7 Surely It's True, I am Here!

"Good, this is good. We wouldn't want a beautiful young lady such as yourself getting hurt now would we?" He asked rhetorically with a charming smile.

"Uhm… I am not that beautiful my lord." She spoke softly with her head down, though she said that Dominic could hear her heart accelerate and sense her body emitting chemicals that allowed him to note that she was very happy at his praise

"Look at me, my dear." He gently lifted her face up to look at him by holding her chin. She didn't resist and saw warmth and care within them again along with a gentle smile. Causing her to sport another blush once more.

"Your beauty is radiant that it even shines in these clothes, for yours come from inside as well as outside. There is no denial that you are beautiful." Spoke Dominic gently as ran his hand to cup her cheek and gently moved a strand of her hair from her forehead, sensing that his actions were about to make her faint, he let go gently and stepped back.

Calming down a little, she no longer looked down again and kept gazing at him once more, this time to inspect him clearly. He could see her eyes wander as fear had been replaced by deep curiosity, longing, and fascination. For a sweet feeling in her heart has been planted deep in her heart.

"Now my dear, would you be so kind as to tell me why you were in such a rush? You could have hurt yourself greatly or someone else had I not been here." He asked, the town didn't look very busy, and by the sun's position he was sure that it was not even close to noon.

Why was she running? There doesn't seem to be anyone chasing her at all either.

'This here scenario is making me eat my words from earlier.' Dominic thought to himself as he looked at the maiden that seem to have been struck by his question.

"Ah! So sorry, I honestly wasn't concentrating as my head was elsewhere. My stepmother would not be pleased if she hears about this. Please forgive me!" With a deep bow, she said. Fear had reached out and gotten a hold of her once again she would rather face punishment from him than from her cruel stepmother if she heard that she ad bumped into a very important person.

"Hmm?" This information made him get increasingly closer to what he believed was true, he scanned her intently and noticed her body shaking with fear this made him slightly angry at this stepmother.

"Alright, I will forgive you... But only on one condition." He said as he left a deep air of tension, her body stopped shaking with glee as she looked up only to freeze up at his last sentence.

She saw his eyes as they raked all over her body, she could feel his heated gaze on every inch of her skin, to him she was completely naked.

She had felt this gaze before, and she hated it when those creepy men in the alleys and bars looked at her like this. The deep hatred in her surfaced again, only this time it was not towards him. But herself!

Deep in her mind was a battle, one side wanted to even undress and let him do as he wished to her little body. Have him ravage her and turn her mind made under his passionate embrace. She knew about sex and could understand the gazes of those men, but his caresses with his eyes felt glorious as if it was an honor to be even gazed by him much less under such a heated gaze.

Her normal mind on the other hand was very, very disgusted at herself for even thinking like that. She was a respectable young woman that had pride in herself with great value, sure she was mistreated at home but she couldn't let herself feel like this, like a slut for this marvelous specimen of a man. But his next words made her body feel mixed emotions.

"I want you… To be my guide in this town." With a smirk, Dominic could read what was going through her mind, and honestly, he seemed to enjoy teasing her very much.

Not to mention how he enjoyed the various reactions of her body that she doesn't seem to notice.

"Oh... I mean, sure it is fine!" She realized that her first reply didn't come out as she wanted it to. It was as if her own body was disappointed by his request, which she cleared quickly.

Dominic noticed this and raised an eyebrow and smirked, so he decided to tease this beauty even more.

"Oh? It sounds as if you were expecting something else, tell me what is it that you wish me to ask of you?" He stepped closer with a teasing grin and saw how she brought up her arm flailing them like in an anime with a massive red blush as she rambled.

"Relax my dear, am just teasing. You look so cute that I couldn't help it, besides don't worry I am not thinking any less of you at all. I can tell you are independent, strong-willed as well as kind, and self-loving. It is this inner beauty that seems to radiate outwards that I can't help but find stunning." He said, he had already guessed whom she might be and had already begun to lay down his cards to have her.

