Possession! (Part 3)

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Having done everything, Yi didn't think too much about anything else.

From his point of view, Xu Xiaoshou was a junior. This fellow had learned too many things. How could he even be able to dispel his Great Void energy, the Chaotic Ghostly Qi?

Thus, after dealing with Xu Xiaoshou, his soul body advanced in the direction of Lei Xi'er.

After being blocked by the berserk giant, Lei Xi'er had a moment to catch her breath.

However, the time was too short.

For the Sovereign (stage) to control the Great Void, the gap between their realms was too big. Thus the consumption was also huge.

Lei Xi'er had just barely recovered from the attack of Yi's first half soul body. Her spiritual source energy reserve could no longer support her to cast the God Devil Eyes for another round.

As the Lord of White Cave Small World, of course, she could borrow the power of the world.

Lei Xi'er had wanted to borrow the power of the White Cave Small World.