I am Morty Sanchez

Inspired by "I am Morty but better." I took some of his chapters and decided to make my own. Credit to him. This is just fun fic and won't be too serious it won't follow the canon, so if you don't like it sue me. ========== Reborn as Morty Smith from Rick and Morty. He will travel through multiverse for a lifetime of adventure while wooing woman along the way. "Yes~ Morty~ Fuck your Mommy harder!" "Hey, don't hog him all to yourself, Mom." ======= BEFORE READING. Incest Time travel clone/Hivemind orgy. Y'all might think it's self-Ntr so if you think so then this fic isn't for you. Alien seggs. Female Yautja and humanoid Xenomorph. I mean it's rick and Morty. Semi-furry( Like fanart of Renamon and Tigress) Porn with plot. MC Chaotic Neutral to Neutral Good. Wish fulfilment. Jerry smith is Cucked. Massive Harem. Planned world: Adventure Time, Ben 10, Invincible, The Boys, Gravity Falls, Star Vs forces of evil, Frozen, Tangled, Kung Fu Panda, etc.

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Chapter 6 - Immoral Mother~♥️

Morty's woman will be many Morty women but I will have two categories.

Primary girls - Who will appear more often and have detailed chapters.

Secondary - Those that briefly mention and won't be much more significant.

For example, Beth, Summer and Jessica will be primary, Tricia, Jacqueline, Annie and Stacy are secondary.

Also, my MC isn't good nor evil, he just does what he likes and would manipulate and trick women to get them.

Anyway, Aunt Cass is on the list of the harem.

Also yes, it most smut. Just treat this as porn with plot I guess. I'm just here to have fun.


Reaching around and I grabbed her plump ass. She reached down with her hand and started to feel my dick as it stiffened in my pants. Cortana kneels down pulling out my cock and sucking it, staining it with her lipstick. I grab her two pigtails and use them as handles pulling her hard onto my cock.

Continuing to use her hair as handles I pull her off of my dick and over to the couch pressing her face against the wall ass sticking out. Positioning my cock against her pussy for the first time, Cortana wags her ass seductively and then pushes back taking me inside of her. She's as tight as could be wished for.

Pulling out of her I hear her gasp and as I push back into her she moans contentedly. I stayed with her for just a moment longer, enjoying the warmth of her squeezing my cock.

Then I start to move going in and out of her with some speed making her gasp every time. I give her ass a good slap which only seems to encourage Cortana as she starts to move her hips back meeting my thrust everytime taking me deeper and deeper into her.

I reach around her pulling her barely covered nipples free with one hand, playing with her breasts. With the other hand I slide it up her thighs finding her clit.

Rubbing it she yells out slamming her ass back hard one more time, I feel her convulse around me, pussy quivering. Stilling for a moment I let her enjoy her orgasm.

As she returns to herself she pulls off of me and rolling over pulls her knees up to her chest presenting her pussy to me again. Plunging back into her, I keep moving with speed fucking her hard. Cortana moans pulling me in passionately kissing me.

Breaking off the kiss I slide my hand up her body settling it around her neck, not squeezing but forcing her head upward making her arch her body pushing her already prominent tits further out.

With the hand that is not around her neck I start to pull on her nipples alternating between the two making her squeak each time I start pulling.

As I continue to fuck her I start getting close to my own orgasm but with how Cortana is breathing I know she's close as well. Just as she is about to orgasm I pull out of her I push two fingers into her my thumb rubbing her clit, fingers curling up on her g-spot.

Cortana reaches forward grabbing my cock wet from her pussy. Her expert fingers sliding the length of it, releasing her throat Cortana leans her face forward sticking her tongue out. With the newly presented target I cum painting her tits and face.

Plastering her tits, landing some on her tongue and splashing some on her glasses. The hot cum landing on her body as well as the continued rubbing of her clit makes Cortana cum a second time, sending spasms up her body.

Sliding my fingers out of her I look down at her body covered in sweat and cum. Cortana panting heavily began smearing my semen on her body.

Once we're done, the two of us head to the shower to clean ourselves and go outside my room. She let her new body be stationary since Cortana was still artificial intelligence connected to the network.

"Resume the protocol I set." I said to Cortana as she did what I told her. I wasn't worried about Rick finding the Nanites since I've made sure that the Nanites are undetectable.

After that, I decided to head to the bathroom since Cortana was so tempting that we had another around inside the shower and when we were done.

Upon entering the bathroom I began to undress and admire my body in the mirror without being able to avoid it. I began to do some Jojo's poses, letting out a laugh.

