Demon Emperor Black Dragon, Sword Slash Dao Qiongcang 2

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Rao Yaoyao's fingers tightly locked onto the hilt of the Cang Godhood Sword, and cracking sounds came from the joints of her fingers.

She was furious.

What a vicious and cunning person!

If one plan succeeded, there would be another. If it wasn't for Dao Qiongcang watching and being influenced by the power of the Holy Emperor, would she have lost all the power of fate in the Cang Godhood Sword right now?

"Ga ga ga ga..."

The phantom of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon laughed mockingly. "You little brats are unlovable. How can you only have staple food and not desserts to show respect to your elder?"

His voice stopped and his dragon head trembled.


Another burp...

Rao Yaoyao's heart was trembling with anger.

How shameless!

He borrowed the power of fate from the Holy Divine Palace to appear in this world, yet he still wanted to devour even more.