I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?

Author: Zimrence
Anime & Comics
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What is I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?

Read ‘I Am an Evil Lord Yet, Why Are They Happy to Serve Under Me?’ Online for Free, written by the author Zimrence, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A young man, after remembering his past life memories, trying his best to become the most fearsome evil lord in history....


A young man, after remembering his past life memories, trying his best to become the most fearsome evil lord in history. This fanfiction is set in my original world, but MC will travel to an anime world per volume. To be warned, this story is not a Kingdom Building Fic. P.S. Typical Japanese LN name, yea? Thank you, Yvel Draws for the cover art! https://www.deviantart.com/yvel1342 Please take care of me!

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Well... it comes to me that I should review my own fanfic and alert the other readers before reading this story on mine. You should turn around if you were expecting something serious from this story. No, this story is not to be taken seriously. And the main trope of this story is Misunderstandings, Lucky Protagonist, and Childish Protagonist (Well, he is still 10 years old as of Volume 03). There will be lots and lots of plot armors because of the trope. So, you can turn away now if you don't like MC not getting any hardships to break his limit. We don't need another Shounen Protagonist in this story when there is already one in it. I think most of the readers know who I am talking about. *wink* *wink* Another thing, do not expect worldbuilding in volume 01. Like... nothing at all. You will learn more about the world starting from Volume 02. *Spoiler* . . . . . . . Yes, the Interdimensional Police is real in


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I've already readen the story in questionable questing and seeing not much of a change here, I would say 3 star at best. perhaps even lower. it's filled with plot holes and lacklustre nuances on every character, the story is mostly genetic and lacklustre. the haste and unnecessary info dump hurts my eyes and a waste of space and the Mc lacks formal knowledge regarding business management and is inefficient & too emotional for proper business cutthroat. his wisdom is... for the lack of better word. nonexistent, even his development is deteriorating with no progress in learning from his mistakes and tackles everything via Plot armour with ease. all in all. it's very generic, predictable and lacklustre. I honestly don't find anything exceptional from the Mc or his Company. also an advice: download Grammarly.


I know this is not the time to review since currently is 4 chapters only but please give it a try and decided to continue or not, and please don't give 1 star review if you don't like the book since that will discouraged author to write. TBH this will be post 3 am(Philippine Time) but I got caught by my aunt that I still didn't asleep and decided to bring to her the phone until today😂😂😂


Hello there. First of all, I should say, that this book is just not for me. Over the years of being degenerate weeb, I acquired great distaste for JP-style novels overall as well as for particular subgenre of fanfics, that is known as "Kaleidoscopefic", as in "random crazy stuff, that supposed to be "funny"". Sadly, this book is a mix of both. I wish good luck for author, you did a great job overall. As for all who enjoy this particular style of humor - have fun. Peace o/


I got to be honest with you I thought I'm going to hate this book because I hate evil MC and rapist keep up the good work and thank you for the chapter[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


This is IMO one of the books that I'm most hyped up for among all the books in my library, and obviously thanks to the fact this was inspired by I'm an Evil lord as I love this idea and also due to your way of writing I have no problems with it whatsoever. Sorry for the late review as well.


Its cool definitely worth a read and the world is well set up so without the world quest its practicly an original


This is one of the few stories on here that i would rate a most read character interactions are some of the best has a lot of funny moments an overall amazing read


Good man keep it up I originally like the evil lord of intergalactic empire reading the fanfic also make my even better so man keep it don't lose hope & don't drop it.


Reveal spoiler


I am so not gonna lie, This fic is AMAZING. Just read it and u will understand what I am trying to say. The MC goes to different worlds but I like it when he is actually in his original world living his life as a wannabe evil lord. This is a really nice fic for improving one's mood.


I would like to start out that this is one of my all-time favorite story. The main thing i would like to say about this author is that he pushes himself to hard to get the story out and some of that may be his work drive and love for the story but if he is not told to take care of himself miltiple times by multiple people he will keep on going until he is extremely sick and litteraly can not type anymore. So i want to say for new and old readers alike to tell him to stop pushing himself when he is sick and I want people along with me from this last capter out to at the last paragraph comment section to tell him if he is sick to stop pushing himself because after this comment is posted i doupt he will tell us so every chapter that comes out now we fans will tell him to get some rest and not to push himself as much as he already has and author don’t you dare try to talk back about this it is for your own good and i better not see that just to get the chapter out you stayed up late we can wait a few days for you to get the proper amount of rest


 I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


Writing Quality ( 4/5 ) it's readable. Early chapters need some polishing but author improves from later chapters Story Development ( 2/5 ) Was having fun and enjoying the early chapters when everything is still unknown but the immersion is destroyes when you put Heirarchies of the System. Lacks explanation of high tier beings, i cant feel their strenght with words. No build up development when introducing beings that shouldn't be comprehend, and lastly The MC being the son of the 'King'. Just from knowing that destroyed the wind of my sails. Im 100% sure the MC wont face hardships and if theres tension then im sure it will be force (Him not wanting to be powerful because it'll be bored etc, ex: When kars gave him oppurtunity to have an ultimate stand) Yes Writing Op-Mc is hard if your not creative enough, and the lack of explanation of power scaling, just "King who is the lord of the multiverse etc" Is not enough. In short You need to learn how to build up the characters that will be relevant down the line. Explain the Power Scaling and dont just leave it to the audience imaginations and Wikipedia, this is a FANFIC your world your rules. Ex: Einlions Endless path, you can read how powerful the characters are just from simple detailed logical explanation. Character Design (4/5) Pictures are shown Update stability (4/5) World Background (2/5) Lacks explanation. Details are the bread and butter of any stories and if you cant explain how the world works, whats the purpose of every character/Organization and just leaving the audience to decide in our imagination then thats a headache inducing story for me. As an author its your job to guide us from the storyline just from Chapter 1 and for me whos having the hard time understanding how the World even works cause its to allover the place and lacks detail that im even forcing myself "Thats how it works" etc. I mean really A universe will who acts with human emotion "Ship sail thingy", it just boggles my mind even though its funny but still remind me how i shouldnt take the story seriously cause i know your still learning which is sad. Well thats my review


Very good I liked it but it's amazing, the plot and the story is flowing very good and the interactions between them are amazing, it continues like this is doing an amazing job, and brings a nezuco soon 🤩,Jojo's world I liked it more lonely and a little too bizarre kkkkkkkk, he had a child with akame???


I found this on a whim and i can't have been more surprised on just how good it was.I hope there will be another book of this soon or a continuation.


it hard to find some multidimensional travel fanfic that have Jojo in it and I love the story keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


quite interesting to read, cause of jumping into another realm it will get a little confusing remembering the story when he got back tough


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