Complete Form! Two-Winged Black Demon Berserk Giant! 3

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Suddenly, besides the surging demonic Qi in front of him, a beautiful and mournful blood-stained face appeared after Lei Xi'er blocked a blow for him.

"Mu Zixi..."

Xu Xiaoshou trembled as he muttered absent-mindedly.

His mind was filled with the scene of mountains of corpses and seas of blood wreaked by demonic Qi. He was clearly unable to think, but his tears were still falling uncontrollably.

In the next second.

At the Purple Mansion spiritual altar, the last wisp of clarity was finally suppressed and depleted!

Xu Xiaoshou looked past Lei Xi'er and saw the familiar face of Elder Sang behind her...

It was Yi!

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

He had already suppressed the primitive crazy desire of the wild beast in his mind for Mu Zixi's sake.

But why...

Why was this old fellow...

Always so noisy!

Always interrupting!

Always refusing to repent?!