I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?

A young man, after remembering his past life memories, trying his best to become the most fearsome evil lord in history. This fanfiction is set in my original world, but MC will travel to an anime world per volume. To be warned, this story is not a Kingdom Building Fic. P.S. Typical Japanese LN name, yea? Thank you, Yvel Draws for the cover art! https://www.deviantart.com/yvel1342 Please take care of me!

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I'm Sorry, Hua

"hmm hmm hmm" Inside the main deck of the battleship, Urien and Fu Hua could hear Kyuushou humming a song.

Staring at the Savior with a flat stare, Fu Hua couldn't help but grit her teeth. "I'm not sure I understand the situation right now, but… may I ask why she is sitting on your lap, Urien?"

"Hmm? Oh…," Tilting his head, Urien suddenly understood what Fu Hua meant. The new memories he got a while ago overloaded his EQ for the time being. "This?" Patting Kyuushou's head, he continued. "She has done this all the time since we were children."

"Hmm? I thought the first time the two of you met was in Nagazora?" Fu Hua squinted her eyes. She was having a hard time contending against Mei. But now, a new rival appeared.

"Oh, yes… I did tell you that," Urien nodded, understanding what she meant. "But that was before I got my memories back," he answered truthfully.

I mean, it's just Fu Hua, the eternal loner virgin. With her acting like an old hag, he's sure she doesn't have anyone outside Saint Freya as a friend,… said the dude who doesn't know how many times he had reincarnated.

"Your memories?" Fu Hua asked.

"Yes, my memories. You noticed I acted strangely in front of Sirin, right?" Urien asked, smiling slightly.

"I did, yes. I see… that all make sense now," Fu Hua nodded with a thoughtful expression. She thought it was weird for her friend to change his aura suddenly. So, it was because he got a new set of memories.

"By the way, Kyuushou, how many years has it passed since I died?" he asked, making Fu Hua twitch the corner of her eyebrow. She just got shocking news from Urien, yet here he is, dropping another bomb on her.

"Wait, wait, wait…," Fu Hua was stunned… again.

"Hmm… about 30 years? Or maybe 40? I don't remember exactly but it was around that much," Kyuushou nodded.

"My, aren't you already an old hag?" Urien smugged.

"Said the man who is older than me with those reincarnations," Kyuushou flashed back a smug face.

Urien was lost for words. "Note," he nodded. "By the way, is this the reason why you stopped using chuunibyou terms? Because you got older?" he asked.

"No," Kyuushou shook her head, and a sad expression appeared on her face. "The world no longer needed a Savior after we had defeated the Honkai," she replied.

Poor Fu Hua was forgotten by the two. But her ears perked up when she heard what Kyuushou had said. "Defeated the Honkai?" she muttered.

"I thought it was your identity?! Isn't being a chuunibyou is the proof that you're alive?" Urien raised his brow. It was what she said when he asked her back when they were children.

"But the world no longer…," Kyuushou's tone is quiet.

"We haven't beaten the Honkai in this world yet, haven't we?" Urien started. "And you have some upgrades, right? Won't this be a new game plus for you?" he added.

Kyuushou was stunned for a little while. "Yes," she nodded. "You are right! I guess there is no rest for the Savior!" She immediately stood up from Urien's lap. "Watch out! Because the Savior has returned!" She pumped her fist up.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Urien clapped with a smile on his face. Now, that's the Kyuushou he knew.

"Now, I am going to sleep," Kyuushou turned around and went to the bedroom.

Urien was looking at the retreating figure of the Savior with a slight smile on his face.

"Urien…," Fu Hua's cold tone appeared behind the whitehead, sending him chills through the spine.

"Oh… hey, Hua," holding up a hand, he greeted her. He honestly forgot about her while he was talking with his childhood friend.

"Mind explaining to me what the two of you were talking about? Especially that 'defeated the Honkai' part," she asked. She needs to know about this. But before that, "No… tell me about your death first," she asked. This time, she was not even joking. She'll lose her mind if she finds him dead in front of her.

