1 Life's Turning Point

"Yuehan, wake up" A familiar voice resounded out in a plain and sturdy rented house.

"Wake up!"

"Wake up Yuehan"

Yuehan's eyelashes stirred, his body twitched from irritation, as his consciousness came back from his drifting dream.

"Uuuughh" Rubbing his own eyes and swiping his own mouth, he let out a hoarse sound.

"Yuehan, you dont have classes right now?" His mom said in a huff while she prepared her working things. "Its already near the class time but you're still sleeping. Did you cut classes or taking absences while I'm not h-"

"No mom!" He was suddenly frustrated as he swiftly answered. "Im doing okay."

"Then be fast and get in your class. You will be late." She held her bag and envelope in one hand. "You have to be responsible and carry yourself. You're already big."

"Let's go Jad."

Then she took his younger brother outside.

Yuehan could finally heave a sigh of relief when he heard the closing of a gate. The house seemed to become quiet and peaceful all of a sudden.

"It is just I am too lazy to go to school. Its not that Im doing some bad things such as cutting class." He mumbled to himself. Clearly, he was always being reprimanded as he was easily flustered. "Besides Im always having 90 grades and up"

(Grades meant here was 65 the least, 100 the highest. 75 is atleast the passing rate.)

'And what is that dream though? It took me forever.' He thought to himself. 'On top of that, I can't even realize it was only just a dream. Sigh'

Looking at the clock hanging in their wall which is on seven o'clock, the school gates would shut close at eight.

Preparing himself, he then accustomed to his well versed-actions. The truth was that he always entered the school approximately at 8:00. As he was too slow, luckily, his mother was not in know.

Time stretched and it was exactly 8, no less no more, that he got inside the school campus. The gate guard had already stared at him when he passed through the main gate. He was after all, one of the candidates, that troubled him every time.

As the morning light smothered his youthful body, his prosaic black leather shoes shimmered dully, hiding his pale socks inside. His shady slacks coupled with his appealing uniform, trammelled any negatives of his current image.

"My luck is pretty good" He was looking at the time of his phone. Afterwards, he went to the direction of his classroom in the third floor.

The blazing light shone through the west as the students in the room were illuminated by the radiance that managed to slip through the congenial curtains of the windows. The class was silent as the teacher harbored an intent to teach them through tranquility.

Yuehan leisurely entered, blatantly showing his great experience of tardiness. The teacher, however, didn't bother at him whereas some of his fellow classmates subconsciously looked at him with no strange expressions. Such as nothing really happened.

"Yuehan, you're also late. I just came recently." His seatmate laughed. He was Kyle, carrying his genes of being a half. Having a soothingly rough skin, black colored brows, amusing face outline, smooth chin; he exuded of a charming vibe.

"Good timing Kyle. Any homework?" He witfully asked as he sat down on his unimaginative chair desk.

"I dont know. Ask Jhundy." Kyle answered.

"Jhundy, you have it?" Being at the near front of him, Jhundy must had heard of their conversation.

"Nope, I dont know. I didnt listen or even remember." Glancing back, Jhundy answered with his chubby face jiggling. Face covering with some imprinted dirt, his facial appearance was still satisfactorily adequate to look at.

"Oh you too." Yuehan laughed. Being too lazy to trigger his energy by answering the assignment at home, his body naturally adopted the habit to ask someone at school.

"I'll ask the others." Jhundy's face shifted the direction of his gaze into the two girls beside him.

After getting their required answer, they found out they did have a homework. And afterwards, in a discreet motion, they skillfully answered their homework without their current teacher noticing. It was basically could not be called homework but schoolwork.

Such as the mundane life of students...

Time passed and was at noon.

Lunch was starting it's incipiency as students began their leave.

"Power comes with sacrifice. Are you willing?" The perfect voice resounded out in all place. Again, the light dot flowed continually into his mind with realistic images and information about what would be the exchange.

After, with the existing tears on Yuehan's face, he poured de novo a stream of cry again, however, he still answered without hesitation, "Yes!"

