2 What Wonderful Fear!

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At this moment, the farmer's drunkenness almost disappeared. He looked around.

There was no one!

Then who was talking?

Subconsciously, the farmer looked at the scarecrow in front of him.

Could it be him?

The farmer subconsciously developed such a ridiculous idea.

But then, he shook his head and said with an embarrassed smile, "Hey, I really drank too much. How can a scarecrow talk?

"I must have heard it wrong."

After muttering this, the farmer planned to continue walking forward and rush home.

He convinced himself with the excuse of hearing it wrongly, but the alcohol had already dissipated. Looking at the pitch-black wheat field, he was more or less flustered.

The most important thing was to leave as soon as possible.

But in the next moment, the so-called auditory hallucination happened again.

"Brother, it's getting dark. Be careful when you walk at night."

This time, the farmer froze on the spot.

Cold sweat oozed out from his forehead.

This time, it was definitely not a hallucination!

[Fear + 30]

The farmer looked around in fear, trying to boost his courage with a loud voice.

"Who, who is speaking? Stop pretending, I'm not afraid of you!"

However, no one responded to him in the empty wheat field.

There was only the slight rustling sound of the night wind blowing on the wheat field.

This sound, which was originally pleasant to hear, was now like the whisper of a demon.

Listening to this rustling sound, it was as if there was a tiny claw scratching the farmer's heart, making his heart palpitate.

This made him more and more flustered, and he desperately wanted to escape.

However, his legs had gone weak.

The wheat field at night made him feel an inexplicable sense of fear.

Rustle, rustle.

A gust of night wind blew past, and the scarecrow next to him rustled like a wheat field.

The farmer followed the sound and turned his gaze to the scarecrow in front of him.

It was a simple-looking scarecrow.

It was a person made of straw as its name suggested. It was covered with a dirty white rag, which could barely be considered a cloth.

However, it was used to scare the birds, and some parts were made a little more 'delicate'.

For example, the face was cut open with a knife and used as a mouth.

It also had fake toy eyes.

There was even a worn wide-brimmed hat on his head.

It was originally a rather comical image.

But now, in the farmer's eyes, he felt it was strange.

"Could it be that this fellow said something just now?"

The farmer muttered to himself and could not help but shiver.

If that was really the case, wouldn't he have met a ghost?

However, he had really seen a ghost.

In the next second, the scarecrow actually grinned and looked at the old farmer.

"Old friend, don't we see each other every day?"

Looking at the scarecrow in front of him, the farmer's mind instantly buzzed and went blank.

At this moment, the farmer even felt his ears ringing.

This wasn't the effect of Flanders's skill, but a physical reaction caused by the old farmer's own fear.

[Fear + 30]

The farmer saw this scarecrow every day.

In his impression, this scarecrow had been standing here for a long time.

Who would have thought that this scarecrow, whom he saw every day, would actually speak?

Unknowingly, the farmer was already sweating profusely. A stream of liquid flowed down his thigh, wetting his pants.

This farmer was so scared that he peed himself.

His legs suddenly went weak and he couldn't stand. He looked at the scarecrow in front of him with fear. He used his hands to support himself on the ground and crawled backward.

But Flanders wouldn't let go of the prey in front of him.


Flanders's eyes focused. The farmer's expression immediately turned deathly white and his eyes became empty.

The farmer's mind was instantly filled with horror.

He saw the locusts that blotted out the sky rush into the wheat field and ate the harvest.

He picked up the farm tools and trashed them, trying to drive the locusts away.

However, the locusts rushed at him one after another.

In an instant, he was surrounded by thousands of locusts.

Not only that, the locusts began to eat his flesh!

The excruciating pain made him cry out in pain. The fear of death filled his heart.


[Fear + 50]

Back in reality, Flanders did not hesitate and immediately opened the skill learning interface.

He had gained a lot of fear points. Now, his fear points had reached 160. It was enough for him to learn another skill.

Without hesitation, Flanders learned [Demonic God's Body].

Although [Night Cut] was an offensive skill, [Demonic God's Body] was more practical at the moment.

After all, Flanders was only a conscious scarecrow. Other than his face, he could not move anything else.

Even after learning [Night Cut], he could not use it.

Two seconds passed quickly. At this moment, the farmer had already been freed from his fantasy.

However, the reality was often more terrifying than fantasy.

Just as he was gasping for breath, he was still immersed in the fear from his fantasy.

His eyes were shocked to see that the scarecrow in front of him was actually walking toward him.

That's right, it was walking!

Under the dim moonlight, the scarecrow grinned, revealing a terrifying smile.

Although the scarecrow was only about 1.5 meters tall, the farmer was sitting on the ground.

This caused the scarecrow to look very tall in his point of view.

Soon, the scarecrow arrived in front of him.

The tall figure covered the moonlight behind him.

A shadow covered the farmer's face.

At this time, the farmer's face had become distorted from fear and shock.

In Flanders's eyes, this expression had become a work of art.

"What wonderful fear!"

Looking at the farmer in front of him, the scarecrow commented as if he was a connoisseur.

And when this sentence fell into the farmer's ears, it became the scariest language in the world.

[Fear + 5]

[Fear + 5]

[Fear + 5]


The system kept giving out notifications of fear value.

Flanders did not know if this was the follow-up effect of [Fear] or if the farmer was simply frightened.

However, this was no longer important.

The farmer in front of him was like a weak sheep.

And Flanders was like a wolf with a fierce look in his eyes.

When a sheep that was paralyzed from fear met a wolf that was extremely hungry, greedy, and cruel, there was no need to think about what would happen.

In the next second, the farmer's screams echoed throughout the wheat field.


Flanders licked the blood on his hands, savoring the fear he had just harvested.

Fear would increase Flanders's strength.

And the feeling of strength increasing was incomparably wonderful.

Before the farmer died, he felt an unprecedented fear.

It provided 100 fear points for Flanders.

This allowed Flanders's strength to increase by quite a bit. At the same time, he also learned the next skill, [Night Cut].

At this moment, all three skills had been unlocked, and his body could move freely.

However, he slowly cleaned up the bloodstains on his body and stood in his original position.

The moonlight still fell on the ground quietly.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Just that in the wheat field, there was a dead body with a twisted expression.

That was it.

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