Big Shot Xu Xiaoshou Disguised as a Woman (Part 1)

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"I'm sorry, I can't."

Lei Xi'er shook her head and rejected him right away.

The will was not something that she could control.

Strictly speaking, she and Mu Zixi shared the same personality.

There was no such thing that a small body could restore her previous character.

Lei Xi'er also knew what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking.

However, the fundamental reason for the change in her body size was that Mu Zixi couldn't resist the urge to devour Life Force. She had swallowed too much of it.

Under normal circumstances, the age of this body and the corresponding size should be the size that Xu Xiaoshou could see at the moment.

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and felt troubled.

Mu Zixi couldn't come back anymore.

After the Yi interrogated Mu Zixi, Mu Zixi was gone. Or rather, she had changed her appearance.

Who would believe that there wasn't something fishy about this?

His brain started to spin rapidly.