"Good child" The omnipresent voice slowly vanished as the light dot atop shoot down in a flash to Yuehan's forehead and he directly entered in a trance. Light no longer, darkness immediately crept out all over the place.

As of this moment, he felt a hand touching his shoulder and shook him which immediately woke him up. As his vision clarified, beside him, he saw Kyle and Jhundy.

"W-what?" Eyes restoring it's clear vision, Yuehan asked as he rubbed his head.

"Do you have costume for our role play later?" Kyle inquired.

"Roleplay?" Seemingly ages had passed for him in his last dream, Yuehan didn't remember.

"What you dont know, you are too jumpy about it since Friday." Kyle said.

"What is it?" Yuehan really couldn't remember.

"Huh? You even said you want to eat Jhundy's fresh meat." Kyle said while holding Jhundy's flesh.

"Leave your hand." Complaining a bit, Jhundy rid Kyle's hand while laughing like nothing had happened.

"Oh got it." As he remembered, Yuehan became excited. "I will get the costumes. You got props right? We will let it spill blood later haha."

"Oh did I hear something like blood? What roleplay are you going to play?" A girl asked. Comparing all the girls in school, with her tender white skin and a tempting oval face, she looked pretty.

"Its just about zombie, Lex. Anyway we'll gonna eat Jhundy." Yuehan laughed.

"Oh?" Lex laughed "If you eat him, you'll be full."

"What do you mean by full?" Having an alluring fair brown skin and silky black hair, another pretty girl named Aloha asked.

"By being loaded to the brim of Jhundy's fat meat." Yuehan answered.

Laughing for all such minor things, their conversations were delightfully riveting.

Such as the natural conversation of the students' everyday life...

Having took the lunch, time flowed...

It's already 3 o'clock.

All kinds of voices was heard in the workaday classroom. The unremarkable chair desks were pushed back in every sides to open a big space in the center. Windows opened for air with its unexceptional curtains at the edges. A furnitured table and chair sat on the front middle for the esteemed teacher to sit. The unsophisticated two doors also opened for certain purposes such as audiences and for the plots in roleplay. The students were busy preparing all their lambent props and costumes.

"Where is the hat?"

"You looked good."

"Look at that outfit!."

"Whoa haha what is that?"

"Jhundy, you looked awesome!" Kyle meant it seriously. Jhundy got a pair of shades that made him looked cool and bossy, coupled with steady jeans and white shirt.

"Haha" Jhundy laughed shyly. He then changed the topic, "Kyle, later, put more ketchup in your face even just a little bit so it will be a little realistic. You too Yuehan during the middle of our play."

"Nah its okay." Kyle said

"I think I'll put some." Yuehan complied.

The teacher arrived and let every representative in each group to get one of the rolled paper in her hands.

"Yuehan, what is the number?" Jhundy asked.

"We're last, its 5." Yuehan answered while lifting and showing the writing of the now unrolled paper.

"Oh Jhundy, whoa, you're now so handsome. What is your roleplay?" A guy suddenly asked.

"Its just about zombies." Kyle said.

"Whoaaa, then you'll do something to Jhundy? Haha" The guy laughed.

"You're right Gimuel." Kyle also laughed.

"Then when will be your turn?" Gimuel was curious.

"We're last though." Yuehan answered.

"That's great. The greatest show should be on the last. Haha"

Laughing altogether, the play gradually begin. Most of the audience were at the front watching and that included the most important person in there, the current subject teacher, so they could watch clearly and conveniently.

First was about a love story that depicted a man trapped by two women. One woman as the past lover, the other as the present lover, during the man was in amnesia. However, the man ultimately regained his memories and prickly realized she had two lovers. Moreover when two women knew of each other, things became a heck of a misorder mess. Decent story but because they were still high schoolers, they acted substandardly.

However, throughout their utmost effort, it was supplemented with a good actress. A diligent and smart lady, Euphy, another lovely one, with more aspects putting her charm a bit more.

Then the next group which was ghosts and whatnot. Afterwards another group which was also a love story. The 4th group, it was still a love story. Love was a usual genre, as puberty was taking effect perchance.

