?! His father this he is a fucking mistake and won't even help his own son! He lied! Harry Osborn is a lia-Mmph."

(A/N: Don't @ me. People say and do stupid shit when they lose their cool. Hell, even I've said some outlandish and embarrassing things when I got into brawls. It's something I really wanna forget...)

"Okay that's enough-" Harry tried to shut her mouth but Mary Jane pushed him away. "Look, Mary Jane, you are going too far. I'm warning you, stop this or-"

"-Or what? Going to rape me? Going to make a sex-tape so that you can shame me?! Like you have done to those girls before me?!" Mary Jane screamed. Peter sneaky moved around, he saw Gwen recording the whole ordeal but they didn't have much time. The manager of this place could arrive at any moment. "Just like the girl who killed herself because you ruined her life-"

"Enough you stupid bitch!" Harry yelled in rage as he slapped Mary Jane sending her to the floor. "I had enough of your shit! I was only going to fuck you and then throw you but now I'm gonna mess you up!"

'Yes.' Peter exclaimed. This was enough evidence. 'Caught our ass in 4k. You can bet that it's grass now.'

Mary Jane got up and rubbed her cheek before she rushed towards Harry and sucker-punched him. Her fist hit his nose and there was a low crack and it broke. Harry was disoriented due to the sudden trauma and pain which made him lose balance and fall grabbing his nose.

"Argh!!" Mary Jane growled as she jumped on his chest and began punching him in the face repeatedly. "My grandmother hits harder than you and she's dead!"

(A/N: Wait-What?!)

"This is for lying to me! This is for almost raping me! This is for all the stress you gave me! This is for all the friends you made me lose!" Mary Jane screamed as she kept punching Harry who could do nothing as she didn't give him the chance to recover. Tears fell down freely as she kept punching him. Her knuckles were bleeding and she was heaving. She lifted her fist for a final punch. "And this is for being an evil asshole!"

She punched him for the last time and Harry was barely conscious in that state.

"Oh my god..." Liz gasped as she was the first one to get out from her shock. "Flash! You idiot do something! She'll kill him!"

"Uhh-Yeah!" Flash was big and burly but Peter knew that he was a coward and only bullied those that were weaker than him. He ran towards Mary Jane to retaliate and Peter decided to intervene since she was exhausted as the adrenaline rush died down. "That's enough you bitch-"

Before his punch could hit Peter rushed from the side and Spartan kicked Flash into an arcade machine.

(A/N: Small town boy in a big arcade!!! I got addicted to a losing game!!! Oh, oh-ooh-oh Oh, oh-ooh-oh, All I know, all I know, Loving you is a losing game!)

"Sit down boy. You had your chance." Peter said as he helped Mary Jane rest against a wall before getting up and stepping on Harry's face.

"P-Parker?" Flash gasped out as he tried to get back on his feet. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I was actually hoping for this kind of development." Peter said pushing up his imaginary glasses. "You see I was the one who orchestrated the whole thing. I made Mary Jane aware of the truth about Harry and his past exploits and I brought her here so that she could serve her own justice."

"You... You did this?" Flash hissed out as he glared at Parker. "You are dead-meat, Parker!"

"It's quite the opposite. You see... My girl, Gwen over there has recorded the whole ordeal. She recorded how Mary Jane confronted Harry and how he hit her first. She retaliated and then there is you, who tried to gang up on her." Peter smiled cooly. "You my first, are dead-meat."

"Argh! Give me that phone!" Flash tried to run towards Gwen but Peter calmly grabbed him by his collar and threw him back into the arcade machine. He tried to get up but Peter kicked him in the face with enough force that made him almost pass out.

His other goonies rushed at Peter who just smirked. Deflecting a clumsy punch he socked the guy in the face breaking his nose and kicking him back into the approaching guys who lost their balance and fell to the floor. Peter stomped one, breaking his nose and kicked the other guy in the side as he tried to get up.

He leaned back avoiding a kick before kicking him into a table. Peter sighed in disappointment as he heard Flash approach him. Turning around he blocked the punch easily and kicked him in the gut making him double over in pain. He grabbed him by the hair and kneed him in the face, breaking his nose.

"I mean, could you at least not make it obvious that you are ambushing me with that shitty warcry of yours." He grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up. Flash thrashed as he tried to claw at his hand. "But then again you aren't very intelligent are you?"

"Freeze! It's NYPD! Everybody stay where you are!" Captain Stacy exclaimed as he arrived with his gun aimed in Peter's direction.

"Dad!" Gwen gasped as she ran towards him but stopped as George made a stop gesture to her. "Calm down, Peter. Easy, put him down and we can handle this calmly."

One by one police officers entered the building with their guns aimed at him.

"Hold your fire." Yuri hissed as they slowly approached Peter. "Peter, Peter. Please let him down."

"P-Please... N-No. I-I'm sorry." Flash gasped out, fear evident in his eyes.

