I am already dad at college Book

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I am already dad at college


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A year ago, Lin Xuan met a woman and had ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A year later, when Lin Xuan met her again, she did not expect that she would have two children, and these two children are still her own. The two babies who came suddenly and the perfect dad system activated. Let Lin Xuan embark on the life path of taking care of the baby. He has top culinary skills, has the talent of top musical instrument masters, and is worth tens of billions. He wants to have good looks, talents, and a figure. From then on, he spends money like nothing and allows his babies and his wife to live the best life. Make countless women jealous, why such an excellent man belongs to someone else’s family! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am merely translating it and correcting so expect some small problem 3 chapter a day peace


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