Complete Form! Two-Winged Black Demon Berserk Giant! 2

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He seemed to realize that it was impolite to ask such a question and wanted to explain something.

But in the end, he couldn't say anything.

As no matter how he asked, that was his original intention.

Lei Xi'er's face turned pale and a painful look flashed past.

Her gaze moved down and landed on Xu Xiaoshou's hand.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly let go of his hand.

Lei Xi'er then said, "I'm Lei Xi'er, and I'm also Mu Zixi. She's me, and I'm her. In fact, we're not even different.

"It's just that when I was asleep, she was more resistant to my existence.

"I can feel all of her emotions personally, and she... or rather, 'I', that 'I', didn't want to accept 'I' in the past, which has led to this outcome."

Lei Xi'er smiled faintly. She had the charm of melting ice and snow. She said softly, "You be able to understand."

How would Xu Xiaoshou not understand?

He just couldn't accept it!