The 4th group was with Lex and Aloha. Aloha in the story was a tomboy, had a crush with Lex. But unfortunately, Lex didn't like fellow girls to be in a kind of special relationship. But due to some magical or superstitional circumstances, Aloha became a handsome man. Because of Aloha's good looking face, he (she) finally got to become the desirous couple with Lex. But unfortunately again, Lex found out that Aloha was pretty girlish sometimes. In the end, they wistfully broke up with each other.

Afterwards, Lex found another man and got married while Aloha came back to herself being a girl again due to the failed mission. But unexpectedly, she became a true woman and married a man in the end while ultimately being a best friend with Lex herself. The expenditure of sweat was still there even if their act was honestly bad.

This time, its finally Yuehan's group.

"Okay Jhundy get ready. Hey secretary, assistants. Aldee! " Yuehan loudly said.

Loud cheers came from their classmates.

"Go Jhundy. Whoo"

"Jhundy for the win!"

"Jhundy boss haha"

"Go Kyle"

"Be like a boss Jhundy haha"

"Kyle go"

"Yuehan go!"


Fully prepared, their teacher also looked forward to their play. With their recklessness and unique traits, they had a lot of fame in the classroom. Due to his charm, Kyle was already popular. Yuehan, being a leader and the master source of answers, everyone depended on him. As for Jhundy, with his fat stature, he was a serious person but an awkward one. Moreover, he was now looking cool, made him more epic. And of course there is also another person, Aldee. Bearing the greatest aspect of looking trouble, and his attributed intelligence, he did some sense of awkwardness a lot. In addition, he also got cheers.

"Go Aldee whoo"

"Aldee I love you" Lex joked.

"Haha" the students laughed.

"Our group will represent our roleplay entitled the "Zombie Maniacs". Please stay and watch for a horrific bloodshow. Lets start our action." Yuehan stood at the front to introduce their group and behind him was a curtain. The curtain slowly opened and revealed the magnificient boss.

"Knock Knock" Door nonextant, Aldee just buzzed the words imaginarily.

"Come in, its open." While sitting, Jhundy said in a lofty tone with his secretary massaging him at the back and assistants to his sides.

"Boss, we got an unexpected situation and problems arose. We need your presence and your guidance boss." Aldee witfully said.

"Hmmp, you useless bunch. Make sure it is working when I come there or else your heads will not be there in your necks tomorrow." He coldly snorted. "Escort me there"

"Yes boss" Aldee assented.

The curtain closed and loud exclamations instantaneously arose in the classroom.

"Whoa, I can't believe Jhundy to be so bossy"

"He got even free massage haha"

"Aldee got it great. He really looked like an underling"


The curtain opened again to reveal scientists facing Jhundy and his entourage.

"Sir, I think you already knew this but the solution that made up for the formula is lacking because our materials are insufficient. We were not confident in our completed product Agaenthus 018 so we need your permission to apply for extensive research. But the main problem is transporting this mineral as if it could directly affect the experiment." Yuehan as a head scientist pointed at the tall box that was inscribed with the word "Mineral" on its body, just an imaginary object.

"Why do you think so?" Jhundy asked.

"The air that it naturally produced cause a unique disturbance to the existing properties in the surroundings. I had my own hypothesis based on the recent years since I worked here and I conclude that this is the core reason why are our completed products from our research are not stable and prone to unexpected accidents." Yuehan confidenty replied.

"Then move it to a certain place." Jhundy was troubled.

"Sir, this is the major problem I talked you about. It can't be placed within the premises of our location, even it was greatly secured and closed underground." Yuehan smoothly said.

"Why?" Jhundy frowned and was getting incensed.

"I can only expl--" Before Yuehan could answer, his words were cut offed by Jhundy as he swished his sleeve.

"If what you said is true, then its bullshit!" Jhundy was now very against the idea of moving the mineral. "I ask you Sir Yuehan, if we moved the mineral outside the premises, what will happen?"

"I can only regretfully say that after the recent years we had conducted our research, our enemies had already fully known. If we, by every circumstances, we put the mineral outside, we had also no time. And even if we had made a foothold, our enemies who are well-informed will have already planned it out by then to steal it, given the value of the mineral." Yuehan embarassedly said with a low bent of his head.

