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You have read Fanfics on how one lucky or unlucky guy would get picked by some random omnipotent being to relive his life in another world. Well what if you were that R.O.B only less omnipotent [For now] and more immortal. What happens when a man is reborn as Energy in the world of DC Capable of using said energy to do anything imaginable.

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Chapter 1 Energy

In a complete pitch-black environment, a small silhouette made of light stood on …. well, nothing.

The pitch black void full of nothingness surrounded him from all angles, making him seem as if he were floating.

With his head slightly cocked backwards, lips slightly open, dull expression and closed eyes, he stayed in that same posture with no knowledge of the amount of time passing by.

His hair, however, looked like it was made of luminous light glowing brightly in the dark landscape, swaying slightly despite there being no winds.


After God knows how long, a sound graced the silent surroundings as the male silhouette let out a muffled groan.

His slumped posture straightened up slowly as he rubbed his head with both arms.

His eyelids opened to reveal dull eyes with dark irises, looking around in an attempt to understand what was happening.

"Where..... where am I? "

There was clear confusion written on his face and could be heard in his voice. From left to right, up, down, no matter where he looked, all he saw was darkness.

"Ugh…" Another groan escaped from his lips yet again As he rubbed his head to relieve himself of his headache.

"Wait…. who am I?"

"Why can't I remember anything?"

"I… I can't, ..."

"You can't remember anything now, can you?" A voice said, making the male silent as he turned his head to locate where that voice was coming from.


"Don't bother looking. I'm everywhere around you. Trying to locate me isn't feasible".

There was a long period of silence as both sides said nothing. The silence continued to drag on until the male finally spoke.

"Ok, I'll take your word on that... I guess".

He said with slight confusion.

"You are wondering why you're taking all of this so calmly, aren't you? It surprises me how that's the first thing that's on your mind instead of questions like

'Where am I'm or 'Who are you' if I do say so myself".

He was slightly surprised. Yes, that was precisely what was going through his had right now.

And when he thought about it, he found his calmness surprisingly strange.

"Are you..... God? Or some kind of powerful entity or something along those lines?"

"Oh? You know about the concept of God. Looks like, apart from not knowing what you are and where you came from, everything else is working just fines".

The male was caught off guard a bit.

A series of complex thoughts passed through his mind with each passing second.

"What do you mean by…. What am I? Aren't I human?" He asked.

"What makes you think you are?" The voice replied.

"..... Well, my body shape is in human form. So that makes me… Well, human, I guess?". Confusion started settling in as he continued, seemingly unsure of himself.

"I mean, there are other human shaped species in the universe. I remember there are demons with the ability to take human form. And also alien shape-shifters like the scrulls".

"Oh, and the Martians can change their features to look like anyone. So technically, you're right. The possibility of me not being human is… Is...."

He spoke increasingly until his sentences reached a drawl. His eyes widened as he looked back towards the infinite darkness, to the one with no shape or form.

"Wait? How..... How do I know all this?"

"Where did I learn this knowledge from? And why can't I remember anything?"

"Oh, you're finally at the point, huh? Million-dollar question. I honestly wondered how long you would take to ask me that".

"Can you please just answer my doubts?"

"Fair enough. I was the one who allowed you all that knowledge you have in your head. You have been in this dimension for the approximately a week to put in time standards you understand. Your brain digesting all the knowledge of human life you were given".

The male heard all that he said and calmly asked.

"So you put me here to impart me with what I know now? But why?"

"Simply because you did not know it before". The voice said.

He was taken aback.

"Why…. Wouldn't I know…? What happened to me that caused you to bring me here?"

He couldn't understand. Did something happen to his memories? Or was he turned into an idiot, his brain reduced to mush in a freak accident or something.

"Nothing happened to you, simply because you never existed to begin with".

"I'm sorry, What?"

"Your consciousness gained existence about a week ago. Your current form does not have a physical body and is only a tiny, separated portion of energy from myself".

"You have spent the last week assimilating what I deem as 'common knowledge'.

The funny scene of a phantom within the darkness performing air quotes with his fingers on the last sentence couldn't help but pop up in his mind.

But then the meaning interlaced within those words hit him.

"Are…. Are you saying that I'm you?"

"Yes you are. A split consciousness formed from the energy within our reach. But your mind has been scrubbed clean of any experience and infused with common knowledge of The Ten Thousand realms and beyond".

"This is why you know what you know but have no memories of anything else".

