Words! (Part 2)

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As long as they were suspicious, they could kill.

The Chief of Dark Division even had what the chief of the other five divisions and the two rulers of Holy Divine Palace did not have, and Ye Xiao had never used it either -- the right to kill first and report later!

Teng Shanhai had a headache thinking about it.

He had never thought that anything would happen to Dark Division. After all, it was the final trump card of Holy Divine Palace.

But now, with Yi's death...

It would have been fine if Yi was an ordinary higher void (level).

But it wasn't!

Yi's death involved too many things. It was too big a matter.

If no one showed up from Holy Divine Palace, it was afraid that it would be messy.

The most important thing now was not to let Ye Xiao know about Yi's death!



The array token of the deputy commander in Cloud Realm world trembled. It interrupted Teng Shanhai's train of thought.