I am blessing Sodimu I want to be a writer

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What is I am blessing Sodimu I want to be a writer

Read ‘I am blessing Sodimu I want to be a writer’ Online for Free, written by the author Sodimu_Blessing, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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エルフの種族が5066年頃に人類によって絶滅から復活した年は7033年であり、その後エルフと人間の間で100年の戦争が起こり、その結果、人間によって新しい地球からエルフの種族が追放されました。エルフの種族は現在生きています。 Orlhaと呼ばれる銀河系では、エルフの種族は銀河全体にさまざまな種類のコロニーを持っています。エルフの種族は、ブラックホールの問題を曲げて、コロニーや宇宙ステーションのコロニーの近くで力に変えることができる高度な技術を持っています。 New Crtnxlhaと呼ばれるガスストーム銀河系のXrhloaと呼ばれる主要な惑星コロニーから100万光年離れたエルフのレースには時間の移動があり、ユナイテッド惑星のユナイテッドエルフ連合内の多くの宇宙ステーションコロニー宇宙ステーションコロニーの正確な場所は不明です。人間だがエルフ自身が知っている人類には古い地球と新しい地球がありますしかし古い地球は現在I066751と呼ばれる未知のブラックホールの中に隠されていますカバーによって、新しい地球は、主人公と彼女の友人が冒険を始めるアルファと呼ばれる嵐のガス銀河に位置しています。地球連合は現在、宇宙ステーションのコロニーと惑星のコロニーにも取り組んでいます。新しい地球では、政府と事務所があります。すべての新しい地球の中で、彼らの設定された政府による勧告によって人々を他の戦争で引き裂かれた国に行くように送ります主人公エミリーは驚きと他の衝撃的な発見からなる長い旅を経験しますエミリーはすぐに彼女の母親がエルフで隠れていたことを学びます人間の政府から、彼女はまた、彼女の人種の真実と、なぜ彼らが新しい地球でもはや許可されないのか、そして近い将来彼らに潜んでいるものについて、この物語がいつ終わるかを知る必要があります

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Cursed to be my Mate

When Alpha King Rhys finally found his mate, he expected fireworks, a puzzle piece to click into place, a Luna to help him rule the kingdom, not this.. this savage rogue. A rogue whose intention had been to assassinate him. Hated upon first sight, Amira cursed the Moon Goddess to find out her mate was the tyrannical Alpha King she'd been trained to kill. With nothing left to do but reject the king and escape almost unscathed, neither Rhys nor Amira expected what came next. It was unheard of to reject the gift the Moon Goddess blessed them with. Only a few were granted a mate, and Alpha King Rhys and Amira did precisely that- Rejected the gift. Cursed by the Moon Goddess, they wake up inside each other's bodies. Switched to live in each other's worlds, Rhys and Amira are forced to figure out how to return to their original forms. Can they stop fighting, bickering, and scheming against each other, or will this curse open their minds and hearts to each other's troubles? EXCERPT: “What in Goddess’ name is this!?” Rhys growled into the mirror; his voice came out feminine and his reflection, not his own. This was a nightmare, a cruel trick of his mind. It was playing on him for rejecting this woman as his mate. The woman he wanted to kill was staring back at him from the mirror, hands clutching her face, eyes wide with shock and fury. The nails grew into claws, ready to scratch at the face of the wench who tried to kill him. But the piercing pain and the pool of blood shocked him into a surreal reality. This was not a nightmare. This was real!? Rhys was inside Amira’s body! So, where was Amira? On the other side of the kingdom, a loud scream vibrated the walls and floors of the palace. Glass broke, plates shattered, and guards came rushing into the king’s quarters. #EnemiesToLovers #BodySwapping #Cursed #Rejected Possibly turning into the Cursed Series with different stories in the same world XOXO Instagram: @kelly_starrz Discord: https://discord.gg/sgUWUrSxYN Discord: Kelly_Starrz#5020

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