"So hold up a minute. I'm like your incarnation or somet.... What do you mean by the Ten thousand realms? So you're saying it actually exists? Wait..... I think I'm gonna have a migraine. What are you exactly?".

"Are you some R.O.B [random omnipotent being] who goes around granting reincarnations to transmigrators?"

"Not quite. To put it in simple terms, I am Energy".


"Yes Energy. And so are you. You are not in some soul or spirit form, but energy. We can literally exist from now until the end of time with no notion of death".

Silence reigned.

For a while.

"That's..... enlightening, to say the least. So you're telling me that all those TV shows, movies, comic books, mangas, cartoons, are all worlds that truly exist?"

"Yes, they do. All drawn from the main universe, with new ones being formed every passing day".

"Along with all the overpowered, Godly beings in many of them".


"So what about you? Where do you fit in the spectrum? Are there other powerful entities that randomly oversee all universes, like some omnipotent being?"

"Maybe too much information from the perspective of the Main universe wasn't a great idea".

The voice said after a long period of silence.

"Let me clear up the waters then. I (We) am (are) energy, which exists through every fabric of space and time, in every atom, molecule, form of matter, through every world, Galaxy, universe, parallel or alternate reality the moment it was created. Energy, constitute the very laws and rules the so-called Gods of each reality use to establish themselves. The very lifeblood of their abilities, the very form of their beings. As energy itself, we control every form of energy within our reach. If omnipotence were a scale, then we're the top of the food chain, the end of the ladder, the highest peak. Call it whatever you will, but it doesn't get any better than this".

The voice said in which he could detect no form of arrogance whatsoever. Like it was a merely stating a fact, causing the incarnations head to swell with more information in the past few minutes than it had in its week of existence.

He was kind of reminded of that Scarlett Johansson movie on Earth.

Judging from what he was saying, then…

"So…. If you…. We… are that powerful, then why did you..... well… Make me?" He said in those words, for lack of better terms to use at the moment.

From the knowledge he was imparted with, which came from the main universe, God like entities would find a mortal soul, instill them with various advantages and, or disadvantages as their representative champions.

Or just tools to cause chaos for their amusement.

And for more absurd reasons, such as making mistakes resulting in a mortal's early demise. So to make it up to them, poof. A new chance at life.

Of course, this was all fiction in that reality.

Was the situation similar here?

Or was he in some sort of fiction from the main universe as well?

His eyelids couldn't help but narrow.

"As I said, we are immortal as energy and cannot be destroyed in any possible way, making us invulnerable in the literal sense. Nevertheless, we are not all powerful".

"We have full control of all energy within our grasp, but that can only be gained through accumulation and can only be used to its full potential in a definite form, be it physical or spiritual".

"So we need to create a body for ourselves, is the gist of it, huh? That's kinda cool". He replied.


"Wait! That doesn't explain why you created me".

"Energy doesn't have consciousness. We are an exception, meaning that we don't have control over any amount of energy we expend. Meaning, if, for some reason, we lose all our accumulated energy once we have definite form, we have to start from square one. Believe me when I tell you, in an indefinite form, accumulating energy is passive, making it a lot harder than it should be in a definite form".

The voice said. Weirdly, it sounded somewhat exasperated, which was strange since it had been speaking to him in a neutral tone.

"A split consciousness, however, makes it possible so that you can be placed in another energy unit, making us have two sources to accumulate energy".

That…. sounded quite logical.

"Then why don't we just create more split consciousnesses instead of just one?"

"Do you wish to know how much accumulated energy was required to create a single split consciousness?"

"... umh...." He suddenly felt that wasn't exactly a good idea.

"One hundred thousand, two hundred and eighty-one units of Pure celestial energy". The voice replied.

"Oh! That doesn't sound too much".

"Approximately twelve years, seven months, four days and seventeen hours".

If he had vocal cords, he swore he would have choked.

"My consciousness has been in existence for twenty years". He added.

Ok, now it all felt wrong.

Silence prevailed for a few seconds.

"So since we have two separate consciousnesses, will we be considered separate entities".

"No, the separation has been completed, and the energy points have been fixed. Both will fuse again, making it the same as before".

"Ok then... Since there's nothing else left except creating a new body, let's do this".

"Gladly". The voice said again before disappearing. The floating silhouette suddenly went dark, then silence engulfed the void once more.

My first Fanfic. Took a lot to write this, not sure how it'll hold up or how long I will continue but enjoy.

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