1 Miss Belly

Our heroine name was laura. but, her bullying friends named her 'miss belly', because she was fat. they ignored her and called her ugly angel . she arrived her home cried out about loudly.it was not a first time to be cried. her mother says her everytime of her sadness that 'don't care about what others says just think about what can you do to overcome with your ability' ,her mother told think deeply about my advise.

that night she thinks a lot about herself how can i overcome from this bullies? how would gain best friends?.. lots of questions arrowed circle on her mind.

after she lying down.she have dream that some angelic glitters from the night sky went to her through the window of her room and carrying her to the window. she see that their was a painting brush in that window. that ,painting brush looks like a magical brush. suddenly a sound came from her room door laura wakeup! don't be late again to your school! laura waking up suddenly with a surpriseness then she realize oh! that was a dream.but,she went near to the window of her room.she see again that brush.she excited and said oh wow! that magical brush, it's so amazing...,her mom shouted again , being late is amazing to you laura,laura rushed to the school put that brush to her bag.she entered her class with a pleasant smile on her face,but she again bullied by her fellow students.they said her smile was too ugly.., suddenly teacher was arrived,all the students are rushed to their places and sits properly like nothing was happened.teacher greets every students to participate on school painting competition.some of the students are willingly give their names to the teacher.some students started to bullying laura that she doesn't have any special talents.they said even if she painted a picture that also looks ugly like her.., teacher shouted don't bully your fellow student like this and she also added laura's name on that list.she tells laura that don't give up yourself!fighting for yourself! and love yourself!.. laura arrives her home and tells about the things happened on her school today and her mom also motivated that my daughter 'don't be afraid to do anything just do what you want'.workhard to win that competition laura , all the best!love yourself!.laura went to her room and she use that magical brush and started to painting. after finished that painting she shouts!ohh that was beautiful it's all because of this beautiful magical brush!..,she had a confident to win that competition.she arrived her school with that brush again as usual her fellow students bullied herself.she ran to the toilet and started to cry in front of mirror.she motivated herself that i doesn't need to cry , because i have this magical brush, i will definitely win this competition. one student who follows laura named erica heard outside of the toilet that what laura said! and erica entered the toilet and broked laura's brush,laura try to fix that broken brush but it won't worked out.she rushed to the participation hall with a normal painting brush,the only thing that was circling around her mind that was what her teacher and her mom said love yourself. she again and again repeated to herself yeah! i love myself...,laura started to painting what she was imagined.after finished that painting. everyone was shocked how pretty! this painting was stunning! they all are amazed ! students who bullied laura's appearance also felt sorry for her.her teacher appreciated her who said you are ugly,you have a unique way of beautiness. your talent was gorgeous!laura finally achieved her dream.she have beautiful talent.