Complete Form! Two-Winged Black Demon Berserk Giant! 1

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The black Reborn Lily sea of flowers slowly swayed in the wind.

Within the bounded domain, almost no one was unaffected by this extreme demonic qi, even the master of the bounded domain, Yi.

"God Devil Eyes?"

Yi looked at the thick blackness in front of him. Only at this moment did he react.

The appearance of the Reborn Lily was probably due to the Life Force of the Ultimate Life Demon Physique.

However, the divine power and demonic power couldn't be brought by a mere sacred physique, even if there was the word 'demon' in 'Ultimate Life Demon Physique'.

"Ultimate Life Demon Physique...


"So, the prediction of Rao Yaoyao and Xiao Xiao has come true?!"

Yi could not believe it. The situation before him had gone straight to the worst. There was not even the slightest bit of leeway to mediate.