"Wow… you sure have your priorities straight, aren't you, Hua?" Chuckling a little, Urien jokes. "Anyway, yes, I was dead, more than one time it seems," he replied. "Well, I don't know who to blame for that, so I'll just blame the big bad boss Honkai," he added.

Fu Hua was silent, listening to Urien's explanation. "So, URIEN from the Previous Era was not his first life," she thought. "If so, how many lives did he live? According to their talk, Urien died early in that life too. Will he die early in this life as well? I won't let him die in front of me. This is the oath I made," her gaze hardened.

Noticing Fu Hua's hardened glare, Urien thought she was angry with him. "As for them defeating the Honkai, you might want to search for the real Kiana first," he said.

"Real Kiana? What does she have to do with defeating Honkai?" Fu Hua tilts her head.

"Welp! It might be too early for you after all," Urien sighed. "Sorry, Hua but I'm going to erase this memory," standing up, Urien turned into his Herrscher form.

"What?! Urien! You can't!" Fu Hua also stood up and prepared a fighting stance. By no means she'll let him manipulate her memories.

"I am sorry, Hua," Urien closed his eyes.

Fu Hua, who was prepared for any attacks, was stunned as her body refused to move. Moreover, the Honkai Energy in her body disappeared without a trace. "What did you do?!"

"I think you might know it as well. This is the power of the 10th Herrscher, the Herrscher of Binding," Replying to her, Urien slowly walked toward her. Sakura petals appeared around his fist, and he slowly reached his hand toward Fu Hua's head.

"No! No! No! Please, Urien! Please don't take these memories away," Fu Hua begged. What about the promise she made to herself if he took the memories away? She doesn't want that.

"I am very sorry, Hua. But… These memories won't do you any good. I shouldn't have answered the questions," Urien apologized.

The whitehead then proceeded to change Fu Hua's memories, starting from that time when he requested her to turn off the camera on the roof. He didn't change anything excessive. He changed her memories to her getting beaten by Sirin after being weakened by the Honkai Neutralizing Serum.

Carrying Fu Hua like a princess, Urien puts her on the bed beside Kiana. "You have suffered long enough, Hua. Just try to take a rest. Let me do the job," Urien muttered.

"This isn't something a Savior should do to their companion, Urien," Kyuushou muttered as she appeared behind him.

"I am no Savior, Kyuushou. I'm simply just a companion of the best Savior I've ever seen," ruffling Kyuushou's hair, Urien replied.

"You do know that she can use Fenghuang Down to restore her memories, right?" Letting him pat her head, Kyuushou asked.

"Don't worry. I made sure to pull out that set of memories," Urien answered, showing her the purple sakura petals around his fist, to which he squashed those petals in his hand.

"Heh," Kyuushou smirked and didn't continue the subject.

"Ah…," A moan escaped from Fu Hua's mouth as she started waking up.

"Are you awake, Hua?" Urien asked as if he didn't manipulate her memory.

"Urien? What happened?" Pulling herself up from the bed, Fu Hua asked.

"You got your arse handed to Sirin," Urien laughed.

The Celestial's eyes went wide and asked, "Are you okay, Urien? Did she do something to you?" That was her first question after hearing she was beaten by Sirin, making Urien a little guilty for manipulating her memories. Just a little.

"Don't underestimate me, Hua. Even without my Honkai Energy, I have many ways to deal with her," Urien smirks.

"Like running away?" Fu Hua raised her brow.

"Yes," Urien nodded. "Like running away until the effect of Honkai Neutralizing Serum wears off," he added.

"How about Kiana?" Checking her body, she sighed in relief as she could feel her Honkai Energy.

"She is beside your bed," Urien replied. "And here is the Gem of Serenity," and handed over the box to her hand.

"Thank you, Urien," Fu Hua nodded. But after a while, she was shocked to notice that her body became lighter than before. "This…," Fu Hua muttered.

"I guess the Serum healed some damages caused by the Honkai. I can also feel my body more energized," Urien answered.

"Is that so?" Fu Hua just accepted what Urien said.

"Where do you want me to drop you off? The same as us?" Urien asked.

