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I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Eat Apples Late at Night

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From the synopsis, the mc looks like he’s going to become a masochist. Reminds me a little of Lin Fan from TSS .

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This novel is hilarious. I laughed so much throughhout the whole thing. The meme factor is through the roof, trolling skills to the extreme. Great for a laugh, and the story isn’t all that bad either.


its good but the mc is kinda dumb but you might enjoy it if your willing to kill a few brain cells and i personally think the martial arts tournament arc has been a little too stretched out for its own good


Another of those 'very funny' Lin fan novels. It's more repetive than normal wuxia novels. Sense of humour is terrible. You smile at first 10 times... then feel cringe in the rest... Translation quality or stability of updates... Got unfair one... Story? Character? World? All on default mode. Thanks for wasting my time. Next.


Worst kind of system novels in existence. Points gathering? Extremely repetetive and zero fun. I don't care 1 star is too much. I hope it won't be realeased but... It fits requirements for release. Bad, not really funny and system. Done. If you add bribe from author. Release is set in stone.


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It's a funny and light read. It's an interesting story and would be great if the mc wasn't dumb af... I mean his first technique the FOUNDATION breathing technique. He never even thinks to level it up and only levels up auxiliary passives. It's a joke rly and just so fcking frustrating to read. I could understand why he only levelled up his strengthen passive first even if it was annoying you understand because of the comp. However, after that was over and him having tons of points from it, the first thing he should have done is strengthen his foundation.... It's just so fcking frustrating to read So yeah...


truly a hopeless novel and trash and retard MC and nonsense plot story. I don't understand why the authors of this genre of the novel insist on making the MC dump and dumper with each passing chapter and plots will become more and more nonsense Like always we have a super Idiot, retard, dump with no common sense, and this situation will become ort and worst as the story goes on. Jut in the 20th chapters and it's like a crazy person. Webnovel must pay more attention to the novels it chose.


Why do I have the impression that the editor was waiting that WN remove Tanky Mage of the list so that he can choose this novel ? 🤔 Seriously, wth you editor, have against Tanky Mage ?! This a Good Novel ! You must be f*cking blind !


This is straight trash, tried so hard to be funny but you failed so bad author dumb. Boring fight, the fight is ridiculously stupid. Idk what the author trying to do, he needs to stop.


so my question is its been alredy a week since has been selected and how much i know evry week/ 7 days comes another new book so way didint nothing moved since last week?


Before this novel was selected by an editor I honestly avoided it because of the reviews; I realize I do this with a lot of novels that have low reviews and I don't even bother to give them a try. Now that i've read it I found i quite like it. I think from today onward I won't bother reading or paying attention to opinionated reviews that praise or scold a novel simply on their personal taste. I suggest others also just give a novel a try and form your own opinions yourself.


typical system face slap novel. i wouldnt even have so much problem with "passive" system if the first skill that he gained wasnt ACTIVE... overall stupid mc, some comedy but everything is more or less copy pasted from x(x→∞) other similar novels.


there is nothing interesting about this novel. everything has been done before. at first it was funny to read his antics but those got old really quick and then the frustration of the mc never taking anything serious kicks in.


Hurm.. Another great idea yet bad plot. Mc is quite weird in using his cheat. He should be using it for like, his core. His foundation. But he didn't. And not only that, you can see that this novel follow the trend of meme and troll sh1t that is so much nowaday... Well, a read that would need you to sacrifice your brain cell.


Really not my cup of tea. It tries to do too many things without successfully doing any of them. It’s got low level low effort comedy, low effort cultivation, and sincerely low effort world building. What makes this book fun? The passives and how they play out, of course. So what does the Author do? Everything else but. And when he does talk about the passives and the system, it feels reluctant and rushed. Why name the book after that if you just want a face slapping, low tier, Cultivation World? Not for me.


I read till chapter 590, and all I can say is that the translation of this novel has been going downhill since it reached the 200s. I lost alot of my brain cells just trying to understand what the heck is going on in each chapter. I personally don't recommend people to read this novel.


Reveal spoiler


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Trial read 40 chapters is more than enough for this novel. It’s repetitive just changes some names, situation but MC still stays dumb all the time