"I hope you are, for your sake. Stay away from her." Peter said and let go of Flash as he fell to the ground. Harvey approached him and tried to grab him by the shoulder but swatted his arm off. "Hands off."

"Peter!" Gwen rusted to his side and began pulling him away as Peter stared Harvey dead in the eyes and pointed at him. "Keep them to yourself."

"Peter. I'm going to ask you to come to the station with us." George said as he approached him tucking his gun away. "Please calm down and comply."

"Alright. Alright." Peter said as he walked past him and towards Mary Jane who was sitting against the wall beside the downed form of Harry. He offered her a hand which made her look up at him with tears in her eyes. "Come, let's go Mary Jane."

"Mmm." Mary Jane nodded accepting his help as she leaned onto him. She got up and gave him a look before spitting on his face. "Bitch."

"Easy there, tigress. You did better than I expected." Peter said as he patted her shoulder. "Now, we have to deal with the aftermath."

"Peter..." Mary Jane looked at him with moist eyes. "I'm sorry for everything. Thank you... Just thank you for everything."

"You can thank me by being a better friend." Peter said as he gave her a half-smile. "You should say sorry to your mom, I don't think she'll be amused once she learns of this, haha."

"You were badass." Gwen whispered to Mary Jane as she rubbed her back. "You didn't kick him in the balls though. If I were in your place I would have-"

"Gwen." George said in a warning tone as Gwen just stuck her tongue out in a mischievous manner which made him sigh and rub his temples in exasperation. "This is going to be a long day."

"It's evening, Captain Stacy."

"Exactly. I wanna go home already."

"There's No Way Home until we resolve this issue." Yuri said in amusement as George sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time.


"Damage was done to the arcade including, broken tables, broken machines, and broken glass planes. Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, Jack Pollen, Dewey Preston and Randy Wilks have been admitted to hospital, reports include broken bones, bruising, blunt trauma, missing teeth and broken nose..." Yuri finished reporting as she tossed the file she had on the table.

"A lot of broken noses." She added emphasizing 'lot'. "Arcade manager has decided not to press charges since it was a sensitive issue but has banned all of them from ever setting a foot in his establishment."

"It wasn't even that good of an arcade." Peter shrugged as he applied ointment on Mary Jane's busted knuckles. "I have a friend who knows a better place, you wanna go there sometimes, Gwen?"

"Sure!" Gwen nodded.

"Can I join too?" Mary Jane asked timidly.

"No." Peter said blandly. "Not until your hands heal."

"Awww." Mary Jane whined getting a sympathetic pat on the back from Gwen.

"There's always next time, MJ! Don't worry." Gwen smiled.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't flirt with my daughter... and her friend in front of me, Peter," George said sternly.

"Can't help it. Your daughter is hella cute."

'I'm gonna fu-its alright George, calm down. He's just a normal teen, a normal stupidly handsome teen who can fight against a quad and has sunken his fangs in my precious little daughter-Oh god it's not working!' George smacked his face which nearly prompted a remark from Peter, who decided not to comment when he saw the stern look Gwen was giving him. "Please for the love of God! Please comply for the sake of this damn investigation children!"

"Oh, okay." Peter, Mary Jane and Gwen replied simultaneously with a shrug.

"...hah. Please explain what happened Gwen." George said as he prompted an ever amused Yuri to record the statement.

By the end of explained, George was unable to decide if he should be angry, amazed or horrified.

Angry that the Osborn spawn nearly raped his daughter's friend. Amazed that the kids, especially Peter how they planned this out. Horrified that how easily they were bending the law, especially his own daughter.

"So... Let me get this straight." George rubbed his head. "Harry Osborn tried to bait you saying he'll get you a place in Hellfire Front Magzine but on a condition of a date."


"Where he kissed you and tried to force you-"

"Almost kissed me." Mary Jane corrected.

"Okay. Almost kissed you and tried to force you but you escaped."


"You didn't file a case against him because?"

"He's an Assborn."

"The Peter told him about his past record."


"And he got this information from?"

"A friend." Peter nodded as if it answered everything.

"Then you went to the arcade to provoke him-"

"To confront him and find answers." Peter intervened with an innocent smile. "We would never ever think of breaking the law, sir."

"...To find answers but during your... aggressive questioning, Harry Osborn, quoting you, 'Lost his shit' and slapped you."

"Sir, it was an attack." Peter gasped as he looked at George dramatically and hugged Mary Jane. "My dear friend, Mary Jane only retaliated in self-defence-"

"By punching him repeatedly, dislocating his jaw breaking his nose and teeth and giving him 2nd-degree bruises?"

"I blame the adrenaline rush. She didn't realise what she was doing until much later on." Peter defended Mary Jane.

"And you beat up Flash Thomson and his friends because?"

"They tried to ambush and hurt me, Peter only acted to defend me and himself." Mary Jane said looking Geroge in the eye not backing down. "We have already given you enough proof to arrest that motherfuck-oww! What the hell Peter?!"