"Hmm? Yeah, I'll come with you to Saint Freya," Fu Hua sighed. "I guess I am tired after dealing with a drunk Urien," she thought.


2 months later,

Urien was eating with the girls from the Saint Freya dorm. "Delicious!" He praised the cook. "Mei! From today onward, I dub thee, the Herrscher of Cookery," he said.

"Don't go and give people weird titles, you idiot!" Stuffing the dumpling into Urien's mouth, Kiana shouted in anger.

It has been months since Urien and Mei started dating, but they are still keeping it a secret from Kiana. Mei did so because she did not want to hurt Kiana, while Urien joined the fray because he thought it was amusing.

Even after getting new memories, his attitude around them does not change much, aside from patting Teri Teri whenever he gets time. According to him, it was an uncle's privilege.

"I'll walk you home, Urien," After eating, Mei requested to walk him home. But… he knew precisely what she was gonna do, and she won't be going back to the dorm until the sun rose.

"I… okay," he nodded. Who was he to reject his beautiful girlfriend's request?

The two of them walked side by side back to Urien's room.

"Hmm? Mei-senpai left behind her ribbon," Kiana picked up the ribbon on the table.

"You should go and give her back, Kiana. She always keeps it with her, doesn't she?" Kyuushou appeared behind her and urged the girl.

"You are right," the idiot tuna nodded. "I'll be back!" She also left the dorm, not noticing the smirk on Kyuushou's face.

"Go and have fun, Sirin," she muttered.

Kiana ran toward Urien's dorm. Searching for the idiot's room, she found it at the left of the ladder. Just as she was about to knock on the door, it opened and revealed Luna.

"Is Mei-senpai here? I am here to give back her ribbon," she asked politely. Kiana is scared of Luna… a lot. The maid did not do anything to the Tuna besides scolding and light punishment, but it almost caused the Tuna some traumas.

"Please come in," Luna made way for Kiana to come inside the apartment. "Master's room is on the right side," after saying that, Luna went back to her room.

"Why would I want to go to his room?" Kiana grumbled, but she walked there nonetheless.

She opened the door with a bang as she heard the moaning sound of her precious Mei-senpai coming from the room.

"Mei-senpai?" Kiana muttered with a soft and trembling sound.

Mei, who is on the bed with Urien, turned her head toward Kiana when she heard the sound of the door opening. "Kiana-chan?" a horrified look appeared on her face.

"Mei-senpai… why?" Kiana asked.

"Humph, what happened to the idiot? She passed out while standing," Kiana's eyes became orange, and a haughty look appeared on her face. Kiana's other personality emerged after she passed out.

She, too, has a shocked face after looking at the sight in front of her. The view of Urien and Mei on the bed together.

"Brother… why?!" she asked. Her furious tone of hers sent a chill upon Urien's spine.

"This…," Urien scratched his head.

"I'm joining!" "This queen is joining!" With one blue and one orange eye, Kiana joined the fray.

"Kiana-chan?!" "Sirin, NO!" Even with the protest of Urien and Mei, Kiana (Sirin) was able to successfully join the bed.

"Bring my Kiana back!"

"Get away from me, you fake queen! Don't stand between me and my brother!"

"Sirin, don't!"

"Get away from Mei-senpai, you idiot!"

"Please don't kick his head, Kiana-chan!"

And chaos ensues on the bed with the world's no… the universe's first fivesome with only three bodies.


Author's Note;

So… the chapter took longer to release because of my lack of motivation these few weeks. Many things happened to me, but I won't be telling you my problems, so don't worry.

And so! Urien manipulated Fu Hua's memories like how Otto did to Theresa. I guess like father, like son, eh?

Another thing to note is that I skipped time for two months because we don't have anything noteworthy to write, and this arc has been going on for nearly a year now.

By the way, this chapter is the 69th chapter of Volume 03. In this chapter, Urien did the impossible threesome with 5 consciousnesses. Sasuga Urien.

Thank you, Yamin, for the illustration. Urien looks fantastic in this picture.

For some reason, I wasn't able to upload the picture in the previous chapter. So, here it is! The illustration was done by KAT! I'm loving this picture of Urien and Fu Hua.

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