4 Lin Yuan vs Pei Xi!

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When they heard that Pei Xi was going to fight Lin Yuan, the students gathered around the arena and whispered among themselves.

"Is there any enmity between Pei Xi and Lin Yuan? I don't remember them having any interactions."

"Pei Xi is standing up for Jiang Yining."

"Standing up? That's more like he is acting ostentatiously..."

"He was scolded by Elder Yang this morning. I guess he's holding back his anger and is looking for a fight."


"You want to fight with me?"

Lin Yuan suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Pei Xi, who was with a smile.

Pei Xi narrowed his eyes slightly. "What? You don't dare?"

The two of them looked at each other, and the atmosphere in the dojo suddenly became tense.

Lin Yuan chuckled, "Come."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...!"

Hearing Lin Yuan accept the challenge, the surrounding people immediately began to clamor.

They were all here to watch the show.

Fang Zixin immediately clenched his right fist and cheered for Lin Yuan.

"Lin Yuan! Beat him up!"

The dojo instantly became noisy. Everyone was discussing who would win and who would lose.

Jiang Yining and Jiang Xiaoyu, who had originally wanted to leave the dojo, also looked toward the center of the arena when they heard that Lin Yuan wanted to spar with Pei Xi.

A level three martial artist represented the Body Tempering Realm. Theoretically, they were much stronger than a level two martial artist when they were at the same level of Basic Martial Arts.

Jiang Yining had just lost to Lin Yuan, but to a large extent, she had lost due to her strength as a female martial artist.

If the strength of that kick was sufficient, the result might have been different.

It was difficult to determine the outcome of this duel. After all, no one had ever seen Pei Xi use Basic Martial Arts to fight with others.

"Hey, Wu Di."

"Could Lin Yuan win?"

Although Fang Zixin shouted wildly, he was not confident in his heart.

After all, Pei Xi was a real level three martial artist, and his talent was outstanding.

However, when he looked at Wu Di, Wu Di's smile was so wide that it almost reached the back of his ears.


"Even two of him can't beat Lin Yuan."

Wu Di could not help but smile when he thought of how Pei Xi would embarrass himself again later.

"What do you mean?"

Wu Di whispered to his brothers, who were all staring at Lin Yuan with their eyes wide open.


"There's an iron bag on his waist?!"



Lin Yuan stretched his muscles and bones while keeping a distance from Pei Xi.

In terms of Basic Martial Arts, to put it bluntly, not to mention the whole of Qingshan Diyi Middle School, none of the geniuses in Qingshan middle schools would be able to defeat Lin Yuan.

Martial artists like Wu Di, Pei Xi, and Jiang Yining had to cultivate spirit energy and spirit skills besides Basic Martial Arts.

Lin Yuan was different. No martial artist could spend as much time on Basic Martial Arts as he did.

Since Pei Xi wanted to spar with him, he must have found the wrong person.

"Let's begin."

Pei Xi smiled as he confirmed from the corner of her eye that Jiang Yining had not left yet.

Then, he looked at Lin Yuan with full concentration and did not dare to be careless.

Lin Yuan was not good in other areas, but he could be considered to have mastered the basics of martial arts thoroughly. The fact that he had just easily defeated Jiang Yining was enough to explain the situation.

Moreover, this battle was very important to him.

If he lost, it was very likely that he would become a laughingstock.


Pei Xi shouted loudly, and his speed soared.

After rapidly approaching Lin Yuan, he swung his arms, and his hook-like five fingers grabbed Lin Yuan's right arm at high speed!


Sensing Pei Xi's imposing manner, Lin Yuan smiled.

Compared to Jiang Yining, Pei Xi's strength was stronger.

In Basic Martial Arts, without the assistance of spirit energy, speed and strength were especially important.

Same punching speed with stronger strength, the impact was naturally stronger.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan was faster than Pei Xi. Lin Yuan quickly dodged to the side and his movement was smooth to the extreme.