I entered the shower and took a relaxing hot bath to save time. I also brushed my teeth inside the shower. Once I took some of the towels that were on one of the shelves and began to dry my hair while I was thinking about the future plans of the woman I want.

'Beside my mother and sister, I'm going to find Annie in this universe. Hopefully I can get her to leave the new anatomy park then afterwards Jessica and Tricia. Then those women when Morty became confident Stacy and Jacqueline after that the girl that only named Morty's girlfriend. Finally planetina and we can work together to fix the world.'

I thought listing the number of women within the Rick and Morty universe then another pop in my head.

'Right, I'll also take women from their show like Shego, Kim Possible, Marceline, Garnet, Elsa, Anna, and many more.'

An evil smile forms on my face because I am living the way I want without holding back and being so immersed in my thoughts I did not hear the door opening, though, it's more like I didn't feel any sense of danger to care when I heard as the door opened, I turned my head and saw Beth with a surprised face.

Beth herself found herself so surprised by what she was seeing right in front of her, for a brief moment she thought she was in some kind of erotic dream because of yesterday's thoughts.

But she gave it up because before going to the bathroom she had hit her head toe and felt it very real, standing static at the door she saw the figure of her son in front of her, completely naked with only a towel around his neck, due to the sight in front of her her cheeks began to blush I unconsciously looked the body in front of him in full detail.

He wanted to take his eyes off the abdomen that he was looking at with luxury and detail, in the end he was able to look away with extreme difficulty only to see the lower region, which made him stop breathing for what he was seeing in front of him, she was seeing the biggest cock in a man she had ever seen for a man in that split second an image of Jerry flashed through her mind which was shattered into millions of pieces by the image ahead of her.

Looking at the monstrous cock and the two balls that looked like tennis balls, she subconsciously unknowingly licked her lips. Looking at the package in front of her, she couldn't help but feel a little pain in her lower part, an area she was very aware of the reason for her pain, when she looked at her son's face she saw how he was looking at her with a raised eyebrow, making her blush increase.

she unconsciously had to swallow the accumulation of saliva that was forming inside her mouth, when she did so her throat felt incredibly dry.

'Fuck, because I think about Morty and that magnificent body on top of me, because I think about the pain that monster would make me feel, I can't even imagine how his load would taste in my mouth and inside me, Damn! This is getting out of hand, this is all Jerry's fault for not satisfying me, this is his fault for not having a dick like that thing!'

Beth complained while I could hear her thoughts because of my psionic abilities making me inwardly smile. Yes my new body should naturally secrete pheromone to make any woman wet.

"H-Hello Mor-Morty what…what are you doing awake at this … this hour?'

She tried to sound as normal as she could, but the blush, her stuttering, and the slight tremor in her legs didn't help at all. It was rather adorable not gonna lie.

"Nothing, I just woke up earlier, so I decided to take a shower to freshen up and wake up completely." I said while using the towel to cover my waist. My appearances didn't arouse her curiosity because they were already aware of the change happening to me.

"I'm done, so it's all yours." I clarified before taking all my clothes but before I get outside I decided to do something to make her fall for me even deeper.

'By the way, good morning, mom." I leaned over a little and kissed her on the cheek and then walked past her and went to my room.

'Did she grow up.'She thought as she touched her cheek where she kissed her before.

'Damn, that's a good body' She thought to herself while she saw her son's toned back. Beth knew that she was going to have a long shower after seeing that.

'It's fine if I just fantasize about it, right?' Beth thought aroused at the unforgettable sight.

Realizing what she was thinking, she mentally slapped himself and entered the bathroom to shower. But she ended up having some fun with herself inside.

Meanwhile, I entered my room and began to take out all the clothes I had. I took the shirt that I previously wore and put it on, took some clean boxers and when I put them on I felt how they squeezed my crotch making me sigh I had the option of wearing the other underwear.

I wave my hand warping the atomic structure and resize it enough to allow me to wear them. I need to buy clothes soon since everyone would be suspicious about where he got the money or outfit.

I put on the same pants, but I changed socks and put on my white sneakers. Before leaving the room I took my phone which was charging on my nightstand, as I passed the bathroom and heard moaning inside which made me smile.

'Ah~♥️ Morty~ Fuck me harder~♥️♥️ make me feel like woman~♥️♥️!! Your dick is better than your father~♥️♥️ yes like that~♥️ Break me~♥️♥️ You can even Knock me up~♥️' I could hear her thoughts as well. I'm surprised that she wants to have rough sex. She's quite kinky huh?

'I have to exploit the opportunity that this marriage is going to hell, along with Jerry's own uselessness, stupidity and cowardice.' I thought with an evil smile and peered through the walls seeing Beth deciding to watch her a bit.