"Mind you fucking language, Mary Jane." Peter said with a wink as he began applying ointment to her other hand.

"Look who's talking." Mary Jane and Gwen echoed which made Peter smirk in return.

Geroge and Yuri shared a look as the three teens were back in their own world.

"I hate to disturb you-"

"Nah you definitely love to disturb us, Gwen's pops."

"Yeah, dad. Don't be jealous. Pete is a nice guy."

"We are doing to talk about this later, young lady. Not now!" George felt his years was experience was ineffective when it came to dealing with these teens. "The investigation is not over-"

"Yes, it is." Susan Storm said as she barged into the office with a paper in her hands. "Orders from your superiors. These three teens acted in self-defence and with the evidence provided, they are to be let go of and a detailed investigation should be done on Harry Osborn and his past."

Geroge looked at Susan with a light glare as he was off-put by the bossy tone she had. Looking back and forth between her and the paper he finally snatched the paper from her and looked at it.

"I see, normally this wouldn't have happened even if my own daughter was involved." George said as he folded his arms. "Just what did you do?"

"I called in a few favours and insisted them to look into the dark for the truth and they saw it." Susan said with a lovely smile. "In exchange for favours I asked something from Peter here."

"What are doing here anyways." Yuri asked as she folded her arms.

"Actually, she's my boss." Peter said as he wrapped Mary Jane's knuckles in a bandage.

"That's why." Harvey grumbled as he took a sip from his tea. "Everybody's is in on it."

"What did you ask for?" Mary Jane's priorities were different which mirrored Gwen's own thoughts.

"His virginity." Susan smiled.


Harvey spat his tea in shock.

"What?!" That was the collective reaction of everybody except for Susan and Peter.

"Just kidding, I wouldn't do that. He's still a minor." Susan said waving her hand dismissively making everybody take a breath in relief. "So I'll wait until he is legal. I just asked him to let me look into his research, out of curiosity."

"...You know I can't just let them go like that." George said folding his arms in defiance. "They have caused damaged to private property and harmed individual part of our society-"

"In self-defence." Susan added. "I am willing to pay for the damages and the medical bills of the injured except for one, Harry Osborn."

"Really? You would do that for me?"

"I'm going to deduce that from your salary."

"Awwww. Figures."

"Also... I wonder if you would be this defiant if it was your daughter in Mary Jane's place." Susan asked maintaining the same smile she had since the beginning. Her question made George shut up as he tried to come with a retort. "Would you sit still and do nothing?"

"No he won't." Gwen replied. "I know my dad. He would go against the world for his daughter."

"Then he should be able to relate with the fact that Mary Jane is also someone's daughter." Susan said.

"Argh!" George growled as he signed the papers and gave them to Yuri. "Done. You all can go! Yuri go see them out."

"Right away." Yuri said as she opened the door to Susan and the teens. "Please follow me."

"Told you, everything would be okay, didn't I?" Peter said with a smirk as Mary Jane smiled as she looked down at her bandaged hands and nodded. "Come, let's go home."

Peter helped Mary Jane to her feet as Gwen held her hand and dragged her out. Peter turned to look at George and Harvey and gave them a mock salute.

"You daughter means a lot to me, sir. I won't let her get hurt." Peter said with a confident look.

"Just get out already." George said in exhaustion as Peter left with a wave. George smiled as he leaned back into his chair. "Cheeky, brat."

"You like the boy don't you?" Harvey asked.

"He makes Gwen happy." George replied. "She has been the happiest ever since she and the boy became friends. I am just worried for my daughter... She has a lot of competition with all the women that seem to be flocking Peter."

"I agree." Harvey said as he cried manly tears. "He is a lucky bastard."

(A/N: This is the only moment I think I've liked you Harvey-san, even though you are my OC)


"Take care, kids." Susan said as she dropped the three teens at Peter's house in her car.

"Don't call me a kid. I'm gonna be nineteen soon and you are what? Twenty-five? Twenty-Six?"

"Twenty-Five, I'm still six-year older than you kid." Susan smirked. "You guys are having a sleepover?"

"Yeah, they have already informed their parents." Peter said as have at her. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah. Don't be late." Susan winked as drive away. "Bye-Bye."

"Bye." The teens waved as Susan drove away.

"I still can't believe that you are friends with the Invisible-Girl," Gwen said with a high.

"Yeah, me neither." Peter shrugged. "Come! Let's go. We have this pizza to eat. I'm starving!"

"Me too."

"I'm hungry as well."

"May?! Rubble?! Caesar?! I'm back!"


Alternative Titles:

-Mary Jane Can Cuss and Punch

-Assborn got his ass whopped

-Too Many Broken Noses


So, here you go. Another one.

I decided to push the matter of Mary Jane's place in the harem for later. I'll first develop her character before they even become lovers.

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Flash is redeemable in this fic so he might make an appearance in future chapters but Harry is a no-brainer. This is most certainly his last appearance.

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