The speed of his right leg was as fast as a tornado, and it was aimed at Pei Xi's side waist!

Seeing this scene, Jiang Yining's eyes suddenly flashed.

"His judgment is terrifyingly accurate."

This first kick was enough to give Lin Yuan an advantage on the battlefield. It was just that exaggerated.

Sure enough, Pei Xi subconsciously twisted his body to dodge.

However, Lin Yuan's speed was too fast. This kick still landed on Pei Xi's arm.


Pei Xi grunted. The intense pain did not make Pei Xi stunned. Instead, it made him completely awake.

Only then did he realize how terrifying Lin Yuan, who was well-known in Basic Martial Arts, was.

In such a high-frequency confrontation, once Lin Yuan took the initiative, it would be difficult for the opponent to turn the tables.

From Pei Xi's set of basic fist techniques in the morning, Lin Yuan had already seen the weakness of Pei Xi's lower body, which was relatively unstable.

Hitting would need to aim the right place. Lin Yuan kept on kicking rapidly, which could only make Pei Xi continuously retreat and defend.


The surrounding students did not even dare to breathe.

They seemed to have placed themselves in Pei Xi's position and realized that there was no space for them to counterattack.

Lin Yuan continued to exchange kicks and followed up with a double flying kick!

Pei Xi kept retreating and could not find an opportunity to turn the tide of the battle.

"I can only fight with my feet!"

As a disciple of a martial arts aristocratic family, Pei Xi was naturally not a good-for-nothing.

Since he could not find an opportunity, he would create one by force!

He was a level three martial artist, and Lin Yuan was a level two martial artist.

In terms of physical strength, he should have the advantage.

Bang bang bang bang...

On the field, Pei Xi changed his speed and gave a horizontal kick, which collided with Lin Yuan's right leg in the air!


In the next moment, Pei Xi's miserable cry rang out in the dojo.

Countless students showed painful expressions and even subconsciously covered their right leg.

This solid kick was extremely painful to watch.

"Doesn't Lin Yuan hurt?"

Countless juniors looked at Lin Yuan who kept moving as if he was a monster.

The moment Pei Xi's leg touched his leg, Lin Yuan's pain disappeared in a flash.

"Whether it's the physical pain."

"Or spiritual pain, I've experienced it countless times."

He would never forget the tears of his parents when he was in the hospital bed.

After being reborn from despair, Lin Yuan's determination had reached a terrifying level.


After landing calmly, Lin Yuan pounced on his prey like a cheetah!


Jiang Xiaoyu held her chin and watched excitedly, her cute face filled with excitement.

In the blink of an eye, she saw her sister, Jiang Yining, get up and leave.


"Sister, are you leaving?"

"Aren't you going to finish watching? It's getting intense!"

"Let's go, it's over."


Seeing that Pei Xi was almost beaten up, Jiang Xiaoyu hopped up and grabbed her sister's arm.

Who would have thought that this scene would happen to fall into Pei Xi's eyes?

At this moment, the anger that Pei Xi had suppressed for the entire day suddenly exploded.

Seeing Pei XI's gaze, his good friend who was familiar with Pei Xi instantly stood up and shouted, "Pei Xi!"


Pei Xi, who had been the favored son of heaven since he was young, had always been favored by others. When had he ever suffered such humiliation?

Pei Xi's eyes turned scarlet, and his anger had completely overwhelmed his rationality.

As he clenched his right fist more and more tightly, shocking spirit energy was emitted from his right fist!

"Lin Yuan!"

"Be careful!"

"Be careful!"

Wu Di, Fang Zixin, and the teachers in the dojo saw that it was too late to stop this scene, and they all cried out in horror.

Lin Yuan had never fought a level three martial artist before.

The moment Pei Xi released his spirit energy, cold sweat dripped down from Lin Yuan's forehead!

"Go to hell!"

The flow of spirit energy whizzed out from Pei Xi's right fist and suddenly struck Lin Yuan!

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