I Am An Illegitimate Child With A Legitimate Reason For Revenge

Ariel was saved twice by the man she saved once. If she hadn't saved him that one time, it was possible that neither of them would've made it. After doing all she could do to please her boyfriend and keep his supposed love, he ends up stabbing her in the back. He stabbed her in the back, and all for what? Just to get her life insurance money. Struck with regret and alone in the pool of her blood, Ariel asks herself what she did wrong to deserve all that had befallen her last. It was probably better to just die. That moment when she thought her life was ending, someone comes to her rescue, sweeps her into his arms, and says, "You save me, I save you, Then I save you again," he grinned. "How will you repay me this time?" With a faint vision, she sees the grin of her savior but too weak to pick out any more detail, she loses consciousness only to wake up and get offered a proposal. "Do you want revenge?" That question had never sounded more tempting in her entire life than it did that very moment. Taking the hand of this man, she starts with her plan to get back at her ex, her family, and all those who took advantage of her and wronged her. MATURE CONTENT INCLUDED RAPE/SEX/TORTURE/DISRESPECT Note that there is a lot of misfortune that will fall on the FL so please be advised when reading and do not curse at the author when those misfortunes take place. I have a fragile heart ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ Also, check out my new book CHASING THE VENGEFUL VILLAINOUS HEIRESS Don't forget to check it out.

Author_fredah · Urban
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263 Chs

Because we like you

Leo grabbed her hand and violently snatched her away from Theo's arms.

"Ah." She squinted her eyes. In between her legs were a bit sore so she couldn't handle moving roughly.

Leo looked at her and his eyebrows ticked.

"Ah." He exclaimed, seeing her squint from the pain in-between her legs. "Was he that good? You can't even handle this much?"

"How will you handle the both of us if you already collapsed from one person fucking you?" Theo asked, once again wrapping his arms around her body.

"I... I'm fine." Ariel said.

"Really?" Leo asked and smirked. "But that won't last long."

They led her inside and Ariel couldn't help but notice how secluded the place was. The location might be difficult to find and she worried about how Raymond would find her.

'Really, is this how I'm going to end up?' she wondered and looked up with glazed eyes. 'The life of a doll. A play thing, doing only as she is told. I guess I'm back to where I started.'