"This mineral is unique in the world that we found underground in a secluded mountain in a certain well-hidden and unknown island. We traversed all kinds of troubles and perils and lost many men." Jhundy loudly said. "After we all had already gone through, you suggest that we should put it into a risk?"

"But sir! I cant guarantee the results." Yuehan said flusteredly. As of this moment, fulgent light flashed on his forehead, undiscovered even on its splendor brilliance.

"I don't care what will happen. Continue your research." After he paused a bit, he said, "I will take watch the process. If by the situations really said it to be and are worth of the risks, maybe I could change my mind by then."

"Yes sir." Yuehan found the decision well. He then glanced to his assistants and commanded them, "Get it started!"

In the end, the mineral was not taken away. The process was gradually moving step by step. His assistants brought a table, put down in front of them. On the table, there were boxes with biohazard icon on its cover along with paper masks, and a single TV remote. And another biohazard box was put inside the floor that is encircled using a chalk. At this time, someone came in behind them.

"Boss, Sir Yuehan, no need to find a guinea pig. I already have one. An agent brought by our enemies." Aldee boldly said while he held a bloody body and a pulp face.

"Oh good job Aldee. Haha" Jhundy laughed with a sinister smile. "Bring him in."

"I am having problems with a good specimen and now you brought him in. Such nice timing." Yuehan smiled eerily.

"Hehe" Aldee threw Kyle into floor chalked in circle and as if there was a door, he magically closed something. Afterwards, he nodded to both Jhundy and Yuehan, then went beside the assistants who were lined in the side.

Kyle struggled inside but was helpless and powerless to do. All what he could do was to curse.

"You bunch of lowly mongrels. May you die a painful death."

"You are all hopeless idiots. Your research will not come out sucessfully one day."

"You all die without gaining success. I will haunt you for all eternity until you all perish."

"Dogs sure can bark loud." Yuehan sneered. He held the mask and tried to put on his head. He said out aloud, "Wear your masks!"

Then all of them got their masks on the table and they lined back to their respective locations, clothing it on their faces.

"All is ready." After he wore his mask, Yuehan caught the TV remote control on the table and held on his right hand. To begin the major point of their play, he only needed to do was to press the remote. At this moment, his forehead was again shining with a bright light.

The teacher watched the play seriously but amusingly. Wearing all kinds of expressions, the classmates watched the show in please, as being captivated in mirth. There were also spectators from other classes looking through the two doors, either they passed by or came along personally, as they were intrigued.

Unknowingly, inside the box beside Kyle; a genuine rectangular metallic object, with silver linings streaking the shape of its body, appeared out of a blue. It's image icon of biohazard was not of having verisimilitude but genuineness and realism, depicting out a great quality of color and meaning. Inside of it lied a green substance, a type of liquid that always showed green bubbles and gases.

At the same time, genuine oxygen masks came out above the existing paper masks. Aside for Kyle; these sophisticated masks covered the entertaining masks Yuehan's group originally wore, wrapping it up like a candy. These were designed to hold oxygen in storage independently and its glasses for optical vision was transparent. Their vision unhindered and no bearing weight of the mask, they were oblivious.

On the palm of Yuehan's right hand, suddenly, a high technology remote control appeared above it, eclipsing the ordinary TV remote underneath. Exposed on the outside; people were too distracted to know of its structure, the exquisite buttons and a rectangular glass. However, the eye-catching thing in the whole was the large red button that occupied a big fraction of space. And above of it, Yuehan's thumb finger was ready to push.

"Agaenthus 018; medical purposes were instantantenous healing of any illnesses known to Earth and ability to change and control DNA and RNA. The future of humanity! June 9, 2018, Saturday.... Releasing the product----" During the moment Yuehan said his lines, the anomalies were happening. In the moments of time; the bizarre box, eerie remote, and strange masks appeared during the same time.

Being incognizant of the situation, Yuehan tried to press the newly formed remote control.

As his thumb finger pressed its large red button...

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