1 The Madness

Spending the summertime at The Callesthene King Golf and Resort was fun. The place was perfect for a vacation, especially for wealthy people who want to spend their money on betting on a golf course.

The members will play golf, enjoy beautiful views of the artificial lake with storks and some unique collection of poultry and birds, or do some other fun activities. They can also enjoy the resort provided for premium golf club members. The inn serves a variety of hydrants such as spas, hot tubs to pubs and restaurants. It's all complete and neat at The Callesthene King Gold and Resort. Sound like a commercial? Indeed! Because those are some complements that this famous resort is trying to serve.

The beautiful caddies will faithfully accompany wealthy people in business to waste their money to bet playing golf. The girls would laugh and entertain those old rich men who tried to be funny and charm as they were ten years younger. The caddies are special to please guests, including if they have to provide certain services.

The management of this golf resort knows how to pamper their members, including the owner, Mars King. And there, Mars, who was measuring the distance from his position to the hole in front of him. He would do a teeing shot, the first shot to put the ball into hole par. After grinning, he then prepares to swing his golf stick. He stood up and swung the stick, so the ball rolled and plumped into the hole. Mars stood there proudly, one hand on the right hip and another pressed the golf stick downwards.

"Look at that, Mr. Arthur. I should be a professional golfer, shouldn't I?" Mars grinning devilishly then turned around at a man who was held in his arms by two of Mars's men.

"But I prefer football or baseball," he added, smirkingly evil towards him. Mars King's right hand, Caleb Konstantine, then kicked the man's knee named Arthur from behind until he knelt on the grass that lay like a tapestry. Mars walked toward the scared in a suit and didn't dare to see Mars's face. Mars raised the tip of his golf stick to his chin and raised his face.

"Tell me, why did you fail?" Mars asked, half-growling as the man's face looked up at his face as he pulled his chin up with a golf stick.

"I'm sorry, Mr. King, but Jared Wright closed the deal more than ours. IFAF wanted bigger offers," Arthur replied to give his reasons. Mars then grunts and looks at him cynically.

"You mean they asked for more money, or Jared Wright stole what's mine?" The man gasped and did not know what to answer. He just kept quiet, trying to subdue his eyes.

Jared Wright, son of his rival business tycoon King Enterprise, always disturbed Mars's composure. He has stolen some of his mega projects, sometimes to the point of having to bribe many people. And those times Mars kept silent, he wanted to play honestly sometimes, but it seemed like Jared did not want to play fair. He has always been and will continue to cheat.

Mars then raises Arthur's chin and lowers the end of the golf stick.

"You know what I dislike the most, Mr. Arthur?" Arthur did not answer, and somehow it made Mars smirking devilishly. He steps forward then raised his lips.

"A braggart like you!" Mars swung his golf stick right in Arthur's face slapping him on the right of his face. Arthur shouted in pain as his nose was breaking.

"AAAHHHHKKK!" Mars casually raised a golf stick over his shoulder and shrugged nastily from behind his sunglasses as if nothing horrible happened.

"Your nose cannot replace the money I have spent for your stupidity, Mr. Arthur" Mars swung again, this time to the left side. Now it looked like the jaw might have been broken. Arthur cried in pain for mercy.

"I'm sorry, Mr. King ... I beg you!" said Arthur painstakingly, trying to talk and even crawling to get closer to Mars.

Caleb looks at his boss with a cold glance as he put both his hands in his pocket, then he stomps on Arthur's back so that he clung to the ground in front of him. Mars walks to the front of Arthur's face, terrible bloody from his forehead to his broken nose.

"Say goodbye to your beautiful wife. I think my men will like to have fun with her tonight, and I think you won't mind." Mars murmurs with its low notes and so terrifying baritone sound. Mars was about to leave by putting a golf club on his right shoulder. With the remaining energy, broken face, and excruciating pain in his face, Arthur crawled and held next to Mars King's leg to plead.

"Please, Mr. King, I will do anything, please let my wife go" Mars laughed

"I thought you were keeping some of your whores. It turned out you still want your wife, didn't she want your money? I don't think she will mind me and my men have fun tonight?" Arthur cried and kept begging

"Please, Mr. King, please do not take my wife" Mars stomped his feet off Arthur's grip. Mars then turned his face to the left

"Caleb, give him to your dog, and his wife gives her to your men. They need some fun tonight" Mars King then walked away while giving his golf stick to one of the beautiful caddies who had been waiting for him. Caleb was as heartless as Mars. He pulled Arthur up and threw him to some of his subordinates.

"Do as King say!" he said coldly. Arthur, who kept shouting and fighting, was finally taken somewhere those people in suits. "No ... not ... do not ...." Arthur, who continued to scream and fight, was eventually taken away by a few men in the case.

"LET ME GO!" he tries to fight back and run, but quickly one of Mars' men under Caleb catches Arthur again. He beat him in the middle of a golf course that had no witnesses there.

Arthur's screams slowly faded with the sound of birds squealing on The Callesthene King golf and resort.

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