The Persistent Mountain Guardian 3

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Wood attribute.

At that time, his cultivation level was still at the innate stage, but now, he was already a master.

However, it didn't matter if he was a master or not. Luo Yin knew that the most dangerous person in the Xu faction wasn't the vanguard in front of him, but Young Master Xu.

However, Young Master Xu had yet to appear, and as soon as Mu Zixi appeared, the Xu faction members fled in panic..

What did that mean?

This girl had mutated?

"How are you holding up?"

Luo Yin took a step forward and questioned sternly.

He knew that Miss Mu had the ability to summon ancient trees and detonate ancient trees, but these methods were only effective against a dozen to twenty people.

To deal with a few hundred people on the mountain peak alone, how could a mere master like her withstand it?


She was only "one person"!