And they were very effective, she stopped when he calmed her but also blushed as well as felt a little indignant at his words that he was teasing her, though she enjoyed it as it was the first time she had felt this way.

His next words, however, landed deep in her heart and touched her greatly as if he knew her personally, for one that had always been treated like a slave, his words meant a lot to her.

"How did you know?" She asked in awe. Dominic just smiled as he got closer to her and cupped her cheek gently and stared into her eyes.

"There is a saying that eyes are the windows to the soul, and your beautiful blue orbs shine with such beauty that can only come from your soul, heart, and mind." He said, it might sound corny that he knew, but if he was correct, for the one he was dealing with and would deal with, such words were the best to gain their heart and bodies.

"Thank you." Was all she could say as she fought off tears that wanted to pour out from her eyes, as her mind and eyes ran through miles and miles at how romantic this moment was. How she wanted this moment to last forever and be swept away by this mysteriously handsome stranger.

"Your welcome, Uhm, forgive me, I appear not to know your name." Giving her a bit of space once more, he asked the question that had been burning in his chest.

"Right, my name is Cinderella. Please to meet you, Mister?" She curtsied and she replied but ended up also not knowing his name in return.

Even if he had been able to guess, her name still rattled his mind. It took all his willpower not to leap up high in the sky and roar loudly at this.

'Am here! In this universe, here where I always longed to be. It is decided, am going to hunt them all down and make them mine! No one. and I mean no one will keep them from me, not even death!' He vowed as he felt a change set place in his body.

He then understood at that time that he had found his path.

'I plunder princesses, huh? Excellent, my darlings out there. Wait for your beloved, am coming soon!' He cheered mentally.

"My name is Dominic please my dear, don't call me with initials such as Mr. or Sir, just Dom will do as I feel that I have finally met someone I have been longing to meet at last after so many years or even a lifetime. If I may, can I call you Ella from now on?" He said with a hand on his chest and a short bow along with a charming gentle smile that conveyed his emotions that he truly longed to meet her and have her at last.

"Really? I would love that, and it seems like it is the same for me as well." Cinderella beamed as she placed her hand on her heart that seemed like it was about to leap out of her chest and hand itself over to this man forever.

'Perhaps he too feels like this like I do, or at least something closer to what I am. Is he the one? But what about the prince I saw that time when he made my heart flutter, on second thought the feeling Dominic is making me feel is on another level, not to mention am talking to him and I have never said a word to the prince.'

Honestly, she couldn't deny that she was falling for this stranger at a fast pace than she would have wanted. It frightened her how she was able to feel like this for a man that she just met.

"If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?" She asked as her blue eyes sparkled with deep curiosity. She wondered that if she knew him better she might just understand her mysterious attraction for this man.

"I am from a land very, very far away from here. Anyway, why don't you show me around? I have been traveling around to see the world before I can settle down in search of special and precious treasures that this world had ever had the pleasure of giving birth to. And I want them all to be mine." Sargon replied calmly as he stared deep into her blue eyes as he spoke such domineering words that bored deep into her very being and made her tremble under his gaze.

"O-Oh! I-I truly wish you the best of luck in finding them. They would be happy under your care. Ahem! Anyway, follow me." She answered subconsciously first before looking away changing the subject, due to the feelings that jumped in her blood and the crazy thoughts in her mind.

"Sure, lead the way." Dominic looked at her and just replied with a slight smirk.

Cinderella was an excellent guide, showing him the shops and places that she deemed to be important, from grocery shops, furniture, and clothing shops, though he could see the look of longing in her eyes and voice when they passed by Jewelry and clothing shops. He noted the ones that drew her fancy and saw her favorite colors and tastes.

'My palace has things better than these here, in time I will gift them to her, the main problem is getting her free from…' His musings were cut off by the shrieks from behind them that would put banshees to shame.

"Cinderella! Where have you been!?" He knew without turning around who might they be.

'Them, the Tremaines.'

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