17 The Third Layer of the Skill Tree Was Unlocked

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F-grade missions were dangerous, and only two F+ members could be assigned.

As for E-grade missions, three E+ members could be assigned.

D-grade missions, however...

Five D+ members could be assigned!

Unlike Casey, who was the leader assigned by the government, Rei was the true boss of the Mage Association.

Rei's strength was an A+ according to the mystical faction's evaluation criteria!

However, that did not represent Rei's full strength.

That was because A+ was the highest evaluation result they could give.

In other words, no one knew how terrifying Rei's actual strength was.

Rei knew about Lucas's death immediately. That was why she made a prompt decision to raise the scarecrow's danger level to D grade.

Although this was making a big deal out of nothing, it was the best way to appease Lucius.

If it was possible, Rei was even willing to avenge Lucas herself.

However, she could not get away.

This time, she could not stay any longer. She had to set off immediately and leave Durham.

She had more important things to do.

As for the strange new birth, D class was more than enough to handle it.


[Host: Flanders.]

[Bloodline: physical system strangeness—scarecrow.]

[Strength: E+.]

[Skills: Fear, Demonic God's Body, Night Cut, Five Bones, Crow Storm, Disguise.]

[Items: cell phone, strange detection radar.]

[Fear points: 168,575 points.]

160,000 fear points!

Looking at his data, Flanders wore a satisfied smile.

Sure enough, he had made the right choice in releasing the video.

The first two videos had brought Flanders a lot of benefits, but the third video was the key because he had almost thrown the 'everything's real' idea in everyone's faces.

The fear evoked by real and fake fear was on completely different levels.

Moreover, the connection between the three videos would increase the number of video playbacks.

As long as someone saw one of them, they would definitely watch the other two.

This way, the efficiency of collecting fear points was greatly increased.

Sensing that the frequency of collecting fear points was decreasing, Flanders opened the skill learning interface.

All the skills on the second layer of the skill tree had been upgraded to level 4.

From level 2 to level 3, it required 5,000 fear points.

From level 3 to level 4, it required 10,000 fear points.

Just those three skills alone had cost Flanders 35,000 fear points.

However, Flanders did not feel any heartache.

Instead, he became a little excited.

This was because when the three skills on the second level reached level 4, they also activated the skill tree on the third level!

If the skills on the second level were already so useful, how powerful would the skills on the third level be?

Flanders could not wait to take a look.

However, when he saw the skills, Flanders was slightly surprised.

The skills on the third level would cost him 10,000 points each!

Flanders was shocked, but not because it was too expensive.

On the contrary, Flanders felt that it was better if it was a little more expensive.

If a skill was more expensive, did it not signify that those skills would be very powerful?

[Cursed Scarecrow: 10,000 fear points.]

[A Cursed Scarecrow would be implanted into a creature's body. If the host were to receive damage, the cursed creature would suffer the damage instead. If the host were to receive fatal damage, the cursed creature would die and the number of curses it could sustain would be reset (at level 1, it could sustain 1 curse).]

As soon as he saw the effect of the first skill, Flanders was immediately delighted.

The importance of this skill was not something a mere 10,000 points could describe.

Even if it required 100,000 points, Flanders would not hesitate to learn it.

After all, this was a life-saving skill!

However, when he looked at the next skill, Flanders was once again pleasantly surprised.

[Guardian Scarecrow: 10,000 fear points.]

[Place the Guardian Scarecrow anywhere and turn it invisible. The host would have access to the Guardian Scarecrow's hearing, smell, and vision. The host could also switch positions with the Guardian Scarecrow at any time. Once the Guardian Scarecrow was destroyed, the number of positions would be reset (at level 1, the number of positions is 1).]

This skill was a perfect match with the previous Cursed Scarecrow.

If Flanders encountered an enemy that he could not defeat, and there was no time to switch positions, the Cursed Scarecrow would be able to block a fatal blow.

This would definitely buy Flanders some time to switch positions.

In other words, as long as the levels of these two skills increased, Flanders would basically be invincible.

He would never be killed!

After taking two deep breaths, Flanders finally calmed down slightly and looked at the third skill.

[Devil Conquerer: 10,000 fear points.]

[After transforming into the Devil Conquerer, the host would gain strength that far exceeded one's own. After using it, one's body would become weak for an hour.]

Seeing this skill, Flanders could not help but frown.

A skill that required 10,000 fear points actually had side effects?

An hour of weakness was not a short period of time. During that one hour, he would be at the mercy of others.

Flanders could not bear such a risk.

However, although Flanders would not use this skill so casually, it did not mean he would not learn it.

Since this skill had such a powerful side effect, his strength would probably increase significantly after transforming into the Devil Conqueror.

If the first two skills were his shields, this skill was his trump card.

Moreover, it was a trump card that he would not be able to use unless he was in a critical situation!

"Learn Cursed Scarecrow, Guardian Scarecrow, and Devil Conqueror all at once!"

Flanders did not hesitate to use 30,000 fear points.

If the conditions allowed, he would want to learn more.

However, he only had a little over 100,000 fear points left.

The skill tree on the third level required 50,000 fear points to level up each skill to level 2.

Obviously, Flanders needed to make a choice now.

After thinking for a moment, Flanders decided to keep the Guardian Scarecrow's level as it is and raise the other two skills to level 2.

The Guardian Scarecrow only needed to be placed somewhere that was extremely far away from him.

As long as he could switch places, Flanders could spend time doing other things.

Therefore, the other two skills were obviously more important.

After the upgrade, Flanders's fear points once again bottomed out.

He turned to look at the already dehumanized corpse of the driver on the ground.

At this time, the fat driver's expression had already twisted to its extreme. His face was covered in tears.

His limbs had been completely severed and the skin on his body had been pulled off, including his scalp.

Looking at his masterpiece, Flanders smiled and waved goodbye.

"Thank you for your friendship."

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