Elder Sang's Scheme! 2

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However, there were always mistakes that caused these treasures to land on the Yunlun Mountain Range.

"How many more Li Yan is there in this world?" Xu Xiaoshou thought sadly. Then, shaking his head to get rid of the distractions, he returned to the main topic.

The red-clothed people couldn't stop Bazhun'an's last wave of treasures.

Among them, there was the Devil Sword, the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord that disappeared along with the power of the Holy Emperor.

As expected, there was also the legendary origin of Saint Ascension "Saint Origin Crystal" -- according to the original words of Bazhun'an.

Since these treasures might land on the Yunlun Mountain Range and they did not have an owner, the trial-takers would definitely search for the treasures crazily.

Then why did he still guard the empty mountain alone and miss out on a good opportunity?