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Overall, your story can be well read. But if you are in a mood to improve it then it will be even better. Your story is classic among the originals. I can attest for that. One reason was it felt real. Unlike other novels who are always shocked by some little things. How the characters act in the face of something. And now most importantly, how the MC had it's attitude. It felt some real theories were acting up. MC was reborn as extremely intelligent man as was said, so he became different entirely. His view in the world changed as he could comprehend and understand many profound truths and meaning in life, such as knowing not to hesitate when faced with urgent matters. In the story, he didn't hesitate too much to kill his friends, classmates and even family. How one ordinary protagonist can handle that. But this MC, Yuehan, who is a god or something in his brain, steeled his heart and will not certainly do a little mistake like that. 2nd reason is the crossover thing. Crossovers of worlds could not be done in a whim but this mc had a power of "travel" thing. As such the problem was gone. The IQ of this author is amazing even he was just a starter. I SEE A LOT OF POTENTIAL SO I WILL BE WATCHING EVERY MOVES OF HIM. HIS STORIES I MEAN.

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Hello, This is Avarohm Leslie, a representative editor from another platform which focuses on adventurous and high concept genres. I really think your story is intriguing with unique appeal to readers. Sincerely hope that we can have a chance to discuss further cooperation with you. If you are interested, please reach out to me at avarohm_review@outlook.com. Looking forward to introduce more to